Nicor gas reviews (updated may 2018) consumeraffairs gas 99 cents a litre


Now since I live on my own and all my closest friends and family live back in Chicago, I had to take off work to be home for them to come out. Today is the day and I’ve been up since 7am waiting. I even posted a note on the apartment building door to knock on my window (I’m on the first floor. The k gas station building also doesn’t have doorbells) if they have trouble getting inside. I’ve been sitting in the dining room watching the door waiting and waiting and waiting. I can hear when someone pulls into the driveway since my apartment is right by it. I can also hear when someone enters the building since the security door is loud af.

At 12:49pm, I began to worry that I might have missed them. I have some experience with utility companies who would pull up and not even attempt to knock on your door or anything before leaving. I called the customer service desk and was told that someone will be out in 20-30 minutes. I said cool. Waited 2 hours and still no one showed. At 2:50-ish, I called again to see where they were and was told that someone would be here by 4pm. I said okay, thanked them for their service and hung up. By 4:01 when no one still showed up I called back and was told that someone would be on their way, but I was waiting so long because they had a high number of emergency leaks in my area. Which I believe is total **.

It is now 6:05pm and I tried calling again only to be told the customer service desk is closed and to call back during business hours gas jobs crna. I don’t know where this company learned how to do business but this damn sure isn’t it. I basically wasted an entire day sitting around to be stood up by the damn GAS COMPANY! All I want is for the gas to be turned on. I’ve already had to struggle through a week like this using a hot plate and what not and if they couldn’t meet the damn appointment they set they should’ve informed me as soon as possible and I wouldn’t have had to miss an entire work day! Now I’m sure I’m going to have to call off work again to be here for these incompetent idiots to come out and turn my gas on.

Before I wrote my review I looked at other reviews and saw just how trash this company is, and how they’re the only ones providing gas. The beauty? I will keep tabs on these idiots, documenting every incident and if they so much as cross me one more time I will sue the entire company into the ground. Nicor Gas Company, do better you heathens!

Here I was told that the tech already came by, but left as there was no response. Considering my dog barks uncontrollably when anybody comes home, at the mail truck, garbage truck, neighbors in their driveways, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. I find it hard to believe that he stayed quiet when the Nicor tech came to the door. In the end, I don’t believe for a moment that the tech actually came to the door. I think he pulled up, saw that there wasn’t a car in the driveway, and la gas prices 2016 left. After an hour on the phone with 4 different reps, I cannot have service restored until 8/25/2015. If you care to know the details, they are written below.

11:36 am (27m 32s) – I call and speak with a representative (Annie) who confirms that my appointment was scheduled from 8a-12p today. She goes on to state that a tech came by at 8:26a and that nobody was home. I explain to her that this is not accurate as I have not only been home, but also awake since 6:30a. She said that the tech’s note stated that there was a car in the driveway, but nobody answered. I explain that my car is on the street, and that my dog would have barked hysterically if someone knocked on the door. She then said that the notes said there was no car, but he heard a dog bark. (So the car was in the driveway and NOT in the driveway at the same time? Suspicious.) She said that there was a notice left by the tech that he had come by.

While talking to her I check outside and there is no notice left by the tech. When I tell la gas her this she says that he wouldn’t have left a note. (So he left one, but wouldn’t leave one? This isn’t adding up.) I explained to her that this cannot be accurate, as my dog freaks out when the neighbors are in their own driveway, and that there is no way he would have not barked incessantly if someone knocked on the door. Additionally my 13 y.o. son, whose open bedroom window is a few feet from the door, did not hear anybody knock at the door. She apologized stating that there is nothing that can be done except to reschedule 8/25 from 8a-12p. Although she was totally polite, the flip-flopping of information she was giving me was very concerning. So I ask for a supervisor, hoping going up the chain will help.

The supervisor I spoke to (Rose) was completely rude to me. At this point I was crying as I explained to her that I am 8 months pregnant, had to cancel a doctor’s appointment to be home this morning, and that there is no way that the tech actually came to the door and knocked without myself, my son, or my dog knowing about it. I explained that the information provided by the previous rep and tech did not add up, and that it sounded more like he didn’t come to the door. During this interaction she repeatedly interrupted me stating that it can be rescheduled for 8/25 or not at all. I explained that this won’t work as I have to register my son for school that day, and I work later at 2p. I explained that today was perfect as I don’t work on Fridays. Her solution was to offer an appointment on 8/28 instead, pushing it back another 3 days.

I literally sat there crying, completely speechless at the situation. I asked, begged, pleaded is there any way, any way at all, that somebody can come out sooner. After all, I was home throughout the appointment window, I had the payment scheduled gas city indiana post office before the shut-off occurred, and the payment was less than 30 days late. Nope, nada, zilch. I tell her I’ll take the appointment for 8/25 from 8a-12p. Then she hung up on me without even saying anything.

12:36p (45m 39s) I realized that I called about the missed appointment within the appointment window. I decide to call back, hoping beyond hope for a different rep that might be able to help. I get a new rep (Rosita, who was really nice) and explained the situation as calmly as possible. I asked if it makes a difference that I called about the missed appointment prior to the close of the appointment window. She said that it was possible, but it would have to go to a supervisor. I explained my interaction with the previous supervisor and requested that I do not speak with her again.

She was able to get me another supervisor (Peg) to speak with. I explained to the new supervisor the entire situation and requested to know the *exact* notes made by the tech. She said 8:26a no answer at the door, no car, dog barking electricity tattoo designs. I reiterated that my dog would have gone bananas if somebody knocked; my son or I would have noticed this, especially as we were waiting for someone to come by. I questioned if it was possible to be put back on the schedule for the end of the day as I called about the issue during the appointment window. She said that it is not possible at all. I asked, But what about the time he didn’t spend at my house restoring service, isn’t that time still open for him? After all, that’s 20 minutes that he didn’t spend working today. Apparently the techs are so overbooked that the moment he left my property that 20 minutes of time literally disappeared, despite the fact that time cannot be sped, slowed, or changed.

I questioned how it was possible that when I set the appointment initially it was scheduled for 25-29 hours later, whereas now I have to wait more than 80 hours. Apparently when I called yesterday at 7:02a it was just the right time before they got calls from all of the other people they shut off gas to this week emoji gas station. I asked if the techs ever call before they come out (you know, like EVERY OTHER COMPANY OUT THERE). I was told that they only call first if it is requested. Being completely defeated by the situation I confirmed that the new appointment is for 8/25, and asked that I be called first. All in all I have a hard time just accepting this whole situation at face value. Shady business practices, poor service from supervisors, and poor service from their techs. Nicor should be grateful that they have a monopoly over natural gas in northern Illinois.