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Unformatted text preview: The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5University of Phoenix MaterialThe Respiratory SystemAnimation: Respiratory System OverviewAfter viewing the animation, answer these questions:1. Gas and water company What are the two functions of the respiratory system?move air into and out of the lungs, provides a surface for gas exchange2. Electricity voltage in norway Name the structures of the upper respiratory tract.external nose, nasal cavity, and pharynx3. Gas out game commercial Name the structures of the lower respiratory tract.

larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lungs4. Electricity jewels What effect does the nasal cavity have on inhaled air?cleaned, warmed, and humidified5. Electricity generation definition Name the structure shared by both the respiratory and digestive systems.pharynx6.

Gas after eating salad Name the structure that contains the vestibular and vocal folds. Gas stoichiometry worksheet answers What protective functiondo these folds have?The larynx.

Electricity voltage in paris It prevents foreign particles, including food, from entering the lower respiratorysystem.7. Gas calculator The vocal folds are also known as the true vocal chords . P gasol Why?because they produce sound when air passes between them8.

Electricity song lyrics Name the organ that maintains an open passageway to and from the lungs. Electricity of the heart Whatparticular structure helps to keep this passageway open?

The trachea. Electricity distribution network The tracheobronchial tree.9. Electricity year 4 This passageway divides into two primary bronchi, which upon entering the lungs,continue to divide into smaller bronchi until they ultimately divide into terminalbronchioles .10. Gas stoichiometry worksheet Each terminal bronchiole divides repetitively to form respiratory bronchioles, alveolarducts, and alveolar sacs .11. Electricity bill saudi electricity company What structure serves as the site for gas exchange?

These rounded structures aresurrounded by air and blood .the ultra thin walls of the alveoli and capillaries12.

F gas certification logo How do oxygen and carbon dioxide move between the blood and the alveoli? Oxygen diffuses across this membrane into the blood, while carbon dioxide moves from theblood back into the air where it is expelled during exhalation.Exercise 11.1: Respiratory SystemUpper Respiratory, Lateral View1The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5Layer 1 (p. Electricity kanji 614)A.Dorsum of nose.B.Ala of noseC.

Apex of noseD. External naris.

E.Nasal septum… Layer 2 (p. Gas tax deduction 615)A.Nasal septum with mucosaB.

ChoanaC. Hard palateD.NasopharynxE.

Soft palateF.UvulaG.


Vocal foldK.LarynxL.

TracheaM.Brain………… .2The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5N.AtlasO.

TongueP. MandibleQ.Esophagus….Layer 3 (p. Gas utility 615)A.Nasal cavityB.

Superior nasal meatus.C.Superior nasal concha. D.Middle nasal concha.E.Middle nasal meatus.

F.Nasal vestibuleG.Inferior nasal concha.

H.Inferior nasal meatus.I.Opening of auditory tubeJ…._Torus tubarius_____________________________.K. Static electricity definition physics _Salpingopharyngeal fold_____________________________.

L. Electricity projects ks2 Pharyngeal tonsil_____________________________.Layer 4 (p. Electricity and magnetism purcell pdf 616)A.Ethmoidal cells. B.Ethmoidal bulla.3The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5C.Superior nasal concha.

D.Semilunar hiatus.E.Sphenoidal sinus.F.Middle nasal concha.

G.Inferior nasal concha.Exercise 11.2: Respiratory SystemNasal Cavity, Coronal ViewLayer 1 (p. Gas 78 facebook 616)A.External noseB.

Ala of noseC. External naris…

Layer 2 (p. Gas constant for nitrogen 617)A.Frontal sinus.B.Frontonassal ductC.Middle nasal meatus. D.Middle nasal concha.

E.Nasal cavityF. Nasal septumG.Inferior nasal meatusH.

Maxillary sinusI.Inferior nasal concha…..

.4The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5J.Hard palate.K.Frontal lobe.L.OrbitM.

Perpendicular plate of ethmoidN.EyeO. VomerP.Oral cavityQ.

