No expectations = no disappointments – review of kgalagadi transfrontier park, upington, south africa – tripadvisor gas 2016


Our biggest disappointment, and here I blame Sanparks entirely,… We visited the Kgalagadi in late October and although we have electricity dance moms full episode good memories of the holiday, the experience as a whole did not come up to our expectations. Should we consider visiting again we would definitely not stay at either Twee Rivieren or Nossob Rest camps – they were a disappointment in that they were tired, run-down and badly maintained and if the wind blows (and it did) it was a matter of dust and more dust. We would not visit during the summer nor mid winter months electricity and magnetism purcell pdf but rather in spring or autumn when day/ night temperatures are constant. The accommodation we would choose next time would be confined to the Wilderness camps such as the Kalahari Tented Camp, Kieliekrankie etc. The wilderness camps provide a unique experience and as such would be the only reason for us to ever visit again. Unfortunately, one has to book well in advance to secure a place. Of the main rest camps, Mata Mata appeared superior to Twee Rivieren and Nossob provided you can get one of the new ‘river front’ chalets. The roads are not so bad provided you gas prices going up to 5 dollars deflate your tires to the recommended pressure, but I would recommend a 4×4 – just so much higher and thus better. We were not very lucky with game electricity bill calculator but saw enough to satisfy us, experiencing much more to the south than the middle. Our biggest disappointment, and here I blame Sanparks entirely, was that there were no Game Drives (day or night) to be had during the time we visited! The Drives are widely advertised on the internet, in the brochures and even on the fridges – a tremendous let down. We asked at all three camps we stayed at and were simply told, with electricity in homes a shrug of the shoulders (African style) that there were no guides! No guides, in the whole of the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – well, I’ll be damned! More Show less

This park is in semi desert area, with roads on waterhole routes, which results in great game viewing, unlike many other SA game parks where much of the game is away from the roads and hidden in the bush. Run by National Parks Board so inexpensive. Along with this the camps are basic with few of the amenities one would expect in the upmarket game parks. We stayed 6 nights, saw all of the main types of game and birds except leopard. Lion gas block install, cheetah, hyenas, gemsbok, springbok, jackal, giraffe, etc etc Many good quality sightings. The two more basic camps were Twee Rivieren and Mata Mata. Both very basic and bungalows in TR poor. Accommodation at Mata Mata better but camp staff poor. Both camps are small, maybe 15 bungalows and a camping site, and a pool wd gaster, within a fence. Gates open/close at sunrise/sunset. You are on your own during the day but ask if there are guided night game drives. We went on one from TR which was amazing. We also stayed in two better camps. Unfenced (so stay inside at night :-)) and smaller. Kieliekrankie had only 4 bungalows situated in front of a waterhole which is lit up at night. We saw and heard !!! lion, and much more. Kalahari Sands also unfenced, about 12 bungalows, no camping site, but had a fenced pool – this was great as 38deg C on day we arrived. The bungalows are tented, which was interesting, but not great. Overall, a great gas konigsforst experience. Warning, we had a SUV with 4WD. 95% of the cars were SUV’s, not all with 4WD and all coped. We also saw a few sedans/hatchbacks. They all coped but I imagine there can be conditions where sedans not advisable. We stayed in SA on the dirt roads, did not venture on 4WD only roads, and electricity sources did not venture into Botswana side as we heard that the roads there are definitely 4WD only. ! And real 4WD offroaders, not the 4WD softroader we had.