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It’s been a few days since Dave from Drop Bear drove me and my wife back to our hotel after our 2-night trip to Fraser (k’gari) Island, but the memories are fresh and I had to jump on TripAdvisor to share a few thoughts on our trip before anymore time went electricity symbols ks2 by. It was amazing and worthy of comments in this forum (even though I never do this kind of review). This was a special few days with Dave (more on him later), the Drop Bear crew and the ~30 other good people who helped make our trip fun, memorable, educational and safe. For context…I’m 34, my wife is 31. We’re from the States electricity grid code and are in Australia on our honeymoon. So, we’re not your typical backpackers, but we fit in extremely well with our group of Europeans, Canadians and Americans mostly in their 20s and 30s. Everyone was up for a good time, nobody took it too far. This trip was about experiencing a beautiful place in an adventurous ideal gas questions way, then having a few drinks and laughs…not the other way around. We love nature and consider ourselves adventurous, but are by no means experienced campers. That didn’t matter at all with Dave and Drop Bear gas x dosage pregnancy. The hard parts of getting to the island, setting up camp, cooking and navigating the roads (if you can call them that) were all taken care of for us or very well explained, but not without keeping us actively involved in the process. This was a very hands on experience. Helping to cook, sharing responsibility for camp and, most notably, hauling @ss in the 4×4 Trucks along the beach were a big part of the trip and a source of great fun and group bonding along the way. Fraser, or K’gari as you will learn to call it if you gas 2015 go with Drop Bear, is a beautiful island that appears to be almost completely untouched by humans. Lake Mackenzie, Lake Wabby, Eli Creek, Champagne Pools, Indian Head and other spots are in most guide books, but you’ll see them differently with Drop Bear. More to the point, you’ll feel gas under 2 dollars them differently with Dave. He looks like a rugby player who could drink you under the table, but he’s actually an incredibly sweet, educated, responsible and passionate guide. He has to be to lead this kind of group with this kind of goal. He’s directing 30 strangers in multiple trucks around an island filled with Dingos (not to worry), ever-changing tides, and tourists who pose more threat than the wildlife. He does gas leak in car it all with grace and humor, while commanding your attention as he uses ‘story time’ to educate you on the history of the island, its unique ecosystem, and its indigenous history. Dave will teach you the history other tours may avoid, explaining the way the Butchulla people inhabited the island and loved the land, only to have it changed by the British and electricity distribution companies turned into a tourist destination. In Dave’s telling, you’ll empathize with the Butchulla and learn about their story and their respect for the land. You’ll leave the island feeling more connected to their ways than the modern western world you probably came from. That’s a very good thing. Overall, this was a no-brainer for anyone in the area. I’m convinced the experience we had will be one we talk about for years. We made friends easily, were blown away by the gas and bloating after every meal island’s beauty and were graciously hosted by Dave and Drop Bear. Go. It’s a bargain.

Dave!!!! Teghan and I had a blast touring K’gari with you. Our favorite part of the electricity receiver definition tour was Lake Wabby and Eli Creek. The crocodile vs kangaroo game was so much fun. Each day we saw so many interesting things and learned a lot about the island and its history. We had many cool experiences on this trip from finding clams and eating them for dinner to having fish pamper us in a tea tree infused lake. The camp was nicely put together and the tents and sleeping attire was clean. Perfect for a good nights sleep. The camp had an electric fence around it to keep dingoes out and we were about 300m away from a police station, which had flushing gas bijoux discount code toilets open to the public. Or you could just go in the bush and get the real experience of camping. There were showers at the camp but it was electricity tattoo designs only 2 nights so we never used those. The food was good and we were well fed. Well worth the money to book with Drop Bear. I feel we saw and did a lot more than if we booked with another company. Thanks for adding a memorable experience to our Australia trip, Dave. See you around. Peter Teghan