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I am firmly on Mariory’s side concerning this. If we as individuals do not make changes, the government will continue to get a free ride. We have to learn to create islands of sanity in that far-from-sane country. Gandhi once said "Be the change you want to see in the world". If we give bribes in order to fast-track procedures, we lose the right to complain about Nigeria being corrupt as we are part of the problem. I understand that Nigeria is corrupt and on occasion we have to do certain things in order to get by. For instance, if an alcohol-reeking, gun-totting, trigger-happy policeman stops you at a check-point and demands money even though your ‘papers’ are in order, you are best advised to do as he says and get out of there. There are too many instances of innocent people getting shot over this for one to roll the dice and take chances. However, in this scenario, you didn’t give a bribe but were extorted. There is a difference. Re: Nigerian Passport: Current Price by camara( f): 7:38pm On May 28, 2006

Lets stop deceiving ourselves, we aint saint and no one is encouraging corruption, the truth is this things are there, if you like play saint till jesus comes. For example. if the Govt of USA is bad then i bet every citizen in the US would be perverted. Govt needs to check themselves before individuals do. we live to learn by examples. Examples of the so called leaders. For the Checks and balances to take place both side needs to live by example and i still insist, the govt should lead and we naija would follow. i have seen worse scenario when u try not to play along.

Our govt is not likely to change anytime soon, if the kind of nigerians we are presently breeding are those with the "don’t form saint until Christ comes" mindset then we can as well kill all the older generation, the younger generation won’t be any better!

WE love to blame all our woes on the govt forgetting that those in power too stood by the sidelines like us casting stones at those in govt! How can the govt change when there are thousands like us willing to bribe our way to get everything? If everyone stopped giving bribe, i’m sure the officers would not sit on EVERY SINGLE passport because they are yet to be "settled".

The govt is not some monster cast in stone sitting in Aso Rock, it starts from me and you on the street. For it is the mindset that we have now that will inform our actions in govt tomorrow! Re: Nigerian Passport: Current Price by Genial( m): 9:51pm On May 28, 2006

OK! Speaking from experience, let me break it down to those that send money home for a new passport and all that! before 2001 sometime around January or so, you can send money, send pictures to friends or relative to get you a passport! but after then they have a computerized system almost in every int. Air-port that scans the passport. In other word, in most air-port all they need to do is scan or swipe the bar-code of your passport and every information on it should come up on their screen including your picture. If the passport picture is not a computer snap because you’re not physically present, your picture won’t come up on the screen meaning your passport picture was scanned into the International passport! they won’t let you go anywhere! unless you have a second passport (America, UK, Canada, and co) So, just mail your passport to any Nigerian embassy or consulate for renewal ($45) and be their physically if you want to get a new one or else just collect emergency travel permit from any Nigerian consulate to allow you enter naija them get a new passport when you get to naija! The picture on the American passport is Scanned into it but when swiped/scan at the Air-port which they hardly do, a message come up saying "picture on file or check picture on file" soon as they type in your passport number, your picture will come up! but with Nigerian passport you can’t do that maybe in years to come! personally I don’t even bring out my naija passport till I get to Lagos unless they ask for it at the air-port here! Re: Nigerian Passport: Current Price by Akolawole( m): 9:14am On May 29, 2006