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The next generation Nissan Leaf will appear in 2017 as a 2018 model, or in calendar 2018, meaning it could be as little as a year away. Mp electricity bill pay indore As technology allows more power to be packed in the same space, automakers are likely to let buyers decide if they want emphasize lower cost or greater range.

The Nissan IDS concept car (pictured) has been shown at US and international auto shows since last fall. M gastrocnemius IDS stands for Intelligent Driving System, so it’s both an electric car prototype and an autonomous drive concept car. Gas block dimple jig IDS stands for intelligent driving system, as in “self-driving.” It’s possible the next Leaf would assume some of the IDS car’s swoopy lines. Electricity in costa rica For sure it will have the IDS car’s big battery.

Asked about the 60-kWh battery, Kazuo Yajima, global director of EV and hybrid EV engineering at Nissan, told told Autoblog, “It’s coming … I cannot say when.” Others have said the when is for the 2018 Leaf. Gasco abu dhabi contact What’s the big deal with 200 miles? More sales

The market for EVs should expand significantly as automakers swap in 200-mile batteries, meaning 60 kWh batteries in a compact vehicle, if they keep the price increase incremental. Inert gas definition chemistry When Nissan began offering the 30-kWh pack late last year, the upcharge was about $5,000 to go 23 extra miles (107 versus 84). Gas in babies home remedies To be competitive with Bolt and Tesla Model 3, Nissan will need to keep the price increase to less than $10,000, or the base price somewhere in the mid-thirties and certainly under $40K, before tax credit rebates.

For the full-size Tesla Model S, the company offers 60-kWh, 75-kWh, and 90-kWh batteries; the 90D model with all-wheel-drive is rated at 294 miles (EPA) and the performance P90D at 270 miles.

Recharging an EV usually takes 30 seconds – 15 seconds to plug in at night, and 15 seconds to unplug the next day, though wireless charging is also available if you prefer 0 seconds – and costs less than half as much as gasoline per mile. Electricity magnetism Thus in normal operation, EV refueling is substantially more convenient and economical than your weekly gas stop.

If you are on the occasional road trip, a Tesla Supercharger adds about 170 miles of range in 30 minutes. Gas bijoux discount code This is free for all current models.

For those not yet comfortable with recharging on long trips, a plug-in hybrid such as a Volt may be a better choice. Electricity production by state They operate primarily on inexpensive grid electricity in daily use (up to 53 miles), but run on gasoline during long road trips (just under 400 miles). Electricity distribution companies You should change the oil every 3 years or so, whether it needs it or not. Gas quality comparison 😉

The cost of an out-of-warranty battery replacement with a new (and somewhat improved) Nissan battery is $5,500, the cost of a high end transmission replacement. La gasolina lyrics translation Very few have been replaced in the past 5 years, so we don’t yet know the cost of a rebuilt / refurbished battery. 9gag instagram videos Tesla has not yet set their price, since so few vehicles are out of warranty.

Cold weather reduces the range of all vehicles regardless of fuel type. Gastric sleeve scars Subzero F temperatures reduce EV range by around 25%, largely because of the battery heaters, but this can be mitigated by plugging in the car before driving, exactly as gasoline cars rely on electric block heaters in extreme cold.

Most of the cost of an EV is in the battery, and costs continue to decline rapidly. Electricity research centre The consensus of independent analysts based on trends over the past decade or so is that new EVs will become less expensive to purchase new than a comparable gasoline vehicle somewhere between 2020 and 2022.

Hope this addresses your questions sufficiently. Gas oil ratio formula If not, please ask. Gas station car wash Most drivers are still learning about modern EVs, so I appreciate the opportunity.

Um, no, not an optimistic scenario at all – quite the reverse. Basic electricity quizlet Your experience driving on petrol is working against you here. Arkansas gas association (I had the same issue when I first started reading up on EVs.)

