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I do not mean obsessive in a bad way. Aki Ra, the founder’s adopted name, established his unique museum of war weaponry, including landmines, to show the world the horrors of war; war that he experienced himself as a child and, then, adult soldier for, amongst other governments, the infamous Khmer Rouge. The hp gas museum itself deserves a good hour, or longer if you wish to read the texts scattered around the buildings gas line jobs in wv. Equally important is Aki Ra’s orphanage and school, off limits to the casual visitor, behind the Museum itself. Aki Ra no longer clear landmines himself, but supports those who do. Is there work left to do? Yes! Cambodian Mine Action Centre (CMAC) estimates that there a re between four and six million landmines and unexploded ordinance in Cambodia today. Yes, 4 to 6 million! For those with an ironic sense of humour (probably like Aki Ra himself), you can buy soap in the shape of a landmine in the Museum’s gift shop: a unique gift. People normally take in the Landmine Museum electricity symbols worksheet on the way to or from some of the other temples outside the main Angkor Wat archaeological area. More Show less

I read about this place online and was excited to go out there and learn about the landmines and the children in the orphanage. Under the relief center it said that if you were visiting there was a wish list la gas prices map for the children so we went shopping and brought toothbrushes, pens, pencils, combs etc to take out for the children. It is quite a way out and a bit rough in a tuk tuk. On arrival it cost 5.00US to get in each which is expensive for Cambodia entrance fees. The girl at the front desk appeared not to speak English, which is fine, but that doesn’t mean she cant look up at us and at least smile or acknowledge us, we nearly left then. We were totally underwhelmed by the place, it was small and rundown electricity vampires, there is no argument that the work that Aki Ra has done in clearing landmines is fantastic but the museum actually lets his good work down. My husbands audio headphones didn’t work so he took them back to the girl at the entrance who was now asleep and didn’t seem happy she was woken, she swapped the headphones but put the 1940 gas station photos ones that didn’t work back on the shelf for the next person. There were plenty of donation boxes in this small museum that consisted of 4 tiny rooms and I did see a wish list on the wall but nowhere that encouraged us to leave the items we brought, it seemed gas engine efficiency money was more what they wanted. I understand that the orphanage is the children’s home and that it is not appropriate for tourists to be visiting the children but I did think that we possibly could have visited part of the orphanage to see the work that is being done for the children and learn about the lives of these children without j gastroenterol interrupted the kids (as the websites says when you visit the relief center). I did read on a sign that all children go on to do a trade or study at university but where were the stories about what these individuals have achieved. While I was standing there Bill from the relief center came out of the museum and electricity related words I was standing at the gate by the relief center reading the sign, I smiled at him hoping to make conversation and thinking maybe he would stop and talk and I could pass on our supplies we had brought but he rudely ignored me and brushed passed and open the gate through to the orphanage without so much of any acknowledgement. I thought he was totally rude especially when they are wanting support from visitors. We then went in to the room where they were selling paintings to make money and the women in there couldn’t even look up so we left and took the supplies we brought with us. I felt this place actually gave a bad reputation of orphanages in Cambodia and gas definition physics a lot of work is needed to make this museum enjoyable.

I am sorry you had a bad experience. That is not gas after eating pasta generally the case. I will pass on the information you gave me to the staff. Our entrance fee of $5 is used to pay our staff a livable salary, to care for the 26 children in our care, to help clear landmines and to build schools in small villages around the country. It is in line with many other fees charged by organizations in Cambodia. I am Bill, and I am sorry I did not ask you if you had any questions. My rudeness was inexcusable, and I will try and do better in the future. I understand your desire to see the children’s facility and see what we accomplish there, but we do not wd gaster battle allow visitors to enter the children’s compound. It is not part of the museum. We currently have 8 students in university or who will be starting university this year. The headphone electricity use in the us issue is one we are addressing. The phones are unique to our guide system and we are attempting to get some new ones from the manufacturer. I am not sure why the broken one was returned to the stack to be reissued as we have a program to send them to the office daily if they don’t work properly. Thank you for your input. It will be used to make the museum a better experience. Bill