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Taking the ferry from Lewes, DE to Cape May, NJ was the logical extension of our decision to deviate from the beaten path of I-95 on our recent trip from SC to NJ. We stayed the previous electricity 101 episode 1 night outside Norfolk, VA and travelled across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in the morning. The drive up the Delmarva peninsula was not bad at all…140 miles will gas near me take just about 3 hrs. The southern most part (VA) is very rural with agriculture being the dominant industry. Rte. 13 is really the only north-south route. Despite this, traffic moved easily. Once across the border into MD, development extending electricity and magnetism study guide answers toward Ocean City becomes increasingly evident. The distance from the DE border to Lewes in actually short (20mi?), but miserable. Approaching Lewes, keep an eye out for the small blue and gold signs for the ferry…they will guide you directly to the terminal 76 gas card payment. Because we were not sure when we would reach Lewes, we made a reservation for a 1:45pm ferry. We actually pulled up to the terminal at 12:35pm. We expected to park and wait for the la gas prices next ferry…which was fine…but were asked if we would want to take the 12:45pm, if there was room. We said, sure and were directed to wait in a designated area. As luck would have it, we were motioned on board. We were literally the last vehicle on the ship with nothing behind us but a cargo net and water. Being on the water on a clear, calm, gorgeous day is tough to beat. The ferry is surprisingly comfortable. There is a small cafeteria with cold natural gas in spanish sandwiches and soft drinks. A full bar is availaable in a lounge on an upper deck. There are booths and chairs inside (protected from gas house gang weather), as well as places outside to enjoy the air and view. The crossing takes roughly 1.25hr and seems shorter. The loading / unloading process is amazingly quick and painless. The one-way fare was @$45 for a regular vehicle and a driver. A passenger cost $10 extra. There are limited spaces for campers m gasol nba, RV’s, trailers, etc—at an appropriately higher fare. One thought—the terminals at each end are not really convenient to either Lewes or Cape electricity physics ppt May. They are located some distance from the business/tourist areas of each town. It is not practical to think you can walk into town for a meal or sightseeing, while waiting for the ferry. This was a major factor in our decision to take the earlier ferry, rather than the one on which we had la gasolina cancion a reservation. As soon as we saw where the terminal was in relation to Lewes, we knew there was no where to go. The NJ terminal is even farther from town. If you are traveling from the South Jersey to OC, MD, down the Delmarva or perhaps to the Outer Banks, this ferry is the way to go. For standard travel from NYC-area to points south, I-95 is faster and cheaper. Overall, we enjoyed this ferry. It fit our schedule and destination, so this was a very good choice gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016 for us. If it works for you, go for it…you’ll enjoy it, too.

Took the ferry from Cape May to Lewes (and back again) for a weekend trip to Washington. As a driver, it may have been a longer trip overall, but a great way cut out gas and water mix some of the stressful driving. Ferry seems to run about every 45 minutes so there is plenty of choice as to schedule. Crossing time about 1 hour and 30 minutes. No dolphins, plenty of seagulls. Essentially, the ferry is a means of transport and not an attraction but grade 9 static electricity quiz I would consider just taking the ferry in future as a pleasant diversion. Full bar available on upper decks. Food selection not great gas zombies black ops but we stuck to fresh fruit. I see they also run evening wine tasting cruises which sounded interesting. Found staff to be really pleasant. Asked for information on the outlets in Rehoboth and one of the crew went out of their way to track down the info for electricity icon us. Found check-in staff to be polite and helpful – even managed to fit us on earlier ferry than we had reserved. Would highly recommend for any travellers going from Southern NJ to points further south.