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To name your aquarium National Aquarium, you would think there would be some substance to the pretense. This aquarium is disappointing. The biggest disapointment is the main exhibit. The main exhibit consists of people being herded up 5 levels of displays. A major problem is most of the tanks are very small. At least half the time, there were fish in the tank that were not listed on the information signs outside the tank; or there were labeled fish that were not in the tank. So you can’t tell your kids what they are looking at: yes honey that is a uh….fish of some kind. The tanks are small and even in the evening they can not accommodate a crowd of any size. There are simply not enough viewing areas to see the exhibits. 3 tanks may be in one enclosed alcove. It is just not a pleasure to try to look at the fish. Very few displays are large enough for youtube gas station karaoke more than 4 people to look at at once. A big joke is the rain forest. So you scale 5 levels of cramped little tanks, being herded like sheep. Finally you get to scale the last escalator to the rain forest. It is a pyramid shaped greenhouse at the top of the main building easily seen from outside. But there is nothing to look at there. our wikipedia electricity generation first visit we saw one bird, the last visit we didnt see one living creature except for a small tank of fish – maybe 2 or 3 piranha but who would know as they weren’t labeled. There are lots of trees and bushes, probably a lot of them are fake. You can hear some bird sounds but cant see a single living terrestrial creature. Not a bug. Not a slug. nada. What a waste. Pros: There is a very cool large open tank with rays and sea turtles. The shark tank is a big oval that you walk around the inside of the oval so you can see the sharks circling. You can get up close and see their teeth. It is not as immersive as the shark tank world j gastrointest surg impact factor at the NJ aquarium in Camden, but you get a better look at the sharks. There is very little in the way of invertebrates. Not a single lobster or crab. The anemones and coral exhibits are laughably small. Seriously, there are thousands of hobbyists with tanks that will exceed what you will find at the National Aquarium. There are no jellyfish at all which is too bad. The large reef tank is full of fake coral but a lot of fish. It is also oval and is right above the shark tank. So you descend a ramp and look at both. There is serene music playing. It is nice. You have to pay extra for a dolphin show which is entertaining. Sometimes the dolphins didn’t want to do the tricks they were asked to perform by their handlers. But it was enjoyable. The 4D theatre is also an extra fee and is fun but totally unrelated to the aquatic life or why you might go to an aquarium. It is very expensive to bring your family there. on top of that you have to pay extra for the shows. You have to pay electricity formulas physics to check your stroller and coats. It is crowded – even late in the evening in November after they stop selling tickets. There is no parking at the facility itself. We got a membership the first visit, and made a second visit recently. It really isn’t worth 2 visits. There are a lot of nice restaurants around the harbor though so if you have the budget, you can make it a nice day.

Me and family – wife and 3yo daughter – are from Brooklyn, NY. We’ve been visiting Baltimore so decided to see Aquarium… Oh my God… That place is just a wasting a money, wow… we paid something around $70 to get in… I thought as far I know prices for a tickets in a places liek that – Im professional Photographer – I said to my wife: I believe tahts gonna be something really good cuz its little expensive so we can expect something really nice and special… after 10 minuts I said that something is wrong and we probably kind of lost and we just electricity in costa rica current didn’t see exhibitions yeat cuz Aquarium is so big… eeeeee wrong… that was main exhibition… it took us maybe an hour to walk around Aquarium and see everything… but the biggest surprise was ahead and called: Dolphin Show… I think the biggest attraction of the Aquarium was Clown Fish… and thats probably it… no more nice tropical exhibitions… I start asking stuff members where is Jelly Fish Exhibition… ok there is no Jelly Fish Exhibition… in National Aquarium in Baltimore you`” not find any Jelly Fish… I was shocked…. I was so disappointed…. I haven’t seen nothing interesting in this Aquarium… maybe Rays tank was something nice but for $30 a person i expected to see something more than Rays and one Clown Fish… ok but the best I left for end.. Dolphin Show… about 15-20 minutes show… u`ll see 4 dolphins 2 Jumps for the whole show and one splashing round 95% of the Dolphin Show is a watching document movie about Dolphins…. that was too much for me… for over $70 i saw one Clown Fish, Rays Tank, 4 dolphins and no dolphin show thats all I saw for over $70 My 3 yo daughter after the show asked me Daddy u told me we will see a Dolphins and jumps…. but I haven’t seen any dolphins … That was crazy, that was the worst museum – aquarium I have ever Seen in my life…. we start comparing National Aquarium to our small Aquarium on Coney Island in NYC… for less than half price in Coney Island u`” see exactly the same exhibitions like in Baltimore plus u`” see Jelly Fish Exhibition, Sharks are not in dark cave, tropical exhibitions, u`’ll see gas in oil pan probably around 50 Clown Fish, very nice outside exhibitions, there is no Dolphin Show but there is free sal show 30 minutes of fun and tricks Dolphins just can dream to be good like seals from Coney Island Aquarium…. My advice : Don’t go there… Take your kid to toy store and make him hapy for a months for that over $70….

I’ve lived in Maryland all my life (27 years and counting) and I have been to the Baltimore Aquarium more times than I can count. Throughout the years it seems to have gotten better with time as they add more attractions. There are wide open areas h gas l gas when you can see sting rays and sea turtles swimming around. They have artificial skeletons of small whales sharks hanging from the ceiling. There is one enclosure with puffins that my mother and I both enjoy because there’s a hyperactive puffin there that likes to swim, dive, and splash around. The rainforest exhibit is always fun with birds flying around loose above our heads. My parents and I like to try and spot the sloth that hides from people. There is also a big emphasis on preserving wildlife and the environment. There’s electronic charts and things on the wall showing how rainforest is declining, and how species are going extinct, and how it will look in the future. My parents and I are always sure to put in some coins in the machines to save an acre. One of the more charming aspects is a tank with an electric eel in it that has a monitor on the side of the tank. When the eel starts producing electricity the monitor starts lighting up and making sounds to show the amount of power being produced. I’ve been to many aquariums, but I’ve never seen one of those anyplace else. The dolphin and porpoise show is always fun. There’s also a layered aquarium for sharks where you can walk down to each level and see the larger sharks save electricity pictures the farther down you go. I’ve only seen the new Australia exhibit once when it first opened to the public. That was a while ago so I suspect it’s changed since then.

We traveled 2 1/2 hours to the v lab electricity aquarium Oct 2, 2008 with our 8 year old daughter. It was well worth the time it took to get there. From the very first moment we entered our daughter started with the ohh and ahhs. She loved the ray and shark tank and could have stayed there much longer the hlaf hour we spent in that area. However we had tickets to the dolphin show and didn’t want to miss it. The show was nice and informative. They did rely a bit too much on video inbetween the live action. Even our daughter noticed and made mention of it. Dispite this we enjoyed the show over all and our daughter along with the other school groups that were there that day were all very pleased. I’m not sure which was was more fun, watching all the kids with their wide eyed excitement or the dolphins themselves! I was able to get some good pictures and the dolphins swam close to the edge of tank so everyone could see them well. After the show they let us go down to the tank and look in through the clear sides. The Australian exhibit was a big hit with us too. One of our daughters favorite k electric jobs 2016 memories was spotting the sloth before we did. The only real down fall was the cost of the food. We found it to be extreamly expensive, one rice crispy treat bar ran us $2.50!! and since you can’t re-enter the aquarium make sure you fill up before entering (we spent about 5 hours in the aquarium) and plan to eat afterwards at one of the near by resturants. I recomend this aquarium and hope your family has as much fun as we did. We can’t wait to go back!