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Nitric oxide supplements (also known as pre-workout supplements) have recently become popular and are now a craze among weightlifters in the gym and athletes on the field. Nitric Oxide Supplements are used to initiate an increase in blood flow through the veins, delivering nutrients to the muscle as well as giving its users incredible pumps and strength in the gym.

The first, and most important ingredient, is arginine. It’s often packaged as L-Arginine or AAKG (Arginine Alpha Ketogluterate) in nitric oxide supplements. This is the amino acid that initiates the the NO gas drive into your muscles, giving you the full-looking, pumped feeling thanks to its ability to open up your veins and increase blood flow to the muscles.

AAKG research studies have shown that arginine and its variations are extremely safe, even after doses that far exceed what is typically found in your average pre-workout supplement. Nitric Oxide is a naturally occurring molecule in your system, and getting your body to produce more of it has not shown any highly negative side effects. Go too far above and beyond the recommended doses, though, and you might get gastrointestinal distress. astrid y gaston lima menu prices The main purpose of these supplements is truly safe and there are no nitric oxide side effects from AAKG unless you’re taking half a bottle of the stuff. gas law questions and answers However, there are still some other typical ingredients to think about.• Nitric Oxide Side Effects: Creatine

Most pre-workout supplements contain some form of creatine. Despite what some people may think, creatine has been proven to be extremely safe and effective, even over long-term usage ( Creatine Side Effects). We always recommend going with standard creatine monohydrate, as it’s the most common form of creatine, is inexpensive, and has had the most safety research done upon it.

However, taking too much creatine may cause side effects of diarrhea or cramping, but that often only comes when taking very large loads of the substance – far more than is typically put in nitric oxide supplements. The days of “creatine loading”, where companies would tell you to take over 20g of creatine each day for a week (in order to sell more creatine!) are over – it’s not necessary and may lead to diarrhea. But it’s still important to drink plenty of water when using creatine, and be careful if you’re adding more creatine to your post-workout drink. If you are adding more, start light, perhaps by adding another 3g of creatine monohydrate powder post-workout, and assess from there.

Caffeine and other stimulants are often found in nitric oxide supplements. And yes, these stimulants can and do have some side effects when not used properly. gas efficient cars under 5000 They include irritability, loss of sleep, fatigue (from the caffeine crash), headache, skin irritation, higher blood pressure, dry mouth and water retention. If you are very caffeine sensitive, don’t start with a full dosage of your nitric oxide supplement. Also, don’t take it too close to bed if you’re planning on getting any sleep – we make sure not to take these products after 6PM or so, but it varies by person.

Beta Alanine, which is in several pre-workout supplements because of its ability to increase endurance and reduce fatigue, is shown to be safe. However, it does have the side effect of its user getting flushed, tingling skin. These “beta alanine tingles” are not completely understood, but blood toxicity studies have shown that it is still safe. Some people like the tingles, but some do not and don’t like taking products containing beta alanine. Not everyone gets the tingles. Either way, it is a kind of side effect that you should be aware of when thinking about nitric oxide side effects.

USPLabs Jack3d – No Nonsense!If your pre-workout supplement contains maltodextrin or sugar, it’s important to note that you may be getting an undesired side effect from these substances – body fat! Carbohydrates, especially these high-glycemic carbs, lead to an insulin spike, which then leads to fat storage. 3 gases that cause acid rain This is a counterproductive side effect for anyone who is working out, and that is why 4 of the 5 recommended products on this site are zero carb products.

Many nitric oxide supplements also contain minerals such as magnesium, which may yield a few problems that you would call “nitric oxide side effects”, although those sides would be blamed on the magnesium itself (and the company who put so much magnesium in it!) – not the arginine and pump supplements. A common side effect of magnesium is that it loosens stools and can cause diarrhea. If you are sensitive to magnesium, you will want to opt for a pre-workout supplement such as Jack3d that does not contain any.

Some of the products here, such as Cellucor NO3 Chrome and C4 Extreme contain nitrates. These products are great alone, but if you’re going to STACK them, you need to follow the directions extremely closely. You should not ingest more than 5g of total nitrates. Otherwise, your blood pressure can drop too far, opening up to a host of other things.

Consuming more than the recommended dosages of these supplements will increase the severity and likelihood of these side effects. electricity icon Most of the reported cases of side effects of using nitric oxide supplements are due to the intake of these supplements for extended periods. However, the nitric oxide supplement side effects either disappeared or became manageable after stopping the intake.

One last thing to consider is that when you cycle off of your pre-workout supplement, you should not take ANY other stimulants. Give your body time to reset! Unfortunately, you must deal with a few days of withdrawal when you cycle off, and that means a bit of headaches and lethargy, so grab some ibuprofen and hang in there. Not everyone gets the “caffeine hangover” though.

That said, Lean Muscle X looks “suspicious” at best. What this is is an affiliate marketing thing – someone got paid a major commission when you signed up for that free trial. Now there’s a good chance you will be rebilled month after month on your credit card until you cancel. Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this — IF the price is right.

If that’s true, then that’s not a horrible ingredient set and shouldn’t pose any nitric oxide side effects. But L-Arginine + whatever blood pressure meds may be a bad idea – L-Arginine’s NO effect lowers blood pressure through vasodilation (widening the veins). gas and electric credit union If you’re already on strong medication, this might not be a good idea. So PLEASE speak with your doctor.

And finally, if you want to shed fat, these pills won’t do much of that – they WILL help you work out harder though. It’s all about diet. I’d look into the Paleo Diet, which is actually more of a lifestyle and is absolutely amazing but “different” (yet complete common sense to those of us who are on it), although tough for the baby boomer generation to swallow since it goes against basically everything you’ve learned the past 40 years.