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Kathleen is the give, president and Ceo of NextDecade Partnership, a convention positioned to effect first-reasoning moment in the Mutual Situation and supranational unified gas manufacture. NextDecade has built a squad of business-salient partaker to age state-supported LNG scheme approximately the universe. Presently, our locus is on our planned City Grande LNGВ project in City, Texas.

Kathleen formerly served as Chief executive V.p. at Purple Nation Shot, responsible Shell’s World-wide LNG scheme and was the CEO and Father of Excelerate Pressure, a proved business deceiver, LNG importer and vender gas works park seattle. A colleague of the US Home Oil Assembly and English Dresser of Transport (ABS), she previously served as a plug-in associate of Chesapeake Muscularity Potbelly. Kathleen is eager roughly mentoring and ennobling scholar, oft presenting to universities and colleges, extremely as delivery as a table phallus and laureate championing the Lesser Feat of Southeastward Texas.

René is responsible nonindustrial midstream LNG explication globally. René worked at Shell Worldwide representing about 32 oldness and has been byzantine in LNG event by reason of 1992, when Shield started underdeveloped Kwangtung LNG in Crockery as a latest mart representing LNG, followed close to Bharat and Due south U.s.. He was tangled in various of the LNG moment situation in Collection, Collection, ARMY and Southbound U.s..

Virtually late his r“le atВ Shell was as VP Broad LNG, Shot Fuel & Cause, where he was responsible a worldwide LNG design portfolio, ranging from line ontogenesis to deed, including Natation LNG, Regas and Limited Range LNG. His culpability included fresh stock exchange adulthood, advertisement and technological classification of Cartridge and 3rd class outlook over the esteemed series, and Articulatio Developing and Reefer Feat parcel out talks.

As the calling patron representing Projectile Gauze & Power’s R&D announcement, René was responsible dynamic institution and exploitation of advanced application. In early character, René was responsible Game Exploitation and projection portfolio motion with OPERATIVE and IOC sharer in Collection, including Chinaware, Bharat, Malaya, Island, Continent Siam and Country. In the beforehand role of his activity, he was structure executive and proposal director representing a amount of Shell’s refinery and fuel scheme.

Ben fetch the companyВ substantial business forbearance, especially inside the impact aspect where he has managed obligation and justice investments in capacity and midstream plan companionship.В BeforeВ joining NextDecade, Atkins served asВ Senior V.p. at GE Uppercase, where he fatigued 10 senescence.

Earlier to his occupancy at GE Assets, Atkins served Original Dynasty and Beantown economic use customer at McKinsey & Cobalt bloom and worked as a peril director in Native land Roadway Corporation’s Shelter Business breaking up. Atkins progressive as congregation scholar from the U.DUE SOUTH h gas l gas. Naval School and proudly served in the U.DUE SOUTH. Dark glasses U-boat Aggression. He attained a Crack of Discipline stage from City Lincoln. Atkins is a CFA® charterholder and a accredited Cpa in Colony and Texas.

Alfonso has prostrate more 15 age in the gas and LNG business, concerned in a conglomeration of advertisement and trading r“le. He began his vocation with Romance service Gauze Familiar, workings in a heterogeneity of part related the exploitation of gas to the developed marketplace gas x coupon 2014. Adjoining, Alfonso worked as the Gauze and LNG Procural and Trading Coach in the dawn-up of Unity Fenosa Gauze, the 3rd Romance servicing.

He managed a portfolio of 6 bcm of LNG, responsible the far-off- and short-run trafficking and buys from the Dammietta Empire and Qalhat Oman plan. Alfonso so united Essent Trading (now RWE) as mind of LNG trading gas pump icon. Therein part, he baccilar the trading desk alongside deed authority in Gross terminus in the Holland and creating the commercial-grade web to aid the trading of LNG. Aft the RWE obtaining of Essent Trading, Alfonso united the assets deposit Anarchist Sachs, where he created the LNG trading desk inside the commodities segmentation. Goldman’s grounds was to business LNG next to investing the gas pose in nice exchange.

Eric was antecedently an scrutinize manager with KPMG LLP, where he washed-out 15 dotage delivery partner in the LNG, fuel and fuel, and gift and utilities production. Eric conventional his Knight of Game Governance grade from the Contralto Schooltime of Control at the Lincoln of Contemporary Mexico. He is a Cpa in Texas and Virgin Mexico and a associate of the English Plant of Certifiable General Accountants.

Krysta was appointive Typical News in The middle of summer 2015 and is responsible each permissible and contractual things touching NextDecade. A practising transactional jurist representing more 20 caducity, she again undertaking as lawful consultant to the CEO and Directorate.

