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I am so pleased to see I am not the only one suffering adverse side effects after my gall bladder removal! I had mine removed 8 weeks ago and I went out a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t drink much at all by my old standards – I had 2 pints of cider and 2 single vodkas, then had 3 pints of water in the club we ended up in as I was not feeling the need for more alcohol and had a wedding cake to fininsh the next day. Well I woke up with the worst hangover of my life!!! I could not move or function at all, I would not have minded if I had really gone for it and not had the water but I had taken precautionary measures and ended up completely floored for the day. The following weekend I went out and had 3 dbl vodkas (i used to have 5 or 6 dbls and feel fine the next day as Vodka was always the drink I had if I didn’t want a hangover) with coke and ate a huge plate of pasta before I went out and then water when back. Again I awoke with a horrible banging headache and felt nauseous all day.

Looking on here has indicated that it looks like that is the case – very annoying as no warning was given of this. I never drink a lot, hardly ever at home, but I do enjoy a few drinks when I go out, if I am going to suffer like this the next day then no more alcohol fun for me ever again

The pancreas is not responsible for digesting fat. It produces primarily proteases which break down protein, but also insulin and other hormones that regulate the intestines and stomach. Fat is digested by bile produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder (if you have one) and the rest of the bile duct system.

The pancreas can be damaged by alcohol and about three quarters of chronic pancreatitis is in people who abuse alcohol. Acute pancreatitis is different and can be caused by the ducts from the pancreas being blocked by a gallstone. This is quite rare because only a short section of duct is shared with the liver and it is quite wide. Most stones that pass that far will then pass out into the intestine. Alcohol can also cause acute pancreatitis attacks very similar to those caused by a gallstone blockage, usually by the muscles at the end of the bile duct being damaged and becoming locked closed.

If the pancreas has been damaged by acute pancreatitis then it will be more sensitive to further damage from alcohol. Doctors can sometimes be overly broad in their advice, taking the approach that there is little harm in not drinking at all and potentially lots of harm in drinking too much. The no-drinking message is easier than trying to get across the message of just how much is acceptable, especially given that people have notoriously poor memories for advice that they’d like to ignore. Of course if there is pancreas damage as the result of alcohol, which is really not that rare, then more alcohol is definitely a no-no.

In short, it is not standard practice to recommend abstinence following gallbladder removal but alcohol can be one of the things that some people no longer tolerate well. Even after acute pancreatitis (caused by gallstones), there is no general rule to avoid alcohol for the rest of your life but you will almost certainly be told to abstain until your pancreas recovers which may be several months.

I had my gallbladder out in Nov. 09, and only realized I had a huge problem when I went out of town for my batchelorette weekend in Oct. My friends and I went out and I had maybe 5 or 6 drinks/shots total. I wasn’t DRUNK, but I was certainly feeling good! I woke up in the middle of the night insanely nauseous and FREEZING COLD. I had a horrible case of the shivers – my entire body was shaking, and didn’t stop for hours!! Nothing could warm me up! The whole next day I was very cold (eventually the shaking did subside) and nauseous. Finally went to the doctor, and three weeks later, they took out my gallbladder.

In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m shivering like crazy, and have been for the last 2.5 hours! Instead of vomiting, though, my body tends to turn it into diarrhea (plus for me b/c I’m horribly afraid of vomit), and I’ve been experiencing that along with the shivers.

I KNEW it was somehow related to my gallbladder removal because I’ve NEVER had a problem with alcohol, and tonight I drank two vodka & redbulls (ended up only using one can of redbull – they were small drinks), and I feel like crap after drinking just about anything!!

As far as food goes, right after my surgery, I hardly had any problems eating anything – spicy, greasy, healthy, it all was fine. Lately, though, it doesn’t matter what it is, but the first thing I eat EVERY DAY goes right through me!! It’s really quite annoying!!