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Seeing the Northern lights was one of the main reasons we visited Iceland, and we had a great experience gas pump icon on this tour. We booked our northern lights tour for December 26th, our third night in Iceland, but on our second day, December 25th, we heard from our day tour guide that there was a northern lights tour available that night and that electricity kwh cost we could switch the day of our tour. Though there were many people on the tour that night and not many available spots, we were finally able to switch to a tour for the 25th. We got lucky the gas tax first time and saw the Northern lights, but with the naked eye they were just gray clouds, not like in postcards or photographs. They definitely show up more impressive in photographs than when you’re just looking at them. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and he emailed us the pictures he took. He also took a family picture under the northern lights for us. We tried using our phones to take some northern lights pictures, but gas x and pregnancy they were not as good as the ones the tour guide took. However, after we set a longer exposure time and made some edits, we were able to see the northern lights in our photos and my kids were very excited. It’s important gas finder map to bring a tripod if you want to take photos, because our pictures were all pretty blurry due to shaky hands. If you’re going on a day electricity video ks1 tour with the Reykjavik Excursions, the tour guide will most likely tell you whether the tour is on or not for that night. If you’re not, make sure to call the company to confirm that the tour is on. Also, I would recommend dressing warmly because you should expect to be standing outside in the cold for at least 1-2 hours on this tour.

Although I am totally loving my trip To Iceland even though power generation definition I didn’t see the Northern lights this isn’t the issue. DO NOT try to see them with this Company. As many reviews say it is a truly awful experience with them The bus arrives LATE ever time ( we went twice). You are herded on like cattle onto a cattle truck. The no see sgas belfast guarantee is untrue. The first time we went with bus 11 – saw nothing – stood in a freezing field then hurded back to the bus for the hours of drop offs to hotels !! Although it is not guarantee to see Northern lights you expect a decent trip for your money! Guide was very unhelpful- no one could gas efficient cars 2012 understand him- and he seemed to talk to only a couple of people at the front gas in california of the bus. Then the worse thing – no mention of the Complimentary free trip the next night and when we left the bus at about 1.30am th Guide said take it up with the company!! So we did the very next day to be told The guide had gas finder told the company everyone had seen the Northern lights !!! We had seen nothing !! How can a tour guide lie like this. After a couple of back and forth emails we were told we could go the Next day. Again 20 mins late ! Much better guide this time who was informative. No lights again – again gas utility worker drop off at all hotels on way home – cattle bus packed full – no mention again of free trip. Didn’t bother ringing – waste of time. It becomes obvious for all concerned this company is just running a Con!! Go with someone else !!