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The official start to the 2019 NFL season began March 13, its 4 p.m. deadline merely a buoy in a whitecap sea of signings, cuts, and trades. All-Pros and future Hall of Famers swapped out their laundry in a tempest of action. Odell Beckham Jr. became a Brown. Le’Veon Bell is now a Jet. Earl Thomas will go from the West Coast’s most storied defense to its East Coast counterpart.

But while we got caught up talking about all the smart trades and signings that dominated headlines in early March, we may have missed wb state electricity board recruitment the abjectly stupid moves that will give the world something to snark about this summer. A handful of teams and players have made decisions that could wind up working out brilliantly come November, but just look dumb in March.

Those moves are the cold comfort fans who watched beloved stars leave town need right now. And who would we be to deny the schadenfreude that electricity water hose analogy burns at a slow smolder to keep the NFL’s steam engine of hate churning? So here are the dumbest-looking moves that kicked off the 2019 free agent period. 9. This guy lobbed the most obvious heckle at Cole Beasley, who was completely ready for it

Matt Patricia’s putting together a reunion in Detroit. On the first day of free agency, the former New England defensive coordinator swiped defensive lineman Trey Flowers away from the Patriots by offering him the richest overall deal of 2019 so far. He also lured Danny Amendola, unsung hero of multiple New England Super Bowl wins, north after spending a year in Miami. Cornerback Justin Coleman, who broke into the league with the Pats in 2015, followed soon after.

In a vacuum, those are three expensive moves that fill three areas of need in Detroit. But gaz 67b for sale as part of a larger trend it shows Patricia chasing an idea that looks good on paper but rarely works out on the field. Handing big money to the free agents the Patriots are no longer interested in rarely leads to success. In 2018, Mike Vrabel’s Titans threw gobs of cash at Malcolm Butler and Dion Lewis and got a win over New England and a season that ended in Week 17 to show for it. In 2009 and 2010, Josh McDaniels poached away players like Jabar Gaffney, Le Kevin Smith, and Laurence Maroney before flaming out so badly he was fired before he could coach his 29th game.

Detroit just handed out electricity synonyms more than $155 million in contracts, $130.5 million of which is going to players Bill Belichick deemed expendable rather than paying. This could be just the boost the Lions’ roster needs — but history suggests trying to be the Patriots anywhere other than New England is a fool’s errand. 7. The answer to the Steelers’ newfound gas x dosage chewable offensive concerns is … Donte Moncrief?

While JuJu Smith-Schuster has proven he’s capable of filling the team’s needs as a true WR1, his supporting cast is now Moncrief, Eli Rogers (who just re-signed with the team after playing in only three games last season), James Washington, and Ryan Switzer. Smith-Schuster better get used to double-teams. 6. The Titans gave a 37-year-old pass rusher $23 million

The likely scenario is that Wake’s best days are in the past and he isn’t going to magically produce better in his late 30s than he did in 2018. If that happens, Tennessee can part with Wake after the 2019 season and eat $2.67 million and $1.33 million cap hits in the next two seasons. The Titans should probably be prepared for that to come to fruition. 5. Washington spent a ton of money on a safety

Landon Collins is a very good safety. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler who should help in run gas density conversion support. But it left the team without much wiggle room for other free agency moves. Washington had a bottom-five offense and an average defense in 2018, and now it looks pretty much the same. 4. The Raiders gave a guy who’s played left tackle for exactly one year the richest offensive lineman contract ever