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A couple of years ago, after a bad cold, it felt like something began sticking my nostril from the inside. Ever since, when I touch the tip of my nose, it feels like I’m getting stuck by a pointy toothpick. Since this started, a polyp has also appeared and is growing slowly from the sinus side of my nostril, across the "roof" of the nostril, and toward the tip of my nose (visible bump on the side of my nose).

On the septum side of that nostril, a hard white ridge has been growing, as well. It looks like cartilage from my septum. It doesn’t hurt unless I press on the tip of my nose, i.e. when I blow my nose. If I run a fingernail over it, it makes a clicking noise but doesn’t dislodge.

The things going on in my nose feel better if I keep my nostrils moist. The polyp makes it necessary that I sleep wearing a no-snore plastic strip. At bedtime, I also use a cotton swab to delicately apply saline gel inside the lower part of the nostril. Last night, I had a big surprise. I dabbed gel in the "good" nostril, and when I did the same on the troubled side, I saw quite a bit of blood and what looked like a quarter-inch sliver of cartilage on the swab. I am SO gentle; what happened?

I have a similar condition – for about the past 8 or so years, I have noticed a "wart" like growth on the inside of my left nostril, on the "hood" portion (?)- by "hood" I mean the part of my nostril that is visible when you look at my face, head-on, not on the sinus side, or against my face, if you will. My apologies for the laymen terms, I’m not a doctor. Anyways, I noticed it, at first as a small pimple-like bump, occasionally, it seemed to peel and go away. After about a year, it popped back up, but now is almost 4mm I would guess, from the surface. I chalked it up to a wart…Now, for the past 5 years, every fall, it seems, my nose gets very tender, on the center divider of my nose, where the nostrils are separated by cartilage. It felt like I was wiping my nose too often and the skin was cracking or something. After closer inspection, I noticed these ridges, resembling clear, dried snot ( had a opaque, whitish look ) going from the open edge of my nostril, towards the interior, at the base of the cartilage. I couldn’t seem to leave them alone, they made me feel like I needed to wipe my nose, then would burn when I did wipe it. So, I started picking at them, and soon discovered that I could pull them off, painfully. Yes, the process hurt, but they seemed to heal within 2 days, but very tender while healing. I must say, the pain of ripping them off is much easier to deal with than the constant pain from bumping them. I have done this, with tweezers, in both nostrils, multiple times now. I haven’t had them come back in the past year and a half, but we’ve also had a mild winter ( in TX ). Now, within the past 8 months, I have been getting what feels like pimples on my nostrils, but they are under the skin. I see the skin is swollen on the outside, but no head ever comes, just great tenderness. But I look on the inside of my nostril and there appears to be an ant bite-looking white head. I didn’t think much at first, squeeze with some tweezers, and done. Couple weeks later another, in a different spot, and so on. I’m getting concerned now…

Now, for the past 2 weeks, I have had one of these pimples, pop up in my left side, but not as an ant bite as usual – it feels the same, when I blow/wipe my nose, but it is on the sinus side, and looks like a small rough spot of dried snot, or cartilage, but not in a ridge form as usual. it feels like when you have a runny nose and it dries up quickly, leaving some hairs tangled, or almost like a sticking/pricking sensation to the touch. It hurts too much to distinguish the exact sensation, but it is this recent happening, which has lead me here. And a second one is starting to happen, in the other nostril, but towards where the cartilage and "hood" come together. Any suggestions would be helpful

Thank you all for your posts. I too have some type of growth on the septum near the tip of my left nostril. Started about 2 weeks ago. My guess was that there was some type of cartilage growth happening. Twice, I pulled off a piece with tweezers, which was painful and seemed ineffective at dealing with the actual problem. I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on it for the past few days with a q-tip and that is helping. Today it was soft enough that it peeled off with tweezers and looked like calloused skin. I’m starting to think that this may be a skin issue, even though the substance seemed hard. Pulling or peeling it off has not caused bleeding, and the protrusion has not caused bleeding. If cartilage was protruding through the skin, some bleeding would be expected. I’m totally open to ideas and input, as this is weird. The actual septum cartilage in my nose is not sensitive to the touch and is not connected to this point on my skin, so I’m going to treat this as a skin issue for now and look for an appropriate topical treatment. I’ll continue to put peroxide on it for now to keep it soft. I’ll post back info/experience as I can.