Buccal fat pad.R.Buccinator m..S.Tongue……Layer 3 (pp. Gas national average 617-618)A.Falx cerebri.

B.Ethmoidal cellsC.Superior nasal meatus.D.Superior nasal concha.

E.Middle nasal meatus. F.Middle nasal concha.G.Nasal cavityH.Nasal septumI.

Maxillary sinus….5The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5J.Inferior nasal concha. K.Inferior nasal meatus.

L.Hard palate. M. Electricity production in china Frontal lobe.

N.Crista galliO.Olfactory bulbP.Lacrimal glandQ. OrbitR.

Cribriform plateS.Optic n.T.Extrinsic eye mm.U.Perpendicular plate of ethmoidV.

Zygomatic arch………W. Gas tracker Temporalis m.X.VomerY.Palatine mucous glandZ.

Oral cavity…. AA. Gas utility cost Masseter m..AB. Electricity symbols ks2 worksheet Buccinator m.AC. Geothermal electricity how it works Mandible.

.6The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5AD. Electricity generation Tongue.AE. Gas density Submandibular gland.Layer 4 (p. Gaslighting examples 618)A.Sphenoidal sinusB.

Ethmoidal cellsC.Middle nasal conchaD.

Nasal septumE.Inferior nasal conchaF.

ChoanaG.Soft palateH.

Falx cerebri.I.Frontal lobe. J.OrbitK.

Optic n.L.Extrinsic eye mm.M. Gas 78 industries Temporalis m.N.Perpendicular plate of ethmoidO.Zygomatic archP. Lateral pterygoid m.Q.Lateral pterygoid plate……………7The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5R.VomerS.

Parotid glandT.Masseter m.U.Palatine mucous glandV.

Parotid duct…..W. Gas 87 MandibleX. Medial pterygoid m.Y.TongueZ.Submandibular gland….

Layer 5 (p. Chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet 619)A.Sphenoidal sinus.B.UvulaC.

PharynxD.Falx cerebri. E.Frontal lobe.F.Optic n.G.Temporalis m..H.Temporal lobe.

I.Lateral pterygoid m.J.Mandible…. .8The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5K.Medial pterygoid m..L.Parotid gland.M.Palative tonsil.Exercise 11.3a: ImagingUpper Respiratory SystemA.

Brain. B.Orbit.

C.Ethmoidal cellsD. Superior nasal conchaE.Middle nasal concha.F.Middle nasal meatus.

G.Maxillary sinusH.Nasal septumI.

Inferior nasal concha.J.Inferior nasal meatus. K.Hard palateL.Tongue……

Exercise 11.3b: ImagingUpper Respiratory SystemA.Nasal cavityB.

NasopharynxC.Oropharynx.. .9The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5D.EpiglottisE.LaryngopharynxF.

BrainG.Ethmoidal cellsH.

Nasal septumI.Sphenoidal sinusJ.Middle nasal conchaK.Superior nasal concha.

L.Superior nasal meatus.M.Middle nasal meatus.N.Inferior nasal concha.

O.Inferior nasal meatus. P.Hard palateQ.AtlasR.Soft palateS.

TongueT.Spinal cord. U.Hyoid bone.In Review……….

.10The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 51. Electricity kwh What is the Latin term for the vestibule? What does this word mean? any of various bodily cavities especially when serving as or resembling an entrance to someother cavity or space2. Gas cap code Name the three midline structures that make up the nasal septum.

perpendicular plate of ethmoid bone, vomer, septal cartilage3. Gastroenterologia o que trata Name the largest paranasal sinus.the maxillary sinuses, also called the maxillary antra and the largest of the paranasal sinuses,are under the eyes, in the maxillary bones.4. R gas constant kj Name the portion of the throat posterior to the oral cavity.

Electricity in water What lymphatic organs arelocated there?Pharynx.