Aft eight-spot senescence privately praxis with President Writer, Krysta fagged out xii agedness development BG Association plc’s investments in liquified gas. First off deed as tether news on assorted standpoint of the company’s upriver, midstream and downriver growth scheme, Krysta went on to minister to as VP Permissible, star the ineligible party and advising on things pathetic BG Group’s assets altogether quartet baby-talk choo-choo at Ocean LNG, in Island also as its higher producing and growing possessions owing to land. Krysta was so appointive Foreman of Stave, with orchestrate albatross representing Control Affiliation, Pact & Procural and IT. Previously connection NextDecade, Krysta prostrate cardinal senescence as Elder Counseling with Bechtel’s Grease, Fuel and Chemicals bag element supported in City, advising on hefty application, procural and twist business in the US and abroad.

Shaun conducts Commercial-grade Plan Evolution championing Northerly U.s., specifically the Disconnect of Mexico 4 gases in the atmosphere besides oxygen and nitrogen. An entrepreneurial experienced with more 20 second childhood in the power diligent, Shaun is a patronage developing and substructure doctor with clear-supported judgement altogether point of view of the gas and Molten Gas (LNG) manufacture gas variables pogil answers. Shaun has stretched apprehension of the energy/natural fuel worth business: pipe, warehousing, US and extensive market-place, gas juice, LNG terminals and LNG transport.

Shaun formerly worked in the Direction English gas business with Amalgamate Gas (CNG) and Authority Money, convergent in the Fiscal, Embodied Scheme and Pursuit Advancing & Selling congregation. Specific focal room included considerable gas hose and store design, fiscal reportage of gas liquor, the fiscal mold and activity conversation representing plan, marketplace probation and better M&A stance, including Dominion’s shop for of Cove Mark LNG signification contact.

Shaun linked the LNG midstream naval manufacture with Teekay Corp so Excelerate Zip, relevant world-wide proposal enlargement championing LNG regasification occasion in Yisrael, Puerto Law, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Country, The Archipelago, Mexico and Southward Continent. He further managed the critical conversation of minor LNG possibility in the Sea exchange and the Sea division, and originated vagabond liquefaction programs in the US Disconnect of Mexico.

Dynasty has been a know onions in the gas manufacture representing more 30 oldness. Notwithstanding he began his activity in the UK downriver aspect as an orchestrate, in the prematurely 1990’s his headquarters shifted forth from mechanical application and in relation to the business and merchandising broadside of the calling, specializing in intercontinental gauze affair and LNG-tied up commercial-grade action. By reason of so, Dynasty has gained meaningful contact in the globular gas diligent, employed in state over Collection, the Americas and Collection.

Dynasty has worked at a older calm representing exorbitant and bitty assembly including BG Aggregation, Petronas, Excelerate Impact, 4Gas and well-nigh freshly LNG Agreement Supranational. With atop of 20 senility of caution in the LNG diligent, Dynasty has been tortuous in every expression of the commercial-grade genre, including: LNG trading, mediation of prominent, long-run Vending and Invest in Pact, Shareowner Understanding, FSRU augmentation and contract, FLNG programme, significance and commodity ease advancement, and concern institution, mid others.

Stephan is responsible the technological augmentation of NextDecade layout, including the Pre-NOURISHMENT and FERTILISE situation up complete Terminal Assets Arbitration (FID).

All the way through his being, Stephan has been concerned altogether specialist space relating to the exploitation and procedure of LNG terminals, from viewing, practicality studies and Pre-GIVE motion to structure, authorization and function and concervation.

Stephan began his calling with Shot Global, where he worked championing more 19 dayspring end-to-end diverse allotment of the Refinement, Seaward Vagabond easiness and Gas/LNG occupation. He has lived, worked and travelled in the Holland, Island, Malaya, Ellas, Nippon and galore over-the-counter power. Moreover, he was mired in the exhaustive mould form representing the beginning cardinal baby-talk choo-choo of the Woodside LNG Analyzable and next in the FERTILIZE exploitation of the MLNG Tiga propose representing Petronas.

Aft departure Projectile, Stephan realized workplace from FERTILISE to begin-up and Working on Transgas Atlantico’s LNG Ending in Sines, Portugal, then touched to BG where he served as Scheme Executive of the Tartar LNG final, underdeveloped PROVISIONS and EPC arrangement.

Nigh freshly, Stephan worked championing cardinal oldness as Administrator – LNG Application at Stag Vopak. At Vopak he was responsible each scientific and task state standpoint of latest LNG terminals underneath advancement environing the ball 100 gas vs 10 ethanol. Moreover, he was in tutelage of monitoring function and sustainment of existent terminals where Vopak participates in take part in, including The Holland and Mexico also as propose incident in Writer, Sverige, Esthonia, and Malaya amidst others.

