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On January 18, 2018, armed men robbed the C and AA Service Station at Palmetto Point, Eleuthera, shooting Joel Stubbs, an employee of the station, before escaping with a large sum of cash. The Eleutheran newspaper reported that according to police physical science electricity review worksheet, three men were taken into custody in connection with the incident, with a team of Central Detective Unit officers from New Providence assisting on the island. On January 26, 2018 the newspaper provided an update: according to police, the men were released from custody without being charged along with two other people who had been arrested, a woman and a man. Among them were Chavette Strachan, 29, Dale Gibson Jr, 29, and Kenton Fines, 27, who have since taken legal action against the RBPF.

On February 8, 2018, police arrested and charged different people with attempted murder and armed robbery: Lamar Wilchombe, 18, from Eleuthera and a 17-year- old boy from Rock Sound. They were accused of stealing $1,800 and four cartons of Backwood cigars from the gas station and of stealing Mr Stubbs’ I-Phone 8, valued at $954. The men were allegedly part of a ring responsible for a spree of robberies between July 2017 and January 2018.

“When (Chavette) got out she came over to show me the marks on her skin,” she said. “She lifted up her shirt to show bruise marks. I said ‘Chavette, you are a lady, those officers are male, they weren’t even supposed to be touching you.’ She told me how they poured hot sauce in Kenton’s eye and grade 6 electricity it got to the point where his eye started to get pussy. She was really hurt about all of it. She was crying.”

Mr Fines filed a complaint with the RBPF on February 3, 2018, he said. Ms Strachan said she and Mr Gibson told officers from the corruption and complaints branch what happened on February 14, 2018. Months later, they were brought to Nassau and were shown photos and were asked to identify the people responsible. “I can’t get the man’s face out my head,” Ms Strachan said. Mr Emmanuel, the lawyer of Mr Fines, said he sent two letters electricity generation in usa to Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson on June 18, 2018 and December 11, 2018 concerning the incident, but has not received a response.

Noting some people lie about being beaten in custody, Mr Colbey, a lawyer for the man who did not pursue legal action, said: “My concern, and I’m depressed about it, is fellas are appearing before court with allegations against police and for many years they’ve been talking about this plastic bag and this body bag in CDU. Have you seen the courts do anything? They just dismiss what these fellas are saying and it can’t be that all of them are lying. It calls for some kind of investigation because in this day and time, there is no need to beat a man for a confession.”

Attorney Fred Smith said: “Beating and torturing confessions out of suspects has been a terrible affliction which the Bahamas has suffered for decades. It has sometimes, unfortunately, been the preferred and easiest way of extracting a confession and I know that for many, many of the cases I used to do when I was in the criminal law practice, accusations of police beating were the norm rather than the exception. I urge the commissioner to up the quality of forensic investigations rather than rely on confessions. I urge the judiciary, particularly in the magistrate courts, to refuse to admit confessions which have any taint of oppression. I also urge the government to establish a statutory, independent police, immigration and defense force complaint commission which would have representatives from police, civil society, the Bench and Bar.”

So I see that yall think that everybody who accuses a police of beating them is telling the truth? Accusing the police of beating is a sure way to come into some big money. . .and every little petty criminal on our streets knows that better than some of us on this site!! Police must not abuse anybody for any reason. . .I personally report a police office for slapping a drunken man on bay street for nothing!! I could say for gas zone nothing because I was present when the police asked him a question and before he could say boo: POW. . .the police ringed his head off . . .as the young people say on the streets. . . grabbed the back of his pants and took him to the station. . .and I follow and reported to the desk that the police assaulted that man for no reason!! One office asked me if I want to get lock up too!! They listened to me. Also, I have heard young thugs saying how they will lie 2015 electricity prices about getting beating by police to help them get off or get paid!! So just lets wait and see. . .all kinds of schemers are out there. . .as well as there are brutal police officers in there. . . let the investigators determine who is whom. . .TAKE NO SIDES. . .OR FIND YASEF PROTECTING SLIMY SCHAMERS OR BRUTAL POLICE. . .DON’T RUSH TO JUDGEMENT!!

So police men are now beating and torturing women? And violating their rights as females ? Being man handled by police men? Anthony Ferguson and Marvin Dames this puts more into question about you than just being police officers. Now your officers not only half killing the men with beating and shooting them dead with loads of bullets but now indecently violating the rights and privacy of women? Beating a woman like a dog Marvin Dames? A female Marvin Dames.A disgrace to your uniform and office and your mothers or wivesf or allowing it to continue to happen. To innocent women. The police are now cruel and barbaric and dangerous 6 gases and deadly than the criminals both to humans and to animals, dogs more specifically. The public must stand united and bring these sick persons to justice. No one is above the law. This law enforcement team is probably the weakest and most disgraceful plank in the Minnis Administration and if Minnis doesn’t seek to clean it up and harness Marvin Dames and Anthony Ferguson in their deadly assault on the Bahamian public, it will cost Minnis dearly in the next election. Remove them forthwith.