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I totally agree with your comments duh247. Young people need to be smart and continue moving out of the area and this state. There is no way a young person will be able to ever afford to retire here when the people that are retired right now are barely hanging on. Don’t believe me, go to Walmart and Meijer to see how many retired people are using their calculators to add up their groceries before they go to the register. A small home is now easily at $300 per month in property taxes that doesn’t include property insurance plus upkeep of repairs. Sorry, but I can go to some other states that offer a lot less in property tax and sales tax plus still have a great quality of life. The town of Normal and Bloomington need to immediately stop in giving any tax breaks to new businesses that want to open here. If their business model is so great, then let them fully fund it themselves period. Please retired people give your children and grandchildren some much needed advice this holiday season and tell them to make a plan to move out of this state. You need to protect their future as hard as it is to give them this type of advice. Doing anything less is doing them a not a favor but instead guaranteeing them a life time of tax burdens for the rest of their lives. It is time to have a family conversation even though it won’t be pleasant. Families need to realize this area and this entire state is broke so all that will be done is to keep raising taxes. Save for your future people and quit buying the newest iPhone and best automobile to drive. Save some money and relocate for a better quality of life. Your future awaits.

I agree with you on the Baby Boomers and disposable income. They are part of the problem in this area that keep funneling the entire system into higher taxes. If they would save more money and quit driving around in McMansion homes and having the newest iPhone they could maybe quit complaining about their kids college tuition too. And no not all residents of Normal shop at Walmart and Meijer. I’m sure any grocery store in the area you will find retired people out with a calculator which just goes to show any shopper the higher cost of living in the area. The 8.75% sales tax rate and even whatever it is on going out to eat around 10% is one of the reasons people are doing more shopping online and going out to eat less. However, the going out to eat less is questionable when we keep opening and building more restaurants. The more though doesn’t mean increased sales for the entire area as a whole. People and families still only have so much disposable income and something always has to give somewhere either in food out, new clothes, or some other want item that is just not a need. Also, look at all the current job openings around for the holidays. You would think the high school students would be knocking each over trying to get one. Instead there is no more incentive to work when parents give $50 and more in weekly allowances, provide them an iPhone and a vehicle with paid insurance plus gas too. The next generations are bound for never being able to retire because of very poor work ethics and a lack of discipline towards spending and saving any money. The best days are behind us when all cities can do is raise our taxes without cutting frivolous spending and giving away tax dollars on wants instead of needs first basis. Raising property taxes by another 7% proves my point of wasteful and poor planning of spending. There is no longer any incentive to even want to stay unless you are blind and still think you can still make 1 plus 1 equal 2 in keeping a retirement budget here. Those that still think they can retire here are either one rich or two very ignorant and in denial. Yes, having grandkids in the area is a tough spot to be in to move away to a new state, but if you don’t, just what type of life do you think they will have as adults or in retirement? Do you really want them to be paying up to 50% of their incomes in taxes? Paying wasteful taxes is not living, its called denial and being afraid of the unknown. Time to take a chance on the other side where the grass is greener with lower taxes and winter hibernation doesn’t start the first of November until the first of March. Sunnier days and opportunities with lower taxes await in many places throughout the lower 48 and remember you only live once so why keep feeding the tax hand that can never seem to get enough.