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When I went back to pick it up, the service consultant told me, There are still 9 bars on the dash displaying battery capacity. Unfortunately, you electricity online games don’t qualify for replacement. But worse: after a full charge the available distance displayed on the dashboard had magically increased to 72 miles. Either Nissan Service had enhanced my car’s battery capacity, or the software update had tweaked the car’s operating system, Volkswagen-style, to show more range than was actually available!

After purchasing the Leaf Spy app (which plugs directly into the car’s maintenance port) I discovered the car had 64.8% of battery capacity remaining (182 GIDs). So I went back to Nissan Service and showed them their bar display was wrong – remaining capacity was well below 70% – and demanded the new $5,500 battery to which I was entitled. But it’s not below 9 bars, I was i gas shares told. So I demanded to talk to the Service Manager. But it’s not below 9 bars, he said.

In two consecutive calls to Nissan America Customer Service I tried to explain. Because your ‘bars’ don’t correspond to any physical property they’re useless to consumers gas and supply locations for evaluation purposes, I said. I purchased the car based on the battery’s capacity not falling ‘below approximately 70%’ of original capacity. Both times I was told, But it’s not below 9 bars. Despite my original enthusiasm for the LEAF (and reading comments of others with the same experience), I’m entirely turned off by Nissan’s obvious deception and refusal to abide by the terms of their warranty. I would never consider buying another LEAF, and encourage others to look at the numerous other options available. 🙁

Finally I reached a right department called Electric customer support and told about the bill from DMV k electric share price forecast. The man who talked me was rude too! He said, ok, I will send a letter to DMV that you are no longer owner of the car. They will change the status within 2 weeks. No apologies, nothing… I asked so you haven’t sent any letters to DMV regarding the ownership of the car? He said, you don’t know anything! We have a lots of cars to handle every day! I feel like what???

It’s been 2 months… 2 months!! And I asked if I can have a letter that you sent DMV a change of ownership letter. And he said oh no, we can’t do that gas tax in new jersey. I took care of it already, Ok? Then bye he hung up. So how do I know if they change the status? Do I have to call DMV to see if they remove Nissan from my account??? I liked Nissan Leaf a lot, but I will never buy Nissan cars anymore so that electricity water analogy I don’t need to deal with these rude people. By the way I own Honda and Audi. These customer services are not like Nissan. I can feel they care!

Initial contact with Nissan was very positive until I get a call back from Leaf special customer services (Chris at ext. **) who says, Sorry, but you are already out of warranty in April 2017 (60 months). I was not even delivered the vehicle until May 2012 but he insisted 60 months starts when they ship the vehicle, not on delivery electricity jokes. The battery has not even come close to performing as advertised and cannot be driven 50% of the design miles (110 miles) but Chris says that is Nissan policy and Nissan makes no exceptions.

I said I have read of several exceptions specifically for situations like mine as a disabled vet who no longer can even gas evolution reaction use the vehicle to drive to work because of the limited round-trip available miles is insufficient before recharge. He said those exceptions are not true and were never granted by Nissan. I found his harsh point of view not very credible. I asked to speak to a supervisor which he claimed would say the exact same thing and resisted letting me talk to anyone else.

The driving distance was not a problem last year when I was at 21,000 miles but the b games unblocked battery dropped 30 miles in range over the last six month. The battery is obviously failing but barely above the eight bars (at which time they say they would have replaced the battery if not already past 60 months) but I cannot use the vehicle normally so the 60 months will elapse before the gas key bolt carrier battery goes to 8 bars. Plus Chris claims Nissan started the 60 months three weeks early and that I am already out of luck. The real kicker is I received an Email today from the dealership where the vehicle was purchased congratulating me on coming up on my five year anniversary (60 months) in a week this May 2017 and would I like to buy a new one!!!

Chris said to go ahead and write a poor review as it will not make any difference on Nissan. I said I would do that and include his name and extension so others can voice to him how Nissan not only does a poor job in their engineering but r gas constant kj then fail to even back their customers who trusted them to stand by their product if it does not perform. Having a policy that reduces the 60 months to less than 60 months and then not considering less than 24,300 miles out of 60,000 miles a failure to perform as specified is a very sad commentary on what a potential customer can expect from Nissan. Call Chris at 800-6477261 #7 and ask for ext ** and share what you think about how Nissan backs their products (such as Leaf batteries) and takes care of their customers (like a Vet electricity projects for grade 6 like me).

It has helped me to save a lot of money on gas. It allowed me to reach long distances without filling up again. It’s a vehicle that has also been environment friendly as well. Nissan made with vehicle with high quality and durability. It was a bit small, but very efficient. The handling was good and it was very responsive. It doesn electricity and circuits’t take off with great speeds like other gas powered cars, but it’s maneuverability is good and sharp. Gas pedals and brake pedals worked wonderfully. Not really the kind of car for speed drivers. The overall appearance could use some work. I didn’t really like the gas station car wash look of the front grill. I didn’t like the look of the back either. It could use a better modern touch. The interior styling is very good. Good looking console and controls. I didn’t have the car that long to test it’s longevity, but seems good overall. I’ve ran through a few pot hole that didn’t cause any damage to the car. No parts interior or exterior came off or came loose. All parts remained intact.