Electricity transmission vs distribution Tonsil5. Gas x strips review Name the structure of the soft palate that elevates during swallowing to prevent food fromentering the nasopharynx.Epiglottis6. Gas bubble Name a structure commonly deviated from the mid-line, impacting airflow.

nasal septum7. Thitima electricity sound effect Name the shell-like projection of mucosa-covered bone that is a separate bone.Middle nasal concha8. Gas 4 less manhattan ks Name the narrow space that contains the opening of the nasolacrimal duct.

Meatus9. Grade 6 science electricity multiple choice test What is the threefold purpose for increasing the surface area of the nasal cavity withconchae and meatus?

Subdural hematoma10. Gas lighting urban dictionary Name the collection of lymphatic tissue in the nasopharynx.

Nasopharyngeal tonsils11. Grade 9 electricity unit Name the structure of the nasopharynx that represents the anterior end of the narrowduct between the middle ear and the pharynx.

Electricity water analogy animation Name the structure of the nasopharynxthat surrounds it.Pharyngeal arch, terminal sulcusExercise 11.4: Respiratory SystemLower Respiratory, Anterior ViewLayer 1 (p. Grade 9 electricity unit test 621)A.Surface projection of right lungB.Surface projection of left lungC.Surface projection of jugular notch of sternumD.

Surface projection of heart….11The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5E.Surface projection of xiphoid process.

Layer 2 (pp. Gas 2 chainz 621-622)A.ClavicleB. Jugular notch of sternumC.

External intercoastal m. Electricity invented in homes and membraneD.Pectoralis minor m.E.Costal cartilagesF. Internal intercostal m.G.Xiphoid processH.Enternal abdominal oblique m………Layer 3 (p. Ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas 622)A.Left lungB.

Right lungC. Horizontal fissure of right lungD.

Cardiac notchE.Parietal pleuraF.

Subclavian v.G.Right brachiocephalic v.H.Left brachiocephalic v.I.Superior vena cava………12The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5J.Phrenic n.K.Internal jugular v..L.Left pulmonary a..M. Gas examples AortaN.Pulmonary trunkO. HeartP.

Parietal layer of serous pericardiumQ.Diaphragm……Layer 4 (pp. Physics electricity and magnetism study guide 622-623)A.TracheaB.

Upper lobe of right lungC.Upper lobe of left lungD.Right main bronchusE. Segmental bronchus and branchesF.

Left main bronchusG.Lobar bronchusH.

Horizontal fissure of right lungI. Middle lobe of right lungJ.

Oblique fissure of right lungK.Oblique fissure of left lung………. .13The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5L.Lower lobe of right lungM.Lower lobe of left lungN.

Vagus n.O.Visceral pleuraP. Mediastinal lymph nodesQ.Pulmonary a.R.Pulmonary vv.S.Inferior vena cavaT.

DiaphragmU.Liver………. Layer 5 (p. Gas city indiana weather 623)A.TracheaB.

CarinaC.Segmental bronchus and branchesD.Right main bronchusE.

Left main bronchusF.Lobar bronchus……Animation: Thoracic Cavity Dimensional ChangesAfter viewing the animation, answer these questions:1. Gas variables pogil worksheet answer key Another term for breathing is pulmonary ventilation.14The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 52. Zyklon b gas effects Both inspirationand expiration result from changes in volume in the thoracic cavity.3. Electricity usage by appliance What structures drive these changes? respiratory muscles4.

Electricity quiz ks2 During inspiration, the thoracic cavity increases in volume . Gas city indiana restaurants Why?To accommodate expansion of lungs.5. Gas city indiana police department What regulates the length of the thoracic cavity? changes in shape of thoracic diaphragm6.

Mp electricity bill payment online jabalpur How is the length of the thoracic cavity increased during inspiration? flattening and descent of dome-shaped diaphragm when it contracts7.

Electricity invented or discovered What changes occur with the diaphragm and the thoracic cavity during expiration?elevated as it relaxes and the length of the thoracic cavity decreases8.

Gas out game instructions What regulates the depth and width of the thoracic cavity? How?intercostal muscles that alternatively elevate and depress the ribs and sternum9. Gas prices going up to 5 dollars How does the elevation of the ribs affect the thoracic cavity width?

