No minister it would never occur, dr pie raider doesn t even understand history electricity distribution companies


If any proof was needed and those who have followed her long march to Ministerial Rank already know, Dr Meg ‘Woodnt have a clue’ displayed just how large the gulf of ignorance as to how business functions is for her. Almost as large as he current dress size

I know that there are some serious price competitive activities in play with pump prices across the nation and they only really surface when Gull, Waitomo, Nelson Petroleum and Oamaru based Mckeowns cause angst for the pie shops that sell petrol and diesel often as a sideline.

The only bit of the current setup around BP and its being hauled into a meeting with the Minister, for a slapping might come from their Pie retailing. Clearly her knowledge of marketing, margins and profitability across their now extensive product range, are all a complete mystery.

Having been involved in the introduction of a tax grab that has all the hallmarks of going nation wide, of around 25 cents per liter, to now shed Crocodile tears over a price discrepancy not even close to that which triggered her showboating, just makes her hypocrisy all the more obvious.

So what? A quick Google of Dr Nick Smith shows plenty of news reports referring to him as "Dr Smith," because that’s his fucking title. I doubt he rang up those news outlets to insist that they call him "Dr Smith," just like I doubt Megan Woods has called up any news outlets to insist that they call her "Dr Woods." That’s because journos know what a title is and they use it when referring to the recipients.

Big whoop. If the news media refers to them, it will call them "Sir Whoeverthefuck," regardless of whatever personal preferences they might express to individuals they’re having conversations with, because that’s their title and journos know what a title is.

If you’ve met Megan Woods and she insisted on you addressing her as Dr Woods, by all means lampoon her affectation. However, if all you’ve seen is journos calling her Dr Woods, pull your head in – it’s part of their job to call her Dr Woods, just like it was part of their job to call Nick Smith Dr Smith and just like it’s part of their job not to refer to "Mr Key."

No Psycho – the problem is that the public service has become so compromised that they don’t have the expertise or understanding on many of the technical subjects. Read the Electricity Grid rules. There is one sentence on actual electricity generators but over twenty pages on how to get lawyers involved with payment disputes! It also extends to the Quangos. Look at the Electricity Authority – they are all economists! The Government departments get all these expert reports done by consultants, but they choose the people that will give them the answer they want.

But going back to the problem with Ministers. Too many of the people in Cabinets in recent decades have no understanding of their portfolios. Energy has always been a dumping ground for the less gifted. The ministers have no REAL experience outside political life and academia. Having a casual conversation with them show they don’t understand even fundamental issues at any greater depth than a tee shirt slogan. The flunkies that accompany them are chosen for political views, not competence. They also cannot relate to things outside their social circles. They cannot talk in real terms – it is all "starting conversations" and "getting the framework in place". It is a trend that is getting worse and Ms Woods is a prime example.