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"It is unlikely that the village can continue to limit property tax increases to 3 percent annually going forward unless there are increases to other revenues (such as sales tax or similar), there is a dramatic reduction in non-core service support (e.g. property tax support for grant funding agreements or services provided to other taxing bodies) or there is a dramatic reduction in core municipal services," the budget notes.

Trustee Bob Tucker said the move to use budget reserves is "not a trick" but a strategy that might be recouped through unforeseen future revenues. power in costa rica The property transfer tax revenue through the sale of large buildings downtown, for instance, can unexpectedly net the village hundreds of thousands of dollars. The sale of the 21-story Vantage apartment building at the beginning of 2018 resulted in tax revenue estimated to be over $800,000 for the village, for example.

When you put the public good in the hands of venture capitalists and real estate executives, and when elected officials sell out to people like that, financial catastrophe for the community is inevitable. But thanks to the current Board’s complete acquiescence with the financial sector any semblance doing things for the common good will go right out the window.

See this for why the middle schools received an "underperforming" rating. The mystery to me is how the elementary schools that feed into the middle schools are all either "commendable" or "exemplary." Under the section, ISBE designation, they explain "Brooks Middle School has an underperforming designation based on the performance data for our low-income, our IEP and our African American student groups." http://www.op97.org/brooks/middlematters/

Not that they are not nice individuals do we really need Community Service Officers who have no police powers? Also, where is parking enforcement hiding? Just around the area of Chicago Ave. to Lake, Austin Blvd. to Lombard there are numerous cars parked overnight which I don’t believe have passes as they are there too many nights and, cars with expired or no village stickers. gas line jobs in wv Aside to being unfair to residents who abide by the rules that is lost revenue and considerable lost revenue. gas leak los angeles Let’s not forget also the residents with cars parked in the alley well over the apron of their garages which is another violation.

Maybe we can get the 3,000,000 cash back on the Oak Park and Madison land deal and maybe we could sell the land instead of giving it away. Also what happened to the surprise transfer tax money that came in from the vantage building sale or the target sale. bp gas prices chicago The transfer stamps were substantial. Guess that just disappears with this current board. electricity usage calculator kwh If they were following the budget it would be surplus money and could be used for this next budget. Maybe we could forgo the road diet on Madison street as well. electricity quizlet Save us a few bucks.

Not one mention of the possible steps the village could take to increase its tax base. Oak Park and Cook County’s populations are declining. electricity cost per month All too often, Oak Park businesses find the environment friendlier in neighboring municipalities. So yes, the village needs to change its approach, but not in the way that’s been described here. You don’t increase your base by piling on to the current and future tax burden faced by residents and businesses in the forms of increases to the state’s income tax, likely increases to the gas tax, uncompetitive sales taxes, property taxes that are already among the highest in the country, and the last bastion of the desperate policymaker, ie new fees for every concievable activity.