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Myself and fiancee took advantage of the half price admission during half term and didn’t really know what to expect. When we arrived te que was very short as there was around 5 ticket lanes open. When you arrive you pay then drive down to the carpark/wc/walking exibits where you can go first or continue onto the safari drive route. There are a superb amount of animals to view while driving through the safari route. The bet areas are the lions and baboons which are superb. We had baboons all over the car and world j gastrointestinal oncol impact factor there was no damage they just lifted my wipers and drank some rain water trickling off it! We drove around twice as it is unlimited drives around when you paid admission. Got some teriffic photos. Allow time for people stopping and starting and animals blocking the road path. Was a bit annoyed to see some fools opening their windows in the LION AREA! !! For a bloody picture despite numerous signs not to do so for safety. Well worth a visit for couples of families. The whole experience is amazing the bug house is currently being refurbished but I highly recommend the bat house absoltuley amazing to go around the bats literally gas x ultra strength during pregnancy fly all around you.

Having visited Knowsley Safari Park 6 years ago and really enjoyed the range of animals, I was really disappointed this time. We were lured by the half price tickets gas constant in kj, but sure the reason behind this was the lack of animals on the actual safari. It was an exceptionally busy day, so essentially we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. This isn’t a criticism of the park however, as they can’t stop people coming in! In the first 20 minutes we saw a few camels and an ostrich. We then ventured into the lion enclosure where the lions were huddled together, but after queueing for 20 minutes, the novelty had slightly worn off. I’m sure on my last visit after the lions, we saw zebras, ostrich, rheas, rhinos etc. However, this time we saw deer. That was pretty much it. Don’t get me wrong, I like deer, but we can see those locally at a nearby park! No wolves, zebra were to be seen in the actual safari!! There are elephants and giraffe in a separate part of the park, and rhinos and tigers ag gaston birmingham in an enclosure, but surely the whole point of a safari park, is the actual safari?!? The sealion show was packed and quite wordy for younger children, and the bug part was closed! We won’t be returning, which is a shame as we enjoy places like this. We will stick to Chester Zoo and Gauntlet Birds of Prey Centre in future.

We fell lucky getting half price tickets in half term break (a real boon when other attractions putting their prices up to take advantage of school holidays). Was a little cold but that was obviously not the gas city indiana newspaper parks fault as it cannot be helped. Everyone enjoyed the safari drive, having lions within feet of your car is an amazing experience that left my daughter awestruck. The sealion show was great my only complaint is that after making sure we were there in good time they were still letting people in 15 minutes after the show was meant to start. And finally who can say gas density calculator they visited a safari unless they had their car jumped on by a baboon .. be prepared to take the car for a good wash the next day because the little devils are grubby little so and so’s lol The toilets were clean and well maintained, the gift shop had goodies for all budgets and the cafe although a little expensive served nice food that was definately worth eating, the coffees were good too. All in all a great family day out 🙂