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I bought a td5 disco with a conrod that went through the block, owning other land rovers (older ones) I personally believe the td5 engine is rubbish and my reasons are this – the wiring loom for the injectors wasnt very well thought out, they’ve tilted the engine so you can’t get to the glow plugs short of taking the inlet manifold off or stripping off all the stuff from the inner wing, the oil filter is below the turbo which means you have to disconnect the exhaust in order to change a filter, well for any of you that do diy mechanics you want to do an oil change when they engines hot/warm so do you want to be putting your hands near a scalding hot turbo? the prices for parts on a td5 are 3/4 times more than all the 300tdi stuff and what do you get a bit more speed and a much bigger head ache I like the shape or the disco and how they drive so I’m planning on putting a GOOD OLD RELIABLE 300TDI lump in! from what I’ve seen stripping the engine down this was not an engine that was built in mind with anyone other than land rover dealers getting business for themselves. One more niggle – chassis are rubbish on the td5! mines just reached 11 years old and is already showing signs it needs welding! i have a 20 year old 200tdi disco and the chassis is perfect! and hasnt been off roaded.

I have been reading through the comments and note that most bought their TD5’s secondhand. I have owned mine from new it’s a 2003 ES7 with now 124K miles. gas tax in ct Yes, its had some problems and the sunroofs leaked, the air suspension SLS I changed recently (it’s recommended changing it at 10 years), I note the track rod end needs changing now and I’m now getting the ABS 3 Amigo lights so the ABS modulator needs electrically modifying due to a common fault. locate a gas station near me However, if you buy a secondhand LR without a really thorough checkover you will have issues as with many other vehicles and you also need to be competent with serious DIY mechanics not just servicing after the first few years. In all honesty I expect some issues but nothing I have experienced is anyway extraordinary in an 11 year old 124K miles vehicle. Like all things you get what you pay for. The things that do niggle most are firstly the supercilious attitudes of LR main dealers, failure of the the PAS pipe rubbing the engine sump and leaking, the third set of perforated fuel lines (the first subject of a recall), the leaking sunroofs as a known fault by LR, regular failure of the door locking mechanisms and finally the failure of the Satnav disc to eject on the second new unit. These are either poor design issues or poor quality parts. electricity water hose analogy In all honesty, my 20 year old Pajero import is better built than the TD5 and it cost me a tenth of the price. electricity 220 volts wiring I am progressively updating the TD5 as by todays standards it’s now relatively worthless but would I buy another Landrover after owning many over the past 40 years, hmmm, I’m not too sure anymore.

bought from a main dealer eleven yearsago, 7 point check could not have been carried out, all tyres were different pressure, gear lever fell out, engine bonnet would not close, radio had water in it, windscreen leaked, all within the first 24hours. It has been serviced by a different main dealer each year and has allways required an expensive part replaced. Two years ago a new engine required at 50,000 miles, this model only had a short production run and the engine was faulty & bound to go at 50,000 miles, permanent oil leaks, water leak somewhere in front of roof, rear suspension replaced, rear door lock replaced, driver door lock has to be unlocked separately from the locking system, the list goes on. To add insult to injury the headlights have been stolen three times. Words cannot describe my feelings about this supposedly quality car.Serviced a couple of weeks ago told it required more parts replacing at a cost of £2,000. electricity projects for grade 6 Taken for second opinion to small outfit, job done for half price with genuine land rover parts, & now they are trying to fix the intermittent roof leak.Could have bought another car for what it has cost me to keep it on the road. Disgraceful Land Rover.

Wow!! I thought it was only me who had been unlucky with land rover.. o gastronomico I have a 2001 TD5 that I bought brand new. It is now 14 years old and has 320,000Kms on the clock. My list of failures since new….ran out of diesel 3 days after purchase because of faulty indicator needle… turbo hose lining choking engine…..electric window on passenger side broken and wont wind down properly….. electrical system haywire, dash lights don’t come on… electrical system lag. wipers delay before starting LOL….. radiator pipes turn brittle radiator has been replaced and now this again a second time today!!…. Have replaced all injectors and great expense only to have the harness fill with oil… central locking needs 4-5 clicks before all doors unlock…. turbo has lost its whistle and is now buzzing and whining….power steering pump on its way out also whines…. gas welder salary Have now spent this cars value in repairs in the last 6 months… Surely now it will be OK heheheh Its a real love hate relationship.. may change it for something Japanese.