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Jimmy: Of course he can, Danny. Where SpongeBob comes from, all sea creatures can talk. SpongeBob, we need you to bring up to speed on what’s happening. This all started with my latest invention, the Universe Portal Machine. It’s a device that lets us travel to other worlds. Professor Calamitous has somehow gained access to my project plans and created a copy of my machine. I’ve been tracking Calamitous’ portals and he’s been visiting your worlds. He’s found an ally in each world and they’ve teamed up to form a Syndicate. He must have some sort of master plan that they can all benefit from. They’ve combined their powers to create an army of Syndicate troops and they’re stealing energy from each of your worlds. We don’t know why they’re stealing this energy but whatever it’s for, it won’t be good.

SpongeBob: No, Jimmy. I think it’s much more devious than that. I think that someone has prepared… a surprise birthday party for me! (SpongeBob checks Squidward’s roof) Surprise! Hmm, not here. (he checks behind a house) Surprise! Nope, not here either. (he checks somewhere else) Surprise! Wow, they’re hiding so well, it’s gonna take me forever to find everyone.

Turbo: Ugh. Bleh. I need a shower. You may have stopped my plans but the Syndicate is still getting energy from Beacon. We will soon have enough energy to finish the Doomsday Machine and then, you will all bow down before me. Nothing can stop the Syndicate! Nothing! Ahahahahahaha!

Crocker: You’re too late! Calamitous and the Syndicate have more than enough power for the doomsday device… and very soon this Syndicate will demonstrate the power it has over all worlds… By DESTROYING ONE! Hahahah! With fairy magic under my control, I am unstoppable! The Syndicate will rule the universe, and I will rule Dimsdale and Fairy World!

Jimmy: Goddard doesn’t get fleas. Wait a minute. That’s it! That must be how Calamitous copied my plans for the Universe Portal Machine. He’s spying on us through some kind of fleabot. Goddard, run a self-diagnostic search for energy losses within your system. The flea is likely to be a parasitic nanobot.

Jimmy: We need to find Professor Calamitous‘ secret lab. If he has been watching us through a device inside Goddard, then it must be transmitting a signal to his base. If we can reach the device, we can track the signal back to Calamitous. We need a plan. Think, think, think.

Jimmy: According to the reading I took, the parasitic drains were strongest in the Audio/Visual Center of the CPU. We’ll need to make our way through Goddard’s systems to get there, but there were minor drains everywhere so they could be anywhere in his systems.

Jimmy: OK! We’ve arrived in Goddard’s main processor, but to let you inside we will need to find a way to get security clearance for you. As you can see, I already have clearance. If we enter into Goddard’s memory through these ports, we should be able to convince Goddard to give each of you access.

Jimmy: With Professor Calamitous in jail and the rest of the Syndicate in your custody, I think it’s time to go our separate ways. But take these Neutronic Recallers with you. If anything like this happens again, we can work together to resolve it.

Narrator: Jimmy Neutron has invented the Neutronic Reality Projector, which allows him to open portals to other dimensions! Little does he know that Professor Calamitous has been spying on him and stealing his inventions! Using his own Reality Projector, Calamitous recruits the worst super-villains in the universe! Vlad Plasmius, Plankton and Denzil Crocker! This fearsome foursome create a Doomsday Device fueled by power from each dimension. Together the Syndicate of Evil will conquer the multiverse.

Narrator: Jimmy Neutron has invented the Neutronic Reality Projector, a device that allows him to open doors to other dimensions! Little does he know that Professor Calamitous has been spying on him and stealing his inventions. Building his own Reality Projector. (…) can find: Vlad Plasmius, Plankton and Denzel Crocker! This fearsome foursome (…).