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Visited today. A national trust property since 1967 f gas regulations 2015. We used our membership cards to get in, but my adult daughter paid the 17 quid or do entrance fee. She found herself a tad harassed to join, even though she repeatedly declined. Museum of childhood and also a main house. Small cafe and no main NT restaurant. Ordered child’s box, jacket potato, salad of the day, and a sausage bun. Only no salad today. As a gluten intolerant person, jacket spuds can be a little tedious but that’s all I could have … 2 teas a coffee and glass of water. 23 quid. Food was ok but 4.95 for 2 sausages I s bun without marg or butter seemed s little gas works park address poor. Museum of childhood was very interesting.. . Toys from all ages and our 3 year old was entertained. Lift could hold 3 adults, buggy and 3 year old. Any more people n you’ll hold a raffle to see who goes via the stairs. Loos? Clean accessible and facilities for our 7 month old and nappy bins. Very useful on a hot day. There is s shaded play area with really gas kinetic energy formula good facilities for the 3 year old…. Leading to the lake with geese and goslings….. Going round to the other vista of the house… lots of benches to sit and while away a hot afternoon. Hubbie and daughter went round the house… show your memberships or receipt again to enter…. and said the areas open were fantastic. Finished the day off with more tea ortega y gasset obras completas and cake…. (did you know the NT does gf food much better than the supermarkets cafes who sell a range..) and a play on the grass. There are deckchairs to lounge in under the shade of trees. There are tables and picnic areas in the stable yard. And if you have the energy or inclination you can follow signs to village, where the meals served all day pub is located. But stay o the lawn and play with the oversized Lego bricks left for children to play with. A good day out for all ages. Can gas x tablets himalaya be a bit steep moneywise but this one is worth a visit on a sunny day.

Quite a long drive from our home in Milton Keynes to visit Sudbury Hall on a Saturday morning. It was interesting to see the inside of the hall ‘stripped back’ to what it would have been like when the National Trust took it over in 1967. Probably not going to be of interest to a lot of people, but it’s great to be given the opportunity to see how the Trust works. Always interesting to find out about conservation and other aspects of their work. The staff inside the hall were friendly and amazingly knowledgeable. It’s a somewhat austere and fairly sombre building, lots of corridors and stairs which wouldn electricity deregulation choices and challenges’t suit many with walking difficulties. We also visited the Children’s museum and found many objects such as toys that we both remembered from our own childhoods. I must mention the rather strange system of stairs and we found the whole extremely frustrating but a member of staff managed to direct us to the way out. This aspect needs rectifying as it would annoy many other visitors. We enjoyed paninins and lattes in the excellent café, always with a visit at any National Trust property. Generally a pleasant visit and yet another N.T. property to tick off electricity meaning our every-growing list.