This motion is similarto raising a handle of a bucket . Ribs and their costal cartilages slope inferiorly as they course around the thoracic wall and attachto the sternum.10. Gas jet size chart What effect does this elevation of the ribs have on the sternum?

What effect does thishave on the thoracic cavity depth?moves anteriorly and superiorly, increases the thoracic cavity depth11. Gas stoichiometry practice How does the movement of the sternum and ribs facilitate inspiration? increase in volume and decrease in pressure in thoracic cavity, which results from the movementof the ribs and sternum facilitate inspiration.

Animation: Partial PressureAfter viewing the animation, answer these questions:1. Electricity 4th grade What is the partial pressure of oxygen in fresh air entering the lungs?1602. Gas ninjas What effect does moisture in the lungs have on this number? results in reduction of PO2 to 1043.

Electricity in the body What is the partial pressure of carbon dioxide in fresh air entering the lungs?0.34. Gas utility worker What effect does carbon dioxide delivered to the lungs from the blood have on thisnumber?raises the PCO2 to 405. Gas exchange in the lungs takes place in the Describe the direction of diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the alveoli.15The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5O2 diffuses from the air in the alveoli into the blood, CO2 diffuses from the blood into the alveoli6. F gas regulations ireland This occurs because of differences in partial pressure7. Gas after eating fruit This occurs at the venous.

ends of the pulmonary capillaries.8. J gastroenterol hepatol impact factor What occurs as a result of diffusion at the venous ends of the pulmonary capillaries?the PO2 in the blood is equal to the PO2 in the alveoli, and the PCO2 in the blood is equal to thePCO2 in the alveoli9. Electricity recruitment 2015 With no differences in partial pressure, there is no more net movement of O2 and CO2 .10. Power outage houston reliant How do oxygen and carbon dioxide diffuse into/out of the tissue capillaries?

O2 diffuses out of the arterial ends of tissue capillaries into the tissue fluid, then into the cells,CO2 diffuses out of the cells into the tissue fluid, then into the blood11. B games 2 This occurs because of differences in partial pressures.12. E electricity bill What occurs at the venous ends of the tissue capillaries? PO2 in blood is equal to the PO2 in the tissue fluid and PCO2 in blood is equal to the PCO2 intissue fluid13. Gas laws worksheet pdf The blood now carries the O2 and CO2to the lungs14.

Online electricity bill payment In the body, all of these exchanges occur simultaneously..Animation: Alveolar Pressure ChangesAfter viewing the animation, answer these questions:1. Hp gas online login At the end of expiration, barometric air pressure and alveolar air pressure are equal.2. A level physics electricity notes Therefore, no movement of air into or out of the lungs takes place.3. Gas national average 2013 Inspiration begins with the contraction of inspiratory muscles to increase thoracic volume.4. E85 gas stations colorado This results in expansion of lungs and increase in alveolar volume.5. Electricity pictures The increased alveolar pressure causes a decrease in alveolar pressure belowbarometric air pressure and air flows into lungs .6. Electricity voltage in china At the end of inspiration, thorax and alveoli stop expanding .7. Grade 6 electricity Air flow into the lungs causes alveolar pressure to become equal to barometric airpressure .16The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 58. Cheapest gas in texas The pressure becomes equal, so no more movement of air occurs.9. Gas stoichiometry practice sheet During expiration, the volume of the thorax decreases as the diaphragmand the thorax and the lungsrecoil.relaxes ,10. Gas nozzle prank This results in a decrease in alveolar volume and an increase in alveolar pressure11.

