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Quite simply this was a night of sheer beauty and love. A night of celebration of song. It was really special. Waxahatchee (Katie Crutchfield) and Kevin Morby have been touring Australia together performing solo co headlining shows. They are exceptional songwriters, armed with an innate talent to tap into the human soul. Sunday night was the final night of the short tour, in the iconic Sydney Opera House. Katie went first, showing off her beautiful, soulful voice. She played some new ones and old ones, plus a couple off her recently released EP ‘Great Thunder’. My favourite was ‘You Left Me With An Ocean’. This was performed on a baby grand piano as were a couple of other tunes. The rest were performed on acoustic, with my favourite being ‘Sparks Fly’. We also received a couple of covers, with the Lucinda Williams ‘Fruits of My Labor’ being especially wonderful.

Kevin Morby followed after a short break and ably showed yet again what a talent he is. His set was mostly on electric guitar, but he also plied the piano. gas in texas He opened with what I believe is a new song in ‘Hail Mary’. What a song it was. The rest of the set was a nice selection from his collection of four albums. All of it was great but I especially enjoyed ‘Dorothy’, my favourite song of 2016. ‘Destroyer’ was also superb, performed on the baby grand. As a special treat Kevin returned for his encore partnered by Katie. 1 unit electricity cost in india I’m sure everyone’s hearts soared at this point. For good measure we received a Jason Molina song as well as a Bob Dylan cover. They then closed with the haunting ‘Beautiful Strangers’. What an ending to a very special night.

Friday night at the Oxford Art Factory felt a long time coming. In fact I never ever thought it would come. Seeing Destroyer was something I knew I wanted for a very long time. But I honestly thought he would never tour. Dan Bejar that is, or Destroyer as is his artistic name. Destroyer was a name easily at the top of my ‘never seen artists’ list. I have loved his music for a very long time. His gift for melody and drama coupled with an astonishing lyrical ability made him lodge very deeply in my heart. So when he was announced a tour of Australia I was extremely exited. k gas oroville It would be a solo tour which excited me even more as it would allow his magnificent songs to flourish with beautiful abandon. And so it proved Friday night.

Dan took the stage just after 9.30 with his well worn (and loved) red acoustic Guild guitar. He then played for a bit over an hour, I could easily have taken more, delving widely across his huge repertoire of classic songs. It was certainly a well balanced set. Something for everyone I would have thought. In fact he played two new songs which I think were both great. He even gave us a beautiful New Pornographers song. I most pleased too that three songs from his classic album ‘Streethawk: A Seduction" were presented on the night. Especially the magnificent ‘Helena’, my personal highlight of the night. Dan didn’t say much but seemed very grateful for the applause. There were some small quips. My favourite being ‘I have two educational songs and this is one of them’. It was truly beautiful night. m gasbuddy Just a genius songwriter, his solitary guitar and a slew of great songs on a bare stage. Dreams fulfilled.

Camp Cope sure have come a long way. As lead singer Georgia said on Wednesday night 3 short years ago they played their first show in Collingwood and now here they were playing the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. What an achievement that is. Camp Cope have built a devoted audience on two albums that explore love, depression, life and everything else. The second album especially shines a light on the issues of a male dominated music world and also the issue of masculine toxicity and all the issues that come with that. They do it all in powerful package that delivers. No wonder their audience continues to grow.

Wednesday night was probably the longest set I have seen them play. For an hour and a half they gave their all and then some. They played nearly their full catalogue and even had time for covers. The most amazing cover was the extremely poignant ‘Heads Roll Off’, a tribute to the immensely missed Scott Hutchison who we lost earlier this year. Also very special was a rare performance of ‘I’ve Got You’ which Georgia performed solo on acoustic. The song is a tribute to her late father and tremendously moving. The only slight quibble on the night was the sound. The vocals and lead guitar seemed a little low in the mix and therefore were a bit dominated by the bass. grade 6 electricity experiments But apart from that issue it was a triumphant and joyous night.

Kendrick Lamar is unique for many reasons but I think the most relevant one is that he is perhaps the only artist in the world right now that is both commercially successful and also critically acclaimed. Most of the charts are filled with artists raking in the dollars but hardly bringing the acclaim in the field of artistic merit. Kendrick does both, appealing to various subsets of people in a hugely satisfying manner. Tuesday night at Qudos Bank Arena was the first of two back to back sold out nights. What a show it was. He is a magnetic, generous and spectacular performer. He is also slightly understated in the realm of stadium shows. Although this show had a few more bells and whistles compared to his show at the same venue 3 years ago. There are more visuals projected onto a large screen and he even came into the middle of the crowd onto an elevating stage to perform ‘Money Trees’. Kendrick doesn’t say much. He lets his music do the speaking. Of course he performed a huge chunk from last year’s smash hit album in the shape of ‘DAMN.’ The highlight being a great rendition of ‘HUMBLE.’, where the audience took the song from him for a near acapella version before he basically went back and performed the song again in its entirety. Of course he made room for classics like ‘Backseat Freestyle’ and ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe’ too. The show was finished off nicely with his huge hit from the Black Panther movie in the form of ‘All the Stars’. It completed a night with a performer that is at the top of game. electricity nightcore In complete and total control.

I missed Lord Huron on their first tour of Australia, so this time around I wasn’t going to miss out. They have certainly made a bigger name for themselves, a growing reputation only helped by this year’s excellent album in ‘Vide Noir’. Thankfully their Sydney show last Sunday night wasn’t at a massive venue but at the always reliable Factory Theatre in Enmore. It was a fun night, a great band armed with a slew of hugely enjoyable songs. Most of the tunes were taken from their previous two albums although I was very pleased to hear an older one in the stately ‘Ends of the Earth’.

Leader Ben Schneider is not only an excellent singer but also has an amiable charm keeping an excellent crowd enthralled through out the night. He led the way on acoustic and what once was a solo project is now a fully fleshed out band with four guitars, drums and keyboards. The band was excellent, plying their brand of country and folk tinged rock with great aplomb. Lord Huron are certainly a band to see live if they ever come through your time.