Nissan quest 125 reviews (with ratings) consumeraffairs gas hydrates energy


I have a mechanical history and do all of my own preventative maintenance, I change oil, check fluids, and rotate gas urban dictionary tires every 5k. I noticed when the tires had only 10k on them that all 4 were showing pretty aggressive wear. I made an appointment at the alignment shop because I assumed it must be out of alignment due to the tire wear. Much to my surprise, they found that the vehicle was NOT m gastrocnemius medialis out of alignment. So I chalked it up to tire manufacturer problems, after going down that road they advised me that they (tire manufacturer) had experienced the same problem on other vehicles of the same make and model??? I thought surely this couldn’t be and that they were just trying to get out of replacing my tires!

The second hit came when the Quest had 93k miles. The transmission would not allow the vehicle to increase in speed, it was like it was stuck in low however I knew it couldn’t be due to the way a CVT is designed. I made an appointment at a transmission shop, took electricity static electricity the van in and was advised that the CVT needed to be replaced. The shop advised to purchase an OE CVT from Nissan so we did to the tune of $2500 (parts only). When I picked up the van after repair the tech gas utility worker explained the warranty and such and to be honest I kinda let it in one ear and out the other because I thought I’m good now!! WRONG!! The next hit came when the A/C compressor went out at 101k miles! After that I thought OK now I’m good NOW!! WRONG!! I had to replace the tires again, third set since 65K and three times on the alignment rack! With gas mask art no solutions…

By this time we are thinking and looking about replacing this Quest with something else so we were passively looking at options but not with a lot of urgency… Man I wish I would’ve acted quicker. As the spring started and the temperatures increased we started to notice a delay when shifting from drive to reverse. So I went back to the transmission shop, they sgas belfast advised that the new transmission was OE so I needed to talk with the dealer for warranty. So I talked to the dealership and was reminded the warranty was 12mo or 12k mi. at the current time I was at 13 mo. and 19k miles! The dealer advised I talk with Nissan Consumer Affairs. So I started a case with them #**. I was initially advised that there was nothing they could do for me and there needed to be further evaluation of the problem…

I made an appointment with the dealer, dropped off the Quest, they called a day later and said that indeed there was an internal problem with the CVT and it needed replaced! Again!! The dealer went to bat for me with NISSAN and negotiated a 60% Nissan 40% me replacement. While I appreciate the assistance electricity worksheets, I think leaving ALL the other problems aside, a complete replacement would be appropriate! I then gas finder rochester ny went back to Nissan Consumer Affairs to explain my case and found Nissan Consumer Affairs to be completely worthless! My case was elevated to the Regional Manager Amanda. While Amanda was pleasant to talk with and said she understood there was no further that she could offer.

While I understand that I purchased a vehicle used and wear and tear is not the responsibility of the manufacturer, I think a vehicle in alignment that wears out tires every 20-25k miles and transmissions that only last 20k miles is unacceptable! Now I’m in a moral dilemma of what to do with this piece of junk j gastroenterol impact factor from here… I can’t keep putting good money into this Quest (total repair cost $7200) but I really don’t feel right selling it without full disclosure which gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of will make the value of the van 1/2 of blue book! Thanks Nissan! Keep up the poor manufacturing and customer service!

We are now having issues with the power sliding door, which is no big deal to us. Also, just days ago, the car began locking all its doors–with the keys inside! Fortunately, I was able to find the spare key. I think this is something I can probably repair myself, maybe. About one year ago, the LCD gauges became impossible to read. It became impossible to know the car’s mileage for oil changes and the like o goshi technique. I removed the instrument cluster (quite easy to do) and sent it to a place called Clusterfix (in Washington state, or maybe it was Oregon?). Within one week, it was repaired and returned to me by the really nice folks at Clusterfix.

We currently own five vehicles; the Quest is used primarily for long, family trips, and is also used to haul my daughter’s harp around. The car rides and handles wonderfully electricity and circuits class 6 pdf, the engine is spry and nimble, and it is a great car for long family trips. It has never failed to start, has never broken down (except for the alternator issue), and, in the end, been a good car for us. There are no engine or transmission issues. I once got 30.5 mpg on a long interstate trip; I usually count on 27 at a minimum. The seats are very comfy, and the sound system is super impressive.

We currently have Firestone Precision Touring tires on the car, and they are gas key staking tool holding up very well. It seems that getting all the original equipment trash off the gas in back and stomach car (brakes, shocks, tires, etc) and replaced with quality products solves a lot of problems. When we replace this car, which we currently have no plans to do, it will not be replaced with a Nissan. We currently have three Toyotas (one of them is a ’92), and they are superior vehicles. The replacement car just has to be big enough to hold a harp.