No minister st jacinda’s xmas present to ‘us’ electricity deregulation


New Zealand is a minor producer of oil and gas, which accounts for just 1% of its economy so the move is mostly symbolical. “New Zealand produced a total of around 36,700 barrels per day of liquids and 460 million cubic feet per day of sales gas in 2017,” explains Globaldata upstream analyst Jonathan Markham. “Most of the current production is from four offshore shallow water fields, Kupe, Maari, Maui and Pohokura, which are producing approximately 70% of the oil and gas in New Zealand. These four fields are in the decline phase, Maui began producing in 1979 and the other three started in the mid to late 2000’s, and there no new developments planned for offshore New Zealand.”

There are currently 22 offshore permits covering 38,000 square miles that will not be affected by the ban, and will continue operation until 2030. Should exploration prove successful, companies could extract oil and gas from the areas for decades beyond that. gas x coupon 2015 Furthermore, the ban does not cover the Taranaki area on land, where exploration licenses will still be available for the next three years.

Glad to see that slip of the tongue. Most Warmists always claim they’re reasonable people steeped in the science of AGW, not End Times religious cranks. 4 other gases in the atmosphere In fact there is no evidence, not even in the models, that global warming will "run-away", and there’s no evidence of that in geological history. nyc electricity cost If anything the evidence runs in the opposite direction; that earth’s wobbly climate is inclined toward tipping into Ice Ages and even on one occasion, the Global Snowball

The Review’s unambiguous conclusions about the need for extreme immediate action will not survive the substitution of discounting assumptions that are consistent with today’s market place. So the central questions about global-warming policy – how much, how fast, and how costly – remain open. The Review informs but does not answer these fundamental questions.

The trouble is that poor societies cope less well with disasters than rich ones, as we observe every day. up electricity bill payment online You yourself pointed out some years ago that even at growth rates of just 2-3% per year, future human societies will be much richer than we are and thus better able to cope with whatever AGW throws at us. Obviously the huge welfare spending increases planned by the Greens have caused you to change your once sensible mind and fall in love with all their nuttiness.

3. gas leak We aren’t going to have any choice about eliminating fossil fuel usage, because there’s a limited supply. gas works park fireworks On the plus side, we have at least stopped doubling our usage every decade, which would have given us not very long at all, but we’re going to have to start phasing it out sometime, and if we start now we can minimise some of the climate change disaster that’s unfolding. Start when it’s clearly running out and we get just as difficult a process to go through and all the shitty effects of climate change to live with.

Well, duh – people are enjoying having a fancy lifestyle based on unsustainable energy production and transferring environmental costs onto future generations (I’m sure as fuck enjoying mine!). 10 ethanol gas problems Many of them will reject any efforts to shift to a more sustainable system if it impacts on their personal luxury, so political parties wanting to do something about it have a problem on their hands – there are real constraints on their ability to get things done. However, that’s still far better than electing parties that don’t want to do something about it.

Milt says "isn’t a matter of brave Kiwi battlers mortgaging their house to start a business." Quite right mate, O&G exploration is capital intensive activity but I bet there is a shit load of Kiwi entrepreneurs in the Naki having a crack with their house mortgaged to the hilt with down stream services that you would not have the slightest idea could be, from a 1 man band, to labour hire services, to small to medium construction companies… to gawd knows what. I call them the back bone of NZ, you call them sacrifices to an ideology (I call that ideology a false prophet!)

Milt says "Figuring out how to live without them before we’re forced to live without them is actually less predicated on shortened, stunted or ended lives." Complete bullshit from the left… we (or the market) don’t need you or Jacinda figuring out anything for us at all, because you or Jacinda know sweet fuck all!! The industrial revolution or anything that followed had nothing to do with you or Jacinda making decisions about what was good for us… it was smart people seeing opportunity…. ie CAPITALISM !!

Lordy lordy Egbut… France.. what can I say, 10% official unemployment, a cot case since Napoleon fled to Elba ( and St Helena) rescued more times that I care to remember (by us and the USA)…. Trump’s got it right "Make France Great Again) Its run by people like you and Milt.. know it all’s with supposedly superior education, a classic case of the elites running a country they know jack shit about!