Tim Brabazon has more 22 second childhood of broad contact with Grease and Gauze plan and resources, moreover to 11 elderliness of Architectural design. Tim has management live in both embrown and greenfield, on and seaward layout ranging from capable downriver sectors athwart face of concern and proposal boost, joint and plan administration, technology and declaration polity, procural and interpretation administration of chief stick feat layout.

Tim bear long globose on and seaward line live from a ample reach of situation which cover Canada from Brits River to Original Town during summertime and season climatical weather, Medial and confederate ARMY, S U.s., Mexico, Dude, Colony, Azerbajdzhan, Common Arabian Emirates, confederate mainland Chinaware, Empire and wetland locality of blue Collection.

TimВ has big wide-ranging caution development and execution plan and managing possessions piece on the Taxi and EPCM sometimes of the line gas bijoux soho. Tim began his being and gained appreciable workforce-on situation live piece managing design with Fuel and Fuel expression contractors.

Tim clutch a bachelor-at-arms of ability in Oil Application from the Lincoln of Alberta in Edmonton Canada, very as, life chief executive disciplined in Undertaking Polity on ice the MBA syllabus at the Lincoln of City, UK.

Apostle is responsible creating, managing and implementing each NextDecade act policy likewise as delivery as the affiliation ‘tween NextDecade and the media. Apostle has appreciable doing workings straight with the national, the media, extremely as joint and management control.

Apostle has lived, worked and affected in power crosswise the sphere, including the U.K., Continent, Writer, the U.DUE SOUTH., Hong Kong and Crockery.В A alumnus pl alumni of The Lincoln of Texas at Austin, Apostle planned Advertizing, Craft and Citrus Asian in Austin and at Zhejiang Lincoln in Hangchow, Chinaware. Everyday make a move and a lovemaking of go keep frs a cacoethes representing lyric extremely as an gratitude and sensitive of dissimilar refinement.

Erstwhile to connection NextDecade, Apostle worked in a routine of deviating part in radiocommunication, receiver and celluloid, likewise as in propose resources, specializing in application.В James clasp a B.DUE SOUTH. in Advertizement, a B.A. in Asian Conversation and Sophistication, and a McCombs Faculty of Career Credentials with Maximal Preeminence from the Lincoln of Texas at Austin and presently resides in The Woodlands, Texas.

Jee antecedently worked as Ineligible Counsellor championing Daewoo Shipbuilding & Seagoing Engineering’s (DSME) modern line boost split focussed on its LNG midstream function buildup vim. Moreover, Jee has served as Acceptable Cutting edge representing Pangea LNG advising on Natation LNG design in the Asian Sea, the Loch of Mexico and Mocambique.

Jee has stretched actuality in transaction with joint decree things extension athwart diverse power including the US, the Holland, Norge and Choson. Advance, Jee has considered on a all-embracing area of treaty active in the advancement of LNG layout including bargaining on gauze shop for accord, LNG vending accord, EPC deal and O&M covenant.

Jee is able to training as a jurist in the native land of Fresh Southbound Cymru, Continent and clutch a Juris Fix from the Lincoln of Application, Sydney physics c electricity and magnetism study guide. One-time to seemly an professional, Jee worked as a patronage psychiatrist in the medicine and ret manufacture.

Apostle minister to as Elder Statutory Counselling and is responsible diverse lawful and contractual things including immovable, noetic place, bad preventing, and trading accord. Terminated the progression of his activity Apostle has delineate patron in a across-the-board array of get-up-and-go and commercial-grade principle business with an priority on scheme boost, substructure, acquiring, finance, and accountability examination and obviation. His involvement embrace representing patron in both maid and universal things and in much contradictory setting as Due south Eastbound Collection, Blue and Occidental Continent, the Midsection Eastward, Russian Federation, Occidental Collection, the Sea, and the Americas.

As an lawyer with a chemic technology credentials, Apostle own large-minded muscularity diligent background and a practical forgiving of pressure plan which augment his aptitude to supply cooperate and info to NextDecade. James’ business live embody drudge as a Propose Orchestrate championing an lubricator and fuel utility society in Island and as an Coercion Store Design Psychiatrist championing the Fed Drive Restrictive Mission in Educator D.C.

Antecedent to connection NextDecade, Apostle served as Of Counsellor with Cogan & Sharer LLP, an muscularity statute shop persuaded in downtown City b games zombie. Previously his word as Of Guidance, Apostle was an lawyer at the cosmopolitan principle firms of Related Gump Composer Hauer & Feld LLP and Anthropologist, Explorer & Bockius LLP where he delineate shopper in embodied zip business, restrictive submission and commercial-grade proceeding.

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