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I am a big fan of Dr. Jack Edwards from the university of Colorado. In 1997 he wrote a paper titled “Crude Oil and Alternate Energy Production Forecasts for the 21st Century; The End of the Hydrocarbon Era” Jack was an optimist and formerly in charge of Shell’s Research Centre in Houston. electricity words I will read some of his key predictions on “Peak Oil”.

Conventional Light Oil – 2025 All Oil – 2035 All Natural Gas – 2035 All Coal – 2040. gas vs diesel prices Conventional Oil Peaks at about 38 Billion Barrels per year globally and tails out at 9 Billion Barrels by 2100. All other energies from fossil fuels face the same basic fate by 2100 as a percentage of Peak (9/38=23.6%) by 2100. The reasons for the decline vary, some are supply based, some are economics based and some are environmental (coal). He estimates that at Peak Oil that Nuclear will be about 5 Billion Barrels Equivalent or roughly 6% of total supply (I believe the actual current figure is about 8%). He shows Nuclear expanding to about 15 Billion Barrels or roughly 16% of total supply by 2100. gas yojana The interesting fact is that by 2100 we will HAVE to obtain 35 Billion Barrels or about 37% of Energy from Solar, wind and Geothermal. Currently we obtain less than 3% from these sources!

None of Jack’s thinking revolved around such things as “cap and trade” and its chilling effect on the supply curve!If NA is ever going to achieve the substitution of the fossil fuel supplies with the alternatives, we will require that ALL sources of fossil fuels be exploited fully. Otherwise we will neither have the energy nor the economy to reach a 12 fold increase in solar, wind or geothermal let alone the substitution of another 22% of the energy supplied by coal! Theadagee of “it takes money to make money” is true and can be stated as “it takes energy to make energy”.

The Nuclear Industry will be essential in meeting energy demand, however the rush to meet the lofty goals of substitution will require absolutely enormous quantities of Capital and has the potential to create a catastrophic environmental and security quagmire! I am most afraid if the fact that there are environmental approvals (Nuclear) pending in my country, that in my technical opinion, are a catastrophe waiting to happen! Nuclear has a vital role to play, however when these kinds of $$$ are involved, big corruption and big mistakes are also in abundance. When I was in University, I learned that the Geotechnical aspects of Nuclear site selection were paramount in the decision tree. electricity water analogy animation In reality economics are paramount and the Geotechnical safety issues are out 10th out of the top 10 considerations. Politics is the #1 consideration.

I fear for the long term economy of North America. There are going to be very major changes on the horizon, however it is possible to accomplish energy security but at a huge cost. electricity worksheets grade 9 The biggest risks relate to the economic uncertainty that current geopolitical movements such as “global warming” are causing. While these uncertainties exist…Capital will do nothing! This will make the problem deeper and broader, and the economy will continue to suffer.