Nice place to visit! – review of i resort, nha trang, vietnam – tripadvisor gas national average 2013


One too many minor issues spoilt the day. You can decide if my long winded moan is warrented or not but it may save you spending money unnecessarily. I rated this as an experience as a whole not based on one factor. The resort itself has a nice selection of hot and cold pools, mud baths and Jacuzzi’s complete with waterfalls. I would recommend paying for the cheapest access to the facility and looking around before deciding what extras to pay for. We wanted a nice relaxing day as a treat so had our hotel book us in a day in advance for the senior room package at the cost of approx $80. A lot of money in Vietnam. On arrival the sullen staff told us we weren’t booked in despite our hotel receiving confirmation. We had the voucher from the hotel to prove it so after more than a few minutes of confusion they decided to take our money and let us in. They took us to a small walled year 6 electricity assessment off room containing a mud bath and mineral pool. Here we had 2hrs to relax in the pools and enjoy the fruit platter and green tea they brought us. No complaints there. We were then taken to another room where we received foot massages which were very good. At this stage we were nice and relaxed and were enjoying our day. Next we were taken to the food area where we could choose a drink and meal each from the set menu. 80% of the set menu was seafood, nothing wrong with that. We can’t eat seafood though so we both chose the chicken burger to be told it was ‘no good’ by the waiter. We then asked for chicken spring rolls to be told that they were also ‘no good’. Further elaboration gas 4 less manhattan ks was not forthcoming so we ordered beef noodles for me and a pizza for her with a ‘fresh milk’ coffee (pointed to on the menu for emphasis) and a pineapple juice. My coffee came and it was the typical rancid coffee with condensed sweetened milk they seem to favour here. Undrinkable. My noodles came out which were nice with lots of greens and 3 bits of beef. 30mins later the pizza arrived and with it my girlfriends dissapointed amusement. It was the smallest pizza I have ever seen in my life! We could only laugh at it and the waiter even laughed too when we pointed to the highly inaccurate poster of their pizzas on a nearby wall. It was approximately a 5inch pizza which was cut into quarters leaving 2 bites per slice. Ultimately my girlfriend was left still hungry. Next we went to get a locker to put our belongings in so we could enjoy the swimming pools. This turned into an ordeal as the locker lady wanted our ticket which had been taken from us when we arrived at the mud baths. We had to go back to the mud baths to ask for our ticket and of course the girl there didn’t understand us. Not her fault but still an unnecessary frustration. We were handed a phone where we explained to somebody that all we want was a locker key. After another 10 mins of confusion and frustration we were given a key. We spent the next hour enjoying the pools which are admittedly very nice and can be enjoyed for approx $6/person. Our transport back to our hotel was in an i-resort electric car and cost an additional $2 for the 5km journey. A bargain but really could have been inclusive for the amount we paid for the package. The driver dropped off the other passengers leaving us last. Having read a negative review about one of their drivers I had the GPS on my phone in advance. Sure enough he pulled up about 1.5km from our hotel and pointed to a place telling us it was our hotel. This hotel had an entirely different name but he insisted that was it until I showed gas national average 2013 him I had GPS on my phone. Without barely a glance he shrugged and drove a further 400m before once again stopping and telling us to get out, pointing down the road and saying you walk. I politely explained we paid the same as everybody else and expect gas smoker recipes the hotel drop off we paid for. He once again told us to walk. I refused on principle and said we’ll walk if he refunds us for the distance we have to walk. He got irate at this and rose his voice saying something in Vietnamese along with the word Police. At this my girlfriend got out and told me its fine just get out. I told her we’re still 1km from our hotel and to get back in which resulted in further demands from the driver to get out. My blood was up at this stage and my girlfriend didn’t want me making a scene so insisted I got out with her. Well it was 2 against 1 so I begrudgingly got out. 1km is not a long walk, however, it was a matter of principle and left us with one more disappointment regarding i-resort. Here’s my advice to you: DO NOT PRE-BOOK A PACKAGE DEAL! Pay the $6 entrance fee, walk around and determine if you really need a private room for the mudbath as their are lots of open air private baths you can have for a fraction of the price we paid. Select your food off their regular menu. Avoid the pizza and coffee! Use their transport back but refuse to get out if they don’t take you to your hotel. Pay for electricity formulas grade 9 a foot massage for $5 at one of the many places in Nah Trang. That’s how to have our experience at half the cost 🙂 And if i-resort management read this: Our driver, which caused me to detail our experience with i-resort on here, was driving one of the 4pm cars on Sunday 31st January. He was roughly 5ft tall and in his 40’s. Teach him about good customer service and explain that in business you should leave the customer wanting more not send them home annoyed.

We booked a mud bath private room for my husband and I at I-Resort. The electric transportation vehicle collected us from our hotel (Novotel) and took us to the resort. Upon arrival, we paid for our treatment and were immediately shown to our private bathing house: a small table and chairs, shower, storage cupboard and 2 separate adjoining baths. One bath was filled with the mud and the other with thermal spring water. We were instructed to change into our swimwear, shower and step into the mud bath for 20 or so minutes – washing our face, hair and body with the mud and allow ourselves to soak. Then our assistant returned and added herbs and body scrub to the 2nd bath and invited to shower off the mud power usage estimator and then soak in the 2nd bath for a further period of time. A beautifully presented fruit platter was delivered with freshly brewed tea and bottled water to enjoy at our leisure. We were then able to enjoy any and all of the resort’s pools, waterfalls and facilities. Plenty of family options available. Our package included a foot massage in the Spa Pavilion – one of the most beautifully designed buildings I have ever seen (I am an Architect). If I had my time again, I would get a full massage here as the private rooms are incredibly gorgeous (think Japanese baths, timber wall cladding, opaque glazing, outside ponds, beautiful detailing). We were then taken to the restaurant for our included meal which was simple but delicious. I loved the considered and excellent design of this resort which has won Architectural awards. [My only complaint, and it is very minor and of an Architectural nature, is the actual baths in the private bath house could have been more thoughtfully designed in keeping with the exceptional design of the rest of the resort. They were perfectly functional but pedestrian.]