No battle of britain, hitler´s mediterranean gamble. page 5 alternate history discussion electricity projects for class 12


Click to expand…The Germans had air parity/ if not periodic air supriority in the save electricity images for drawing med until mid to late 1942(well after barbarossa had begun)… even at the battle of gazzala they had 20 percent more aircraft than the british desert airforce, gambut, sidi rezegh and a number of other airfields where well adapted to desert conditions…. according to Heinz Bar, the infrastructure electricity 24 hours in Africa could have easily supported another 2 Jagdfleiger gruppen

well if otl is any example, in their rapid advance towards aleimein, they captured tobruk and mersa matruh in decent working condition (the Italian navy didn’t want to send ships there for fear of night bombing but this would e85 gas stations florida be less of problem in 1941 as opposed to 1942) when the Germans reached Aleimein the med fleet retired into the red sea for fear of stuka attacks with fighter escorts… therefore once they get into the nile basin, the med fleet likely isn 8 gas laws’t interfering as much or at all any more, and coastal convoys covered by fighters can pick up the slack… plus the supply ships would start being more organized out of greece and crete as opposed to naples, reducing the traveling distances and italian influence on supply issues

It would appear that when it comes to those commies, attrocities extra strength gas x while pregnant just exist independent of victims. The victims of those attrocities deserve death anyway (unless they happen to be members of God’s chosen people or to like having sex with other men, of course), at the hands of the Nazis; so the real crime is not that that you let Mykola the Ukrainian Collective gas x ultra strength directions Farmer starve to death, but that you are Stalin: a dirty communist and impediment to European unification.

Efficient is also a flagrant misunderstanding: when Stalin wanted you dead, sure, you were dead, as the many purges and systematic k electric share price terrors and ethnic cleansings made clear; but the real biggest killers were mass famines which resulted from a combination of ruthlessness, savage indifference, inaccurate reporting, and shambolic management. Those Ukrainians would have made good collective farmers (the Soviets supressed a census because Liberated Equal Soviet Womanhood weren’t having electric zap sound effect free enough healthy proletarian babies, so why in God’s name would they kill off useful labour?), but Stalin just didn’t care if he had to kill a few million to industrialise electricity 220v the country quickly. The dominant theme of Robert Byron’s account of his rail-tour of Soviet Ukraine is trains breaking down and crashing into each-other with fairly frequent threats to his life. Because the USSR was so very efficient…

It’s June 22, 1941, and Alexander Nevskiy has arisen from his grave to lay the royal smackdown on Hitler to the rousing strains of Prokofiev. The Soviet Union is spared the horror of war. Britain panics and hastily deploy King Arthur, and the two mythical heroes meet gas x tablets himalaya at the Elbe while spheres of influence are gas bubble in throat delineated by Churchill and Stalin.

Has humanity won? Those parts of it known as East European Jewry, the people of Leningrad, and the people of a thousand forgotten villages that were burned to ash sure as hell have. Three million young Soviets who wireless electricity how it works don’t die in barbed wire fences have. All the people who don’t have to walk down mined roads or throw themselves at machine-guns or eat their own excrement are pretty happy with their situation.

Who loses? Well, in my hypothetical the Soviet army enters in good discipline, feeling pretty pleased with themselves, so attrocities are likely to be scattered gas kinetic energy formula and isolated compared to OTL (where the Soviets were peanuts comapred to the Nazis any day of the week; unsalted peanuts, too), but Alexander Nevskiy gives them all hypercharged libidos and the situation rapidly deteriorates.