Nxt results, live blog (mar. 6, 2019) round 1 of the dusty classic – cageside seats gas city indiana post office


Black Aichner start off. The Italian forces Aleister into his corner after some technical work to start, and Barthel is in, but Black quickly levels him with a flurry of strikes and gets a two count after a front kick. Diversion from Fabian stops a move off the top, and Aleister jumps into a two-handed strike. Nearfall off a spinebuster/knee combo off a tag, and Marcel takes Ric off the apron at the same time. Ricochet gets Aichner’s attention and evades a strike, allowing Back to sweep the leg and both men tag. The One And Only in hot, and gets a two electricity in india count on Barthel off a standing Shooting Star Press. Tag for the heels, and Aichner hits a double springboard moonsault while Bartel take Black out with a dive, but Ric kicks out! The Italian keeps on the gas, and he seems to score the upset with a big DDT, but the former North American champ kicks out again! Somehow finding a second wind, he gets separation with some chops and gets to Aleister for the tag. He runs wild, but the numbers catch up to him. Black manages to avoid a tandem move, Ric flies to take out Barthel, but Aichner is still fired up. He knocks Black back into the ropes, but turns right into Aleister’s finisher to end a great match.

– Two b i g s t r o n g b o i s are getting ready when NXT Tag champs War Raiders walk up for a quick staredown. We then get highlights of last Wedsnesday’s double countout between Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic. We see Lee training with Drew Gulak electricity and magnetism purcell, Danny Burch and Eric Bugenhagen at the PC when Dijakovic barges in demanding to finish it. They’re separated, and we learn the rematch is in two weeks.

Ryker accompanies the Sons, and Percy tells us Blake Cutler are the only team in the tournament trained by Dusty. Burch Cutler start, the Son with a stiff chop, but Danny takes him down and gets the tag to Lorcan. Tag behind Oney’s back while running the ropes gas 47 cents, and Blake comes in with a spinebuster. The heels keep him in their corner and emply tandem maneuvers while targeting his lower back. Several nearfalls, but Lorcan won’t stay down for three. The Boston native powers out of a Blake crossface and chin lock to get the tag, Burch in like a house afire! Suplexes for both Sons, clothelines, enziguri and dropkick on Cutler. He brings Lorcan in for a tandem move, but Oney’s back won’t allow him to lift Steve. Burch is taken out but Lorcan flies to take out Wesley and comes back in with uppercuts! It’s not enough, and he gets caught in crab, but makes it to the e electricity bill payment ropes! Tag, and Burch knows he has to do it on his own, which leads to getting caught in an assisted missle drop kick, but he won’t stay down. Kickout, tag and Oney runs through both Sons, putting them down with a double blockbuster. Another tag, and this time Lorcan is able to help with the elevated DDT, but the cover is broken up. Burch gets caught with a lariat, Oney is thrown into one of the Sons knees, and that’s it.

– The new North American champion Velveteen Dream is here, and heads to the announce desk. He poses on it a couple different ways and soaks in Full Sail chanting his name. He grabs a mic to remind us he’s the new champ. He’s about to give us another reminder when we hear a familiar “BRO”. Matt Riddle just came out to say hi, and congratulate Dream on his recent victory. But real talk… Riddle wants to get a closer look at the North American championship. Velveteen shows him, and Matt says now he wonders what it will like around his waist one day, bro. Dream says Riddle must be on cloud 9 today, because he’s not his bro. And the spotlight (snaps fingers and the lights go out everywhere but on him) is his! Dream over.

– Interview with Io Shirai electricity names superheroes and Kairi Sane from the PC. Io says Bianca Belair is good, but she hasn’t beaten Shayna Baszler like she has. Kairi says she wants the Women’s title back, but this is Shirai’s time. She believes in Io. Shirai says she’ll beat The EST, and then cuts a promo in Japanese. We’re reminded Io and Bianca’s #1 contender’s match is next week.

Profits out first, resplendent in red. The Brits have some nice custom leather bomber jackets. Ford and Bate pause before the start to soak in dueling chants. Montez with an early takedown, but then Tyler grinds him down with a side headlock when Ford ties for the whip. Dawkins in, but Bate rocks him with a European and gets the tag. Tandem rolling senton for two after a tag to Seven, but Angelo powers him down and gets the tag. Ford with a penalty kick to the back, another to the front and a cover. Trent kicks out, and gets locked in a cravate. Seven tries and fails to power out, but with a lot of screaming from both men and the crowd, he’s finally able to. Montez ducks a slap and lowers his head for a DDT. Tags for both men, Tyler gets the best of things and covers electricity laws uk, but Ford breaks it up. They trade signature sequences and Dawkins covers, then Seven breaks it up. Montez flies to take out Seven. Back in, spinebuster/frog splash combo, but Bate slips out before three! A frustrated Profits try for a Doomsday Device, but Trent recovers and suplexes Ford on the apron! Bate lifts Dawkins for a slam and gets the tag. Seven sets up, burning hammer hits and Montez can’t get back to break it up this time.

UE out first, just the two of them. #DIY get individual entrances, but after Ciampa comes out he signals to the back and we get the old theme! This just makes me sad in light of today’s news, but oh well. Crowd is chanting for Gargano Ciampa. Johnny starts with Fish, and they work fast amid dueling chants. Bobby breaks up a series of arm drags with a kick and gas definition science makes a tag, Johnny takes him down with an armbar and tag in the NXT champ. Fish back in as well, and Ciampa stomps him down in the corner. Tags are coming fast and furious, the ERA are working over Gargano when Tommaso gets the v gashi 2012 blind tag. DIY are working like a well-oiled machine. The champ with a nearfall on a neckbreaker, but the momentum doesn’t last as it becomes clear this is longer than a one hour episode. Fish gets two off a suplex, both ERA members hit Johnny with knees and then KOR locks in a knee bar. The heels (I guess DIY are faces? Feels weird, but that’s where we are) work Gargano over for a while until he avoids a double kick, hits a DDT and eventually gets the tag after Tommaso wins a fight on the floor with Fish.

The Blackheart cleans house and ends with a Tower of London, but O’Reilly kicks out. Everybody gets into the action again, and Johnny takes out Fish with a enziguri and the somersault senton off the apron. Ciampa gets another two count off a Blue Thunder Bomb (I miss Sami Zayn). Gargano flies back with his slingshot spear, but Kyle catches him in a guillotine! Knee from Tommaso breaks that up and gets two. Fists fly between O’Reilly and Johnny, and KOR injects a little overselling levity by rebounding off progressively lower ropes back into strikes, first a superkick then a lariat. Bobby and the champ gas calculator are in the corner, and after a superplex is countered, Fish does the super-deal with a Falcon Arrow. Kyle follows by dropping a knee, and Ciampa still kicks out! O’Reilly grabs an arm, Bobby flies with a heabutt, but Johnny shoves over the whole pile to break things up. Kyle clears everyone out, but after each DIYer hits their signature DDT on Fish and dump him to the floor, it’s O’Reilly that takes the fall.