November 27, 2018—north korea’s rattling cages again … and iran high frontier a level physics electricity notes


Click here for Paul Bedard’s November 24, 2018 Washington Examiner article that headlined “North Korea reveals nuclear EMP attack plans.” And click here for the Daily NK article from which Bedard derived his story, allegedly based on documents suggesting that South Korea would be the target for such an attack. (They could also make an EMP attack on us, of course — say from a vessel off our undefended coasts.)

Bedard correctly noted that such an attack would “lead to the destruction of electronic circuits and semiconductors, affecting the use of TVs, mobile phones and computers in the area.” Such a widespread failure of South Korea’s mass communications system could lead to widespread chaos, and some experts are “calling on the government to take measures to prepare for such attacks.”

Mun Dong Hui’s November 23, 2018 Daily NK article also emphasizes that these claims result from North Korean officials charged with spreading propaganda to inform residents about the significance of nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapons. gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers Propaganda officials reportedly were tasked with promoting policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) while also aiming to increase economic production, and have distributed a document explaining how nuclear EMP attacks work in an apparent attempt to strengthen domestic solidarity toward the regime.

Daily NK reported a recently obtained WPK document had a section on the power of a nuclear EMP attack, describing it in detail and the kind of damage that would result. gas up It correctly stated that in a nuclear EMP attack, “if the weapon explodes 30 – 100 kilometers above the ground, electronic machines and devices are severely damaged or their electricity cables are destroyed beyond repair.”

EMP attacks could lead to much more consequential destruction of electronic circuits in semiconductors, affecting the use of TVs, mobile phones, computers etc. electricity and magnetism study guide answers The widespread failure of South Korea’s mass communications system due to an EMP attack and its effect on national infrastructure and military command systems could lead to widespread chaos, experts reportedly have warned while calling on the government to take measures to prepare for such attacks.

Hui mentioned the possibility that North Korea’s propaganda apparatus added the information about EMP attacks just as a reference for the general populace. gas vs electric oven cost Some “experts” say that the authorities added the section to propaganda materials handed out to farmers as a way to emphasize that the regime will not give up its nuclear weapons. ideal gas definition chemistry Whatever.

Click here for an important February 1, 2015 Newsmax article in whixch I joined four other well informed individuals to report our opinion that Iran then might already have been a nuclear ready state, with missiles capable of hitting the United States. (My coauthors were Dr. p gasol William R. Graham who served as President Reagan’s science adviser, administrator of NASA, and chairman of the Congressional EMP Commission; Fritz Ermarth, who chaired the National Intelligence Council; and Dr. electricity for beginners pdf Peter Vincent Pry who is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and served in the Congressional EMP Commission, the Strategic Posture Commission, the House Armed Services Committee, and the CIA.)

Not the least place for such a sobering reflection should be on the past EMP Commission’s warning that the intelligence community’s “2014 Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee (JAEIC) report on EMP is factually erroneous and analytically unsound” [emphasis added] and should be withdrawn because it impedes progress on EMP understanding and protection.