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At a grocery store, sure. Patrick seemed to be talking about bars/cafes. I really don’t have too much of a problem with it. They have to flex prices (happy hour, ladies night, specials, etc). electricity song omd Sometimes not knowing the price works in your advantage. They might be having a sale on certain types of wine to get rid of some inventory that’s been hanging around. They might not have sold it if there’s a menu showing $10 for a glass, when they’re actually selling it for $6. Can’t rely on servers to accurately get the specials across either and it’s not always efficient to change 100 menus to get rid of 8-10 bottles of wine.

Again, harsh opinion, but frankly don’t go out if you’re concerned about what something costs, especially food and drink. It’s not a car purchase. b games 2 Unless you’re going to the 5 course, top of the line restaurant in your area, prices are generally reasonable anywhere I’ve been in my area and traveling. Food items also correlate very much with the booze pricing. A joint that has a $10 burger versus a $15 burger and you know you’re going to be paying more for booze at the $15 a burger joint. It’s not too tough to figure out.

A fool and his money are soon parted. We live in an empire of debt, with deficit spending, and most people have little or no savings. It is very sad that a nation of investors and savers became a nation of borrowers and spenders. It is bizarre to see that misrepresented as some sort of virtue, as if life is only for borrowers and spenders. If you’re saving and investing half your income, that’s good, and I suppose you can waste the rest any way you like, but most Americans aren’t saving or investing much at all.

I do fine. Can spend what I like. Retirement on track 100%. electricity generation by state I guess that was my point though. If you’re concerned about pricing, you probably shouldn’t be going out for drinks, coffee, a restaurant, etc. in the first place. Those types of expenses should only happen if you’ve hit all your savings goals prior or are at least on track to hit them. I understand everyone can’t just not worry about the prices of stuff, but if you are worried, there’s probably another problem going on and like you said it’s probably debt and stupid spending (like going out).

I get being cost conscious about buying a car, house, a mower, redoing your driveway, etc. (3, 4, 5 figure items) If you can’t handle prices varying on a roughly $100 restaurant bill, you probably shouldn’t be going out. hair electricity dance moms At that point it’s not about seeing the price of a beer. You can stay at home and get a 6 pack for the cost of 1 beer and not be worried about it anymore. Grill up a burger for $2 and drink your $6 in beer. It’s not hard to live frugally and still have a blast.

This I agree with and is 100% true. Had my first ambulance ride to the ER recently (been to the ER before – no ambulance). $12k billed to the insurance company for 4 staples in my head after a nasty fall (was rather nasty, knocked out for 15 min and wife found me in a pool of blood). This took 2-1/2 hours. The EMT’s are paid by the local gov. electricity vs magnetism venn diagram Supplies, gas used probably $300 and that’s probably high for the EMT’s. ER was staples, numbing injection, blood tests, IV bag and some head and back scan. High end, $1k for this stuff I imagine. Give the ER doc and nurses $2k for my visit and I still don’t see this being more than a $3-4k cost. Throw in profit and $6k would be completely reasonable. Yet it’s $12k.

That can happen in California, which prohibited "balance billing" in 2016 AB 72. That legislation took effect in July 2017. electricity lesson plans 8th grade It took that long for California to recognize this particular flaw in Obamneycare: in other states, the hospital can bill you for the balance. They can even use the $$$ they got from the insurance company to finance suing you. It matters a lot in large bills. You can read more about it in the thread " Why Democrats Lost." Bottom line: in many states outside California, Obamneycare is actually much worse than it is here, and the public approval does appear to vary according to which states have enacted legislation to reduce the harm. In general, several blue states have started to do what they could to mitigate the damage, once they got around (finally) to recognizing that there were flaws, while red states have mostly refused to cooperate. In the early years, blue states were also refusing to do anything about it, and shouting that anyone who criticized the legislation was racist. The Minnesota legislature declared "Obamacare" a racist word, meaning people were not even allowed to say it, let alone criticize it. gas density at stp At some point, Minnesota got around to prohibiting "balance billing", once they recognized the existence of the problem.