An EV recharges every night, remember? So it is likely within 30 miles of being fully charged when the outage hits. Electricity notes for class 10 But a diesel truck refuels only when you explicitly drive to a diesel station, get out, swipe a card, start the pump, and wait for the tank to fill. Gas x side effects So you’re likely to be significantly below full when the outage hits. Electricity out in one room You’re misapplying your experience with petrol to EVs. Electricity word search answer key I see this a lot, as it happens.

(You might want to think through the “But what if you’re stuck in an 8 hour traffic jam?” scenario that many people new to EVs bring up, and see if you can spot why it’s not an issue for EVs.)

I do indeed remember the gas lines of the 1970s, though. M power electricity A good crisis will strain the best of infrastructure. Electricity formulas physics Happily, an EV can charge from any wall outlet, if slowly, so I’d rather have an EV than an ICE in a real crisis. Electricity experiments elementary school (Did you happen to read “The Martian”, by the way? Interesting corollary with the rovers there.)

As an aside, charging at Tesla speeds adds 170 miles of range in 30 minutes, so “an hour” would be an unusually long time to fast charge – for pretty much any vehicle, actually. Electricity journal You could read up on battery charging characteristics if you want to understand why – I’ll spare you the details (you’re welcome! :-D).

Yes, the public recharging infrastructure isn’t completed yet. Gas symptoms The charging infrastructure in my area of Texas is unusually good, but many – perhaps most outside the coasts – are currently immature. Gas news of manipur Check if you’re interested in your area. Gas upper back pain The occasional person who drives through all 48 contiguous US states in a Leaf is still a hardy pioneer, to say the least!

First, while a new gas station costs a couple of million dollars to launch, usually based around a dedicated convenience store business, a destination charger costs only a few thousand dollars at any existing business, and a fast charger perhaps twenty five thousand dollars. Gas chamber jokes Most of the local destination chargers are in fact free to use – they simply cost too little to bother trying to recoup the investment, and instead are just installed to attract customers to the host business.

Second, for the first 50% market share, we simply don’t need many local fast chargers at all – people prefer to charge at home. Gas oil ratio calculator The fast chargers are mostly needed periodically along major Interstates and highways to support road trips. Gas near me cheap Assuming EVs become the majority vehicle, then we’ll have to deal with the second 50% market share: How to charge EVs at apartments (probably an addendum to parking facility regulations in the existing zoning laws), shared street parking (perhaps public destination chargers with a modest overnight charge, or better wireless chargers, or cooler still, cars that coordinate to drive themselves to nearby chargers and then repark when charged), hotels (ditto again, but at hotel expense), and the like.

EVs are not yet mature (have I mentioned the 2020 to 2022 time frame yet ;-), but no barriers to widespread use appear to exist at this point. Gas x while pregnant The first million are on the roads today, and sales have continued to climb worldwide even in the face of historically low petrol prices. 5 gas laws That says a lot about the technology’s potential, I think.

It looks to me like the arguments you mention as EV advantages are applicable only to a minority. Electricity 101 youtube You take whatever makes EVs great *for you* and assume it would just apply to others. Electricity trading Like the “more convenient and economical” argument below.

-You can charge your car in your garage and that’s awesome? What about the people that don’t live at ground level or people who park on the street? It’s not like they’re a minority.

-“EV refueling is substantially more convenient and economical than your weekly gas stop”? It looks to me like you’re generalizing based on your personal experience. Gas prices in michigan My experience says otherwise.

-A Tesla Supercharger adds about 170 miles of range in 30 minutes? How is that an advantage when a current ICE gets more than twice that autonomy after a 5 minute refill in a gas station that is (statistically) closer to home.

And you forget that when buying a Model S you basically get a $50K car with $30K worth of EV technology. Eseva electricity bill payment You’re paying upfront for all the gas and maintenance most people will need in 10 years.

So how did I misinterpret you presenting a set of advantages that *you* enjoy as if they’re general EV advantages that apply to everybody? Let me ask you this: if I told you how great ICE vehicles are because I can buy one at half price and how I have someone to fill it up for me so I never have to worry, would you consider this relevant to this conversation? Because that’s what you did. Electricity definition wikipedia Every one of your arguments can be contradicted by someone else’s personal experience or doesn’t apply to a whole bunch of people. Gas efficient suv 2008 A really large bunch if you want to think big.

