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After the morning ski, I was surprised not to find my group at the meeting point. Inquiring at the reception I was bluntly told that there would be no classes because the minimum group size is 3. I booked this skipack beforehand and was never warned about this. From my past experience with ESF I assumed getting private course instead, but apparently that was not the case. When asking about the possibilities electricity production by source they simply told me that I could either participate in the morning classes only or get a refund!? After complaining, the unhelpful staff did little effort to look for solutions and grade 9 electricity questions obviously found none. It is outrageous that they promise maximum groups of 8 persons whereas in practice the minimum is 3 and the actual maximum up to 12 or more (this was the case with my group in the morning class). About the quality of the course: very little was taught and there was no focus on individual problems, clearly due to the excessive size of the group. Imo this a big shortcoming for which I do not want to pay. When I complained at the office the arrogant manager started shouting at me and clearly could not take any criticism. This is not the correct way to treat your clients. After this terrible experience I switched to the Evolution 2 ski school and had a great time there – friendly staff, nice teachers and small groups. It will be the very last time with ESF for me, even though this one is probably the ugly duckling amongst their schools. My advice for Tignes: take one of the local ski schools. You may pay a little gas utility boston more but it is very much worth it. TL;DR – informed at the very last moment that afternoon class would be cancelled – unhelpful staff, very poorly managed – minimum groups of 3, maximum 12+ instead of minimum 1, maximum 8 (as shown on the website) – local ski schools seem to be the way to go, cost is a bit higher but the experience is way better in terms of quality of the courses and client service

Family of five, two girls 9,8 and one z gas el salvador boy aged 6. Summary includes my view on: ESF ski school, rental, lockers, Nevada Suites, Club Med, Val Claret, La Lac, Kalinda, Panoramic Dinner Experience, transfer. ESF Ski School In a line – there is a method to the madness. This was their first ever time on skis. We signed then up for full day Piou Piou (absolute beginner) and I almost complained immediately. The baby slope line took forever and I had visions of one run per session per kid. After one run the girls were directed to the bigger snow plow baby slope. The boy soon followed. By the second session of the afternoon the electricity and magnetism physics definition girls were on the small ski lift. The boy was there by day two. They needed ski passes by the last day and following graduation they could use the blue run lift by themselves. It was truly amazing. Recommendation: the full day was not too much. It was perfect. They cry a lot on day one /two but trust them when they say parents stay away. They will tell you when you need a ski pass and before then gas in dogs stomach the beginner lifts are free. Rental we used Skiset right by ESF meeting area near Tuffs lift. You can seemingly use any. They are everywhere. Buy seated sleds, they are cheap and fun way to end the day. Lockers The kids leave their stuff at ESF school all week. We rented a locker for the week through ESF link on site and it made life easier. Nevada Suites Amazing stay. Half board included breakfast and dinner. Menu never changed and that got old but good food, extremely friendly, awesome giant friendly dog gas and electric nyc, good gym no one uses and a nice family pool. 5 min walk to slopes so not ski in ski out. Club Med We didn’t stay here but it was RIGHT at the base of ski school so location perfect. It looked extremely tired from the outside but active ski presence. Val Claret Nice, high and quiet. Smaller than La Lac. I think when we go again we will try Lac as it seems to be more of an activity hub. Often the electricity and magnetism review sheet kids would take the bus for more gentle ski runs during class. Kalinda You will see MGM advertising for this development. It is right as you enter Tignes near the dam. Too quiet for my taste. It took 4 lifts to visit the site from Val Claret. It is not truly ski in but is ski out. The apartments is phase 2 are on the slopes but I will look else where whether renting or buying. The Panoramic Dinner / Ski Return Great dinner. Hotel arranges everything. Takes ski equipment up and brings your non ski stuff back. SHAME ON ME for thinking a blue run at night would be okay for beginner children. The instructors cleared them but it was the most harrowing 60 mins for daddy electricity worksheets high school. The route was RED not blue and not groomed so moguls were included. Absolute nightmare. They made it… Last of all and thanks to a patient instructor and over protective father (better late than never) Transfer Tignes is 3 hours from Geneva… Worth the drive if going for the week. I discovered too late that the White tracks helicopter service is reasonable. A family of 5 can make the one way trip in 30mins direct from Tignes for 2k euros. Not cheap o gastronomico but for 3 kids that always get car sick…. I will skip wine and panoramic view next trip and take the helicopter back!