Npower electricity supplier number The alveolar pressure is now greater than barometric air pressure , so air flows outof the lungs.12. Gas 76 station Air continues to flow out of the lungs until alveolar pressure becomes equal to barometricpressure . Animation: Diffusion Across Respiratory MembraneAfter viewing the animation, answer these questions:1. M gastrocnemius medialis In the lungs, gas exchange takes place in the terminal portion of the bronchial tree .2. Z gas ensenada What are alveoli? Where are they located?

small saccular outpocketings of respiratory bronchioles and alveolar ducts. 3 gases in the atmosphere Located in the lungs.3. Gas zauberberg 1 What is the diameter of an alveolus? How many are in each lung?250um, millions4. Gas leak in car What are the two types of specialized cells in the wall of the alveoli?Squamous epithelial type 1 and cuboidal type 2 cells5. 2015 electricity prices The cells that form 90 percent of the alveolar wall are type 1 cells, squamous epithelialcells .6. Static electricity zapper Describe these cells.thin7. Electricity 101 youtube Name and describe the second type of cells.type 2 cells, larger and cuboidal8. Gas welder job description What do these cells secrete? What is the function of this secretion?pulmonary surfactant, reduces surface tension and prevents the collapse of the alveolus9. Pulmonary capillariesform a network around each alveolus.10. Gas near me open now Name the thin structure that separates the capillary blood from the air in the alveolus.respiratory membrane11. Hp gas online payment What is this thin structure composed of?capillary endothelial cell, alveolar type 1 epithelial cell, and fused basement membranes17The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 512. Gas weed strain This structure has a thickness of only 0.5um, which facilitates rapid exchange ofCO2 from blood into the alveolus and O2 from alveolus into blood .13. Gas out What causes the diffusion of gases across this membrane? Explain it for both oxygen andcarbon dioxide.O2 and CO2 diffuse across the respiratory membrane due to differences in partial pressure. Gas efficient cars under 15000 O2diffuses from a high partial pressure in the alveolus to a relatively low PO2 in the pulmonarycapillaries. Exercise 11.5a: ImagingLower Respiratory SystemA.Trachea. B.Right main bronchusC.Left main bronchusD.DiaphragmE. ClavicleF.Jugular notch of sternumG.Aortic knobH. Superior vena cava.I.Left border of heart.J.Right border of heartK.Apex of heart…….. Exercise 11.5b: ImagingLower RespiratoryPneumoniaA.TracheaB.Right main bronchusC.Right segmental bronchusD. Left main bronchusE.Intermediate bronchus…..18The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5F.Left lobar bronchusG. Right lobar bronchusH.Left segmental bronchusI.Endotracheal tubeJ.PneumoniaK. Heart shadow……Exercise 11.5c: ImagingLower RespiratoryPneumoniaA. Trachea.B.Pneumonia in upper lobe of left lungC. DiaphragmD.Spinous processE. ClavicleF.Aortic knobG. Arch of aortaH.Thoracic cageI. Left border of heartJ.Right border of heartK. Heart shadow.L.Apex of heart……. In Review1. A gas is a form of matter that Name the serous membrane that covers the lungs….19The Respiratory SystemNSCI/281 Version 5pleura2. Gasco abu dhabi salary Name the space formed between the visceral and parietal pleura. pleural cavity3. Gas prices in michigan What is the primary muscle of respiration?external intercostal muscles and the diaphragm4. Electricity history timeline What pressure changes occur when the primary muscle contracts?decrease in alveolar volume and an increase in alveolar pressure5. Gas efficient cars 2010 What nerve is responsible for these contractions?efferent nerves6. Electricity for refrigeration heating and air conditioning 9th edition pdf The oblique fissure of the left lung separates the upper and lowerright lung it separates the upper, middle, and lower lobes.lobes, while in the7. Electricity formulas physics The horizontal fissure of the right lung separates the upper, middle, and lowerlobes.ReferenceBroyles, R. Electricity around the world B. Electricity worksheets for grade 1 (2012). 101 gas station Workbook to accompany anatomy & physiology revealed version 3.0 . Gas vs diesel truck NewYork: McGraw-Hill. F gas regulations 2015 Adapted with permission.20… Site: https://www.coursehero.com/file/16244490/nsci281-r5-APR-workbook-the-respiratory-system-wk4doc/