And I don’t pay attention (or even see) ja_1410’s comments. 8 gas laws He’s taking moronity to a whole new level. La gastronomia You’ll find out if you keep entertaining the discussion. Gas yoga He’s here to play politician, not to have any kind of intelligent discussion.

ricegf, your points made from your personal experience may or may not be valid for some of the US but that still covers a minority. Electricity lab physics How about Europe or Asia for example? Or is this a case of “here be dragons”?

-US demographics data says that only 35% of citizens live in single family homes, with ~50% living in structures with 5 or more units. Victaulic t gasket I assume these are apartments. Wb state electricity board bill pay Regardless, the US isn’t representative of the whole world so this can’t support your argument.

– I don’t think you understand how an argument works. Gas bubbler The burden of proof is on you, not on me to contradict you. Gas vs diesel prices It takes 8-10 years or many hundreds of thousands of miles before a luxury EV (like the Tesla S) breaks even with an equivalent ICE car. Gas bloating frequent urination Unless you want to tell me that fuel and maintenance for a Model S class car costs over $6K per year. Electricity notes I think this very discussion is a testament to how impartial EV owners (and their studies) are;).

– A supercharger actually does charge the battery in over an hour according to official data. Electricity jeopardy 4th grade You said that you get 170mi from a 30min charge. Bp gas prices This is not an advantage and I don’t understand what’s the objection, it’s literally the point you made.

I’m certainly not virulent as you suggest unless you’re using your own personal definition of the word. Gas laws worksheet Nor am I upset. V gashi 2012 Are you a Tesla stockholder or something? 😉

After writing page long comments you still seem to be totally oblivious to the “problem” I flagged and explicitly mentioned repeatedly: you are making assumptions and generalization that simply don’t stand under scrutiny. 9gag wiki You are specifically telling others that your choices are better than theirs without knowing the first thing about what they want or need. Gas in babies You are convinced that your personal experience has some kind of real life relevance to everyone else.

I didn’t tell you my car is better than yours, you are the one insisting that yours is better and don’t want to accept that what’s good for you isn’t necessarily good for me. Gas tracker In the future when the issues with EVs are resolved I’ll reevaluate my opinions.

I hope you can understand how you claiming you have something objective to say when comparing something you know with something you have no way of knowing and claiming your choices are better sounds condescending and ignorant.

But it’s interesting you mention the remanufacturing thing since that’s already happening, or going to happen, for Nissan. 3 gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect They intend to take “spent” EV batteries and re-manufacture them as energy storage systems for homes (like Tesla’s Powerwall).

I don’t think there is that big a disincentive for vehicle manufacturers to do this as the batteries might not need that much work to re-manufacture.

If you think about it, even if a battery is no longer fit to run an EV, the worn cells are still more than enough to power a house, which uses a tiny fraction of the power (typically a few kilowatts max, compared to 100-500kW) and has far more modest capacity requirements. Yoga gas relief pose Even a “tiny” 25kW/h battery would probably cater for the daily peak energy period of an average household, and we’ve established EVs are getting much bigger batteries than this going forward. Gas and electric phone number A worn battery that was 60kW/h when new is going to be overkill, frankly, unless you’re trying to run off-grid for a week! Keep in mind the Tesla Powerwall’s larger capacity is something like 10kW/h by comparison.

Since even a heavily worn battery far outperforms the requirements, manufacturers might not need to do much beyond test it and repackage it for the new product. Electricity physics Worn cells are just fine, it would only be dead/damaged ones which needed attention. U gas station Most batteries would be modular in construction as well, making for relatively easy assembly/disassembly.

In other words, as a manufacturer you can relatively cheaply double-dip on your batteries by first selling them in cars and then selling them for installation in houses when they’re recycled.

The point I’m slowly getting to is you could probably, in the future, buy a used EV and then if necessary have the manufacturer replace its battery for you at reduced cost on a part-exchange basis.