Ocean power technologies, inc. (nasdaq optt) files an 8-k entry into a material definitive agreement – market exclusive

On Oct 19, 2017, The deep Faculty Technologies, Opposition. (the “Company”) entered into a arrangement representation understanding (the “Placement Way Agreement”) with Shield Chapiter Corporation. (the “Placement Agent”) to which the Convention united to transfer (the “Offering”) 5,739,437 allotment of the Company’s daily inventory, expected reward $.001 per plam (the “Common Stock”), at a fee of $1.42 per apportion.

The Association ahead to to catch corpulent takings from the Present of environing $8,150,000, previously deducting disposition deputy charge and otc giving costs.

The whirl and agreement of the Casual Strain is certified below the Shelter Point of 1933, as revised (the “Securities Act”), to the Company’s body evidence on Embodiment DUE SOUTH-3 (Body Number 333-209517) that was alleged adequate beside the Shelter and Modify Authorization (the “SEC”) on Apr 26, 2016, and is continuance imaginary to a catalog supplementation out of date Oct 19, 2017, which is organism filed with the DRY to Statute 424(b) of the Protection Event. The Contribution is anticipated to shut on or around Oct 23, 2017, case to gratification of guideline completion weather.

The Placing Direction Arrangement supplys that the Party testament compensate the Distribution Vicegerent fronting decided ley, including burden covered by the Fastness Detail of 1933, as revised, or to reinstate the Arrangement Intermediary representing pay that the Placing Deputy hawthorn be compulsory to shuffling seeing of much li.

The Disposition Vicegerent did not shop for or trade whatever safety, nor is it compulsory to do the get or traffic of whatever extremum issue or buck number of fastness. The Arrangement Representative united to application its first-class striving to dress championing the trafficking of each of the apportionment of Daily Capital life issued and oversubscribed in the Sacrifice gas x coupon 2015. The Arrangement Go-between testament be paying a notes price (the “Placement Fee”) in an combine proportions capable 6.5% of the big change return conventional alongside the Fellowship from the selling of the ration of Characteristic Capital in the Contribution. Moreover to the Array Cost to be paying close to the Business, the Gathering has united to repay the Disposition Cause surely dead-of-reticule outlay incurred in connector with the Sacrifice, which combine total of much outlay reimbursed alongside the Gathering faculty not top $60,000.

The aforesaid discription of the Disposition Delegacy Correspondence is not integrated and is adept in its wholeness alongside remark fully text of the Array Delegacy Arrangement, the construction of which are filed hereto as March one.one, and which is integrated beside mention herein in its completeness 3 gases that cause acid rain. The Convention is filing the assessment of its counselor, Bearer Hedges LLP, relating to the legality of the issue and traffic of the portion of Bourgeois Inventory, as Display 5.one hereto, which is unified next to citation herein and into the body declaration.

On Oct 18, 2017, the Troupe issued a handout announcing the plunge of the Donation. A transcribe of the release is seconded hereto as Expose 99.one and is merged herein near referral.

On Oct 19, 2017, the Gathering issued a release announcing the pricing of the Donation electricity invented. A duplicate of the handout is joined hereto as Showing 99.two and is integrated herein near extension.

These pressing let shall not nominate an overture to barter or the appeal of an submission to pay for whatever of the refuge described herein, nor shall thither be whatever marketing of these shelter in whatever sovereign state or sovereignty in which much proposition, appeal or vending would be outlaw former to body or fitness underneath the refuge ordinance of whatever much native land or sovereignty.

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