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This casita is a very, VERY long way from San Jose. We left the airport car rental office at 4PM and, after stopping for dinner along the way, arrived at Cascada Azul about 9:30. When we arrived we found our instructions/ directions included an incorrect gate electricity questions and answers physics code and we were unable to open the gate. We had visions of spending our first night sleeping in the car parked outside the gate but luckily a resident came along after a while and opened the gate for us. The steep, narrow, unpaved road leading from the highway to Cascada Azul is nothing short of horrible, possibly the roughest road I have ever driven on. If you go to Costa Rica for adventure travel, you gas up the jet will love this road.

Finally, read the rental terms carefully. One: there is no refund policy. If your plans change, no matter how early the owner is notified, you simply lose all your money. Two: The owner requires YOU to pay for an insurance policy to protect HIM if the property suffers any damage. And Three: There is a HUGE electricity in salt water surcharge for use of the air conditioner. I cannot remember staying at a hotel or rental property 76 gas station jobs where a basic necessity like air conditioning was at extra cost. And It cannot possibly cost as much to air condition this small house as the owner charges, so I’m left to conclude this is a real money-maker for him. You WILL need the air conditioner. We were there in late January 2019 and when booking thought we might escape this added expense. We spent the first night sleeping gas variables pogil answers on the pool deck because the house was so hot. We had the A/C turned on the next day.

We rented the house on the left on Lot 8 (there are two houses on that lot) from November 15 – 27, 2017. The location is wonderful. You have to drive for a way up into the jungle to get there. Toucans sang to us nearly every morning. Night sounds gas leak los angeles california were incredible, with us trying to figure out what was making them. We loved the private pool. No one can see you when you are using it. : ) We did not use the outdoor BBQ, but we often sat at the outdoor table for breakfast, or just to enjoy the surroundings. Inside, the two couches were very comfortable for sitting or lying on. The end seats of each couch recline. There were many options for lighting in the evenings from bright to romantic. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The electricity transmission master bedroom’s bed is king size. It is very comfortable and does not sag. The bed does not creak or jiggle when someone turns over it. When we were there the bed smelled of mildew so we did not use it after the first couple nights gas dryer vs electric dryer cost savings. The bed in the other room is a queen size. It did not smell of mildew, but the mattress creaked every time one of us rolled over. The pillows in both rooms were small and nondescript, reasonably comfortable, but certainly not luxurious. The shower in the master b games 2 bathroom was great. Good water flow from the shower head, and we never ran out of hot water. We did not use the bathtub or shower in the other bathroom. Each room has a ceiling fan. The one in the master bedroom did not work when we were there. Johnny, who is the on-site manager and is very helpful, said they were in the process of getting the fan repaired. We know that getting supplies often takes a long time in the electricity worksheets ks1 outlying areas of the tropics. Still, we were without a fan, though we didn’t use that bedroom anyway because of the mildew issue with the bed. Although the web description said we would have internet, the wi-fi tower had been knocked out in a storm the day before we got there so we didn’t have any. We were told that they gas and electric credit union had to find a new location to install another tower. Again, things take time. It was nice having a washing machine. The clothes dryer took forever to dry clothes; the clothes got hot, but they didn’t get dry. I suspect that the exhaust vent is clogged. We enjoyed the stay at Cascada Azul. We went into Dominical or Uvita every day for meals and to walk on the beach, then back to our little electricity electricity music notes hide-a-way. Very enjoyable! We would rent the place again. I especially will miss the lovely private pool!