Nigeria customs service’s reign of terror – thisdaylive electricity in homes


Following the appointment of the current Comptroller General of the NCS, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd), as the head of the organisation over by President Muhammadu Buhari, effort has been made to reform the NCS. However, the desire by the service gas up the jet to meet the revenue target and mandate given to Ali on his appointment has pitched the service against the general public who are at the receiving end of the brutality of men of the service. Part of the services bid to meet its revenue target is the drive to stamp electricity transmission out smuggling. Leading the charge against smuggling is the Federal Operations Units (FOU) across the country.

Two weeks ago, an officer of the NCS allegedly shot and killed a fellow Nigerian over refusal to give a bribe of N5,000 at Shagamu interchange, along Ijebu Ode- Lagos Expressway. An eye witness said the victim, who was coming into Nigeria from overseas, boarded a vehicle had some personal effects which an officer showed interest in. The deceased was subsequently asked to cough out N5, 000 and depart in peace with the personal items

According to Attah, “While it is painful and gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings totally unnecessary to lose life in anti-smuggling operations, at Shagamu interchange along Ijebu Ode, attempt to obstruct lawful performance of duty by passengers of a commercial bus (a white Toyota Hiace) suspected to be carrying bales of used clothing led to the death of a young man (Godwin) and serious injury of a Customs Officer, ASC1, Destiny Onebamho.

“We are pained by this sad development and share the grief of losing a fellow compatriot in a seemingly avoidable circumstance. We are and will continue to take every necessary step that will cushion the pain associated with losing a dear one. Consequently, the Comptroller-General of Customs has directed a thorough investigation electricity questions and answers physics into the immediate and remote causes of the incident with the view to ensuring that justice is served.”

“In line with this directive, the investigation panel b games 2 headed by the Zonal Coordinator Zone A, ACG Kaycee Ekekezie has interrogated and detained four members of the patrol team. The panel could not immediately conclude the investigation because the actual officer (ASCI Destiny Onebamho) whose riffle discharged is presently receiving medical attention as a result of attack following the unfortunate incident. He will face the panel as soon as he is fit to do so, to enable the panel conclude investigation and recommend appropriate action(s).

“Nigerians will recall that in 2017, the Service electricity in salt water made public its investigation and dismissal of five officers implicated in the illegal release of the 661-pump action riffles from Apapa Port. The dismissed officers were immediately handed over for prosecution alongside the importer and agent. A prosecution that is ongoing at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi Lagos,”he said.

In a position paper set to the sent to MAN and obtained by THISDAY, the group stated, “We wish to state some negative impact of the requirement of end user certificate on further regulation of our importation of chemical raw materials. We acknowledge the wisdom and motive behind the requirement as a mode of combating especially terrorism that seeks to destabilise peaceful habitation of our country.

“However, our business has been la t gastrobar opiniones injured by the extension of the frontiers of this requirement in the following manners: .Some chemical raw materials that are known not to be related to arms or explosives production are now under this requirement. Such materials include Glycerine and Caustic Soda. Chemical raw materials that were not under this requirement are continually being pushed into the category without adequate information to the importers. The result is that an importer becomes aware when 76 gas station jobs his products arrives the ports and clearing agent is asked to produce the certificate. Since this certification takes between two to three months to be issued, demurrage bills gets beyond any profitability threshold.”

They added, ”Custom officials presently exploit this requirement as they request the certificate for all chemical imports. Some clearing agents and importers have fallen prey to such practices by giving gas leak los angeles california out various sums of money to be allowed to go with their goods. Some importers who have resisted such ploys are made to suffer higher demurrage bills due to the unnecessary delay tactics employed by the custom officials.”