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Found some ammo boxes kicking around the parts pile last night, might fab up some mounts for those and a top case eventually, and in some form or another, make them swappable with the rear pegs I have for the sub cage setup. Damn changing seasons, I just know if I don’t get to things that have been at the top of my list I’ll regret it all winter long doing the one wheel peel with the Ford Ranger trying to get through the snow… so my beloved "half a million mile" Toyota truck NEEDS to be done before the end of November…

Took over a year to get things sorted (since I unfortunately had to just go it alone) to a point I could fit the truck into the shop with plenty of space to spare so I can get the 4Runner V6 into it for the winter, and get started on the turbo shortblock build and start building a header for the eventual compressor application. Only looking for about 8psi, but, pistons, rods, and proper head gaskets are a must for longevity. The main reason for boost is that gas mileage doesn’t change a whole lot, it’s way better than a V8 that way, and overall I don’t want to have to downshift going up a hill with a car on a trailer while rolling on 34" tires.

This thing is the alpha male of the Toyota truck world. It has eaten 7 weaker trucks to survive, its got just shy of 500k on the odometer and only one head gasket replacement in its life, AND, its got the shortest gearing axle set Toyota ever offered riding under it so it can tow pretty much anything you put behind it. There isn’t an apology or a an excuse about it, this is a work truck. Every Toyota I see on the internet looks more akin to a "mall crawler" than an actual work horse machine. "There are many trucks like it, but this truck is mine.".

Been having an issue with the 650, felt down on power every once in a while, other times it was running stupid strong. The issue came to a head a week ago when it hit 50(f) degree’s and I decided to go top off the tank. Run to the gas station 2 miles down the road, kinda down on power on one of the stop sign take off’s and I thought it odd. Top off the tank with some premium and restart the bike, let out the clutch, it it dropped to 1 cylinder, then came back to two, then back to stumbling. Tried to get moving to limp it home and it wasn’t having it at all, knowing it’s EFI and something could be seriously wrong and leave me stranded on the side of a busy road I parked it and began the long walk home.

Once the bike was home I figured new plugs would suffice to get an idea of whats going on, no EFI light was on, no blinking, no codes… strange. Swapped in new plugs, stuck everything back together and it actually started but would drop to a single cylinder, come back to two, die, repeat process until it was warm. Ran EFI cleaner through it, no change, checked everything including the fuel pump, still nothing short of "could it be a ground wire?"… no ground issues. Shit.

I spent a few days poking around Kawasaki forums, looking around youtube, really racking my brain as I’ve never in my life had a fuel injected bike, but if the EFI system is working the way it is intended, it had to be ignition related. Finally stumble by total accident across a thread where someone reported a dead #2 coil on plug. Scroll through a bit and find he posted a video, his bike a 2007 too, doing exactly the same thing mine was. Hot damn, I figured it out. Ordered up a pair of new C.O.P.’s and they should be arriving today, just in time for it to be 30 degrees and an overnight accumulation of 6 inches of wet, hard snow. Wonderful. If the weather could break and bring me another 40-50 degree day with a quick rain to wash some of the salt piles off the road, I would be ever so grateful to mother nature.

there is a tricky way to get the extra stem length out of a 10 or 6 stem when you do the swap. there is also a ghetto way to run it without any work. I tend not to post my tricks on here since people like to act like bitches. I have 5 650s right now, and have put front ends on a few. have a 12 with a 10 front end.

Should have probably shot off a PM to ya about that… ended up thinking "fuck it, I’ll just stem swap it", and soon realized that I needed to shim the 650 stem for the 6R triple, then found (how I walked so blindly into it I’ll never have an answer) that the top of the 650 stem runs a totally different size and hardware in order to hold the top triple… a few hours of dremel tool work, 8 sanding drums, a bit of die grinding to get close to the appropriate size, and a little more work later, I have a pretty nice billet top triple and radial mount brakes.

Through all the work, all the time with the dogs hanging in the shop when I wasn’t sending metal debris all over the place, and through the countless stop points to decide the next move, I have a 636 swapped 650R. Gotta button up a few thing before a test ride, but overall I’m pretty happy with the results.

Couldn’t go on any longer on Friday night, decided the best course of action was to take my buddies Harley for a ride down to the lake for a sunset. I was pretty beat down from a long day working, felt so good to ride, even if it’s a bike I could care less about. The crowds this catalog bought bar hopper draws is intensely frustrating when comparing it to the endless hours of custom fab work that goes into my ‘fighters and classics. Oh well, complaining about it doesn’t fix it.

Finally got the 650 on the ground yesterday, started bolting down the remainder of the accessories so I can get it out for a ride this afternoon. Feels good to complete front end swap #8973298473947 of my lifetime. This shit is getting old really fast, everything should just come with USD’s from the factory at this point.

The non start issue, after spending hours, and hundreds of dollars, turned out to be bad fuel. Siphoned all of the 4 gallons out of the 650, tossed it in my Rav4, and the Rav started having issues, diluted the bad stuff with known good 93 octane and burned up a quarter tank, refilled, and burned it down to a half tank, topped off yet again and haven’t had an issue through the 3 tanks of fuel since…. the moment I put fresh 91 in the 650R it hesitated, stumbled, and roared to life on the cold idle circuit… at least there is new everything including a few sensors. Amazing how one fill up of shitty fuel killed the entire bike in about 10 feet of running and then taking off. That was a long, angry walk home. Had I known it was bad fuel right from the start, I probably wouldn’t have been nearly as upset.