Not well organized, but we saw the world wonder! – review of grupo auto progreso, merida, mexico – tripadvisor gas in back


My wife and I visited Progreso while cruising on the Carnival Triumph. We were schedule to arrive in port at 0900, but due to heavy fog actually arrived at 1100. We had booked the Uxmal tour through the company’s website prior to our cruise. This saved us no money, but did make signing physics c electricity and magnetism in for the tour very easy. Knowing that the ruins were a long distance from the port, we feared that the late start would prevent us from being able to take the tour. The tour company also runs the shuttle busses that carry cruise passengers down the pier, and the workers immediately noticed the tour paperwork in my hand and gave us instructions on who to speak with upon arriving in town. Once arriving at the bus terminal electricity and magnetism worksheets high school, we were directed to the tour desk and were given armbands specific for our tour. We were introduced to our tour guide Raul and were told we were waiting on a few more people before we left. Our group had a total of 16 members once everyone arrived. We boarded an air-conditioned bus a began our trip to the ruins electricity and magnetism pdf. Raul spoke English very clearly and provided information about the area as we traveled. Approximately 90 minutes later were arrived at the ruins. We were gas vs electric water heater savings given time for a restroom break and to buy snacks/drinks. We then reassembled and began our tour. Raul was very knowledgable about the ruins and led us throughout the entire complex. We were able to climb the ruins in two separate places, but did not have to if we didn’t desire. The ruins were absolutely amazing. After the tour we were given approximately 1 hour to shop la gas prices 2016 or eat. We ate at the restaurant on site and were very pleased with the food. We then boarded the bus and traveled back to Progreso. The bus dropped us off at the cruise terminal. Despite getting a late start, we never felt rushed and still had around 45 minutes to look around the cruise terminal shops. We were both very pleased with the tour and will definitely book with this company again when we return to Progreso.

We took our yearly cruise and while in Progreso 3 gases that cause global warming, Mexico we used Autoprogreso for an excursion. This was our 6th excursion with them and we have never been disappointed. AP is the group that takes cruise ship passengers from the pier in to Progreso and to the bus station. If you have booked a tour you just wait there to get on your excursion bus. We went to Technotel again and had Mario Lopez as our tour gas x strips review guide. We have had him in the past and he is funny, very informative and speaks good English. He points out places of interest along the way and makes sure you know what time to be back to the bus. He also stays around and makes himself visible bad gas 6 weeks pregnant in case you have questions. Booking with AP is much cheaper than using the Carnival excursions and we have never been late getting back or had any problems. Guadalupe is who we contacted again via email to reserve our tour (even though it’s not necessary) and she recognized us when we got there and greeted us by name. AP has several tours that are available for cruise ship passengers. You can google them to find their website. You can pre-book or just book when you get there. They have a store front in the Progreso pier. The busses are air conditioned, comfortable and have bathrooms.

We visited Progreso while on a cruise ship. I had researched on Tripadvisor and Cruisecritc and electricity off decided the Technotel Beach Break would suit us best. I was excited that this trip stopped at the ruins gas ark and the salt flats on the way to the hotel. Just before our trip they took the ruins off of the listing on line. When we got to the port we paid our $35 per person and got on our air conditioned bus. They take you to their market with many vendors pushing hard for sales. We were given save electricity images a time to line up to another bus and drove about 25 minutes (Passing the salt flats with many flamingos – sadly, never stopping, even for a photo) I was incredibly disappointed. We had been told there may not be flamingos there- We were never told that we may not even stop to see them. Technotel was very nice and quaint. They have two pools a couple of bars and the buffet consisted of chicken fajitas, nachos and quesadillas. They have Sol beer, rum punch, margaritas and other choices. They k electric jobs 2015 also have food on a menu and other beer a choices for a price. We did the two massages for $40 and it was well worth it. The beach was pretty and facilities were clean. The service was friendly. This is a small resort – if you are comparing it to other resorts that you might have stayed at…this might not measure up. I challenge you to find a better deal for $35 that includes your transportation, food, a beautiful beach, pools, clean bathrooms, great service and free drinks. I would do this again, for sure. I would just gas density of air hold someone accountable to stop at the salt flats so I could see the flamingos!!!!!