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Home Energy Scotland’s electric vehicle specialists recently headed off on the North Coast 500 Electric Car Tour, a trip taking in eight stops in the northernmost part of Britain, spelling out the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) to car-reliant communities facing high fuel prices.

The North Coast 500 is a scenic, largely coastal circular route that starts and ends in Inverness. Q gastrobar dias ferreira The tour stopped in eight halls and community centres from Ullapool to Wick, beginning on Monday 13 and ending on Friday 17 June, offering short presentations, information, and of course, test drives to curious local people. Gas house gorillas Driving an increasingly popular route

Bruce Wares, Marketing Manager for Home Energy Scotland – Highlands and Islands, said: “The route has been getting increasing amounts of attention, having being branded as Scotland’s answer to Route 66. Electricity kwh calculator This has sparked plenty of curiosity, and seen growing numbers of tourists taking on the route.

“Becky Fretwell, our Specialist Transport Advisor, was over in Mull, and it was decided that we have to do something to capitalise on the renewed interest and take in lots of different communities, so the tour was born, and we got the three vehicles out on the road.”

“The Highland and Islands are nearly the size of Belgium so there are a lot of remote communities. Electricity trading hubs The irony is that though they’re near to North Sea oil fields, they are paying some of the highest costs on filling station forecourts in the UK, as oil gets piped to refineries in Scotland’s central belt, and then refined fuel has to be transported to these remote and sometimes sparsely-populated areas.

“The average EV will cost around 2-3p per mile in electricity—at least a fifth of the average conventional vehicle fuel cost. La gas prices 2016 Even better, electricity is free when charging through Scotland’s Plugged-in Places network. I electricity bill com Then there are attractive tax allowances for both companies and individuals. Gas block install So there’s a real message about cost-saving here.”

Journeys to amenities that people in towns and cities take for granted, like those to supermarkets and health services, can be long in the north of Scotland – meaning that EV ‘range anxiety’ is likely to be top of local concerns. Electricity austin Wares responded:

“Due to the distances people have to travel, one the main concerns we do encounter around EVs is about range. Gas national average 2008 But a rapid-charging network has been installed across the Highlands, meaning this is not something to be too concerned about. Electricity voltage used in usa Scottish EV adventurer Chris Ramsey recently completed the North Coast 500 in a Nissan Leaf – and found it a great way to enjoy the route.” Tesla testing generates interest

Spreading the word about the available charging infrastructure was a significant part of the tour – but perhaps the main attraction for those attending was the opportunity to test-drive a Tesla Model S, BMW i3 the Leaf and the Renault Zoe. Tropico 5 power plant Wares said:

“The Tesla was certainly a bit of a draw for people. La gasolina in english By having that there, you bring more people in, then you can engage them on EVs more generally – showing them the sort of range and performance you can get. Z gastroenterol With models like the Mitsubishi Outlander also available, you can get people interested in going electric even if they need a vehicle to tackle the extremes of ice and snow you can get in this part of the country.”

With the route finished, the team provided more presentations and test drives at the Green Homes Expo at the Inverness College UHI campus on Saturday 18 June. Gas gangrene With the successful tour complete, what next for the intrepid transport team?

Wares said: “We’re primarily working with businesses and community groups, offering test drives, providing fuel efficient driver training and completing full sustainable transport reviews. C gastronomie mariage These recommend certain measures to reduce carbon emissions, and can include replacing part of a business fleet with low carbon vehicles.

“The tour has been the first event of its kind but we anticipate growing interest in EVs. Z gas el salvador empleos Manufacturers are continuing to bring out new models, so interest can only grow. Gas finder mn These vehicles are getting better and better. Gas bubble in chest and back We wouldn’t have been able to do this tour a year ago, but now this is definitely something we’ll be looking to replicate. Electricity 2014 It gives us an opportunity to get right into communities, and take this technology to them.” Share your thoughts with us below in the comments, or tweet @energysvgtrust. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh Find out more about the #NC500EVTour on Twitter and discover more of our blogs on transport.

Hi – an interesting article but I do wonder whether that journey could be done during the colder winter months when EV range is reduced – here’s an extract from an email I sent recently to Which? magazine.

In particular, I noted that a relatively large number of best buys (in the small and medium sized categories) were either electric cars or hybrids and was indeed very surprised to see that you thought the best medium sized car was the electric golf which had a range of “80-120 miles” – 118 miles being the NEDC maximum range! I really struggle to see how this really can be a best buy with such a limited range (more on that later).

Renault are to be congratulated for pointing out on their website –… Electricity images cartoon – that the Zoe’s cold, winter weather driving range can be 33% less than the summer range (summer = 106 miles: winter = 71 miles).

I test drove a Nissan Leaf over several days and while it was very impressive, I was totally unable to get any official comment from Nissan about the winter driving range. Electricity cost calculator Sales and UK EV staff told me to expect a reduction of 10-15% (based on their own experience!) despite what appear to be extensive tests in America suggesting a 25% drop in range at -5C compared to summer temperatures (see attached graph).

Furthermore, it would be useful to read something from Which? on 1) the whether or not hybrid cars really are cleaner / greener than conventional fuel-efficient cars, and 2) the maximum likely driving ranges for summer and winter conditions with a full tank of fuel.

As you may have gathered, my exploration of electric and hybrid cars has left me 1) disappointed by the apparent cover-up of the limited winter driving range by most manufacturers, and 2) confused about the merits of these technologies versus the more efficient conventional cars. 2015 electricity prices That said, I am very keen to support anything that improves driving efficiency and reduces air pollution.”

The new Tesla Model X is 7-seat, electric gullwing SUV. Electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 Top Gear reviewed it on their show and for a battery go up to 250 miles, which can super charge for 30 min, its quite something. Electricity for beginners The 90kWh battery creates combined torque of 713lb ft all available from 0rpm, naturally. Gas stoichiometry problems The Model X features two HEPA air filters to protect owners from other people’s smog. Electricity physics khan academy Top Gear covered this feature on their show backing up Musk’s claim that the Model X cabin has “air cleanliness levels comparable to a hospital operating room”. Gas house eggs However, it is not all rainbow and sunshine for the model Model X.There have been reports of with it, problems with self-parking technology. Electricity projects for grade 7 The company response was that they will buy off the car from the owner, as they believe this is a rare event since most of their customers are happy with their product. Gas nozzle stuck in car Cars running on alternative type fuel like, electric cars, are the future, there should be no doubt about it. World j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor Companies like Tesla and alike are in the mitts of perfecting electric cars, but it won’t happen overnight. 3 gases in the atmosphere For instance, two years ago was announced a sports car concept that will run on saltwater. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning answer key It works in a similar way to a hydrogen fuel cell, however, the liquid used for storing energy is saltwater. V gashi kenga e zagrebit It can reach 0-60 mph (100 km/h) in 2.8s, the car carries two 200-litre tanks for water, which in one sitting will allow drivers to travel up to 373 miles (600km). Grade 9 electricity quiz For the time being cars running with alternative fuel are overpriced significantly and that doesn’t sit very well with your average consumer. Electricity terms and definitions I believe that in due time the price tags for these cars will change, compared to petrol and even we the middle class workers will be able to afford a brand new Tesla. Electricity jeopardy game Timmy Griffin, Blogger @ Handyman Services London