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I’ve been watching Top Gear BBC now for like 5 months. Gas efficient cars 2015 Just going season by season. Gasbuddy map And I finally decided to sit down and read what the difference between a supercharger and turbocharger is. Gas oil ratio calculator This basic knowledge then led me to read up on the importance of octane (anti-knock) for turbocharged cars due to pre-detonation protection with the warmer compressed air being put into the ignition chamber. Gas 87 89 93 Fair enough…

that all makes sense. Kansas gas service bill pay Increased octane doesn’t give you more power unless your engine is equipped to harness said power from more air, fuel, and compression. Electricity water analogy But that got my wife and I to thinking…..

so for all you Petrol Heads – please answer the following. Physical science electricity review worksheet When we were in our 20’s and driving from KS to CA and back, across the Rockies on 70, why was it that our cars really struggled to climb (’92 Acura Integra – Manual, ’95 Ford Escort – Manual, 2000 CR-V – Manual) with the altitude under the normal 87 octane?

When we put in 91 we managed much more steady power and cleared the elevations. Gsa 2016 catalog My reading on octane and elevation is that at higher altitudes where the air is thinner, compression pressures are reduced and therefor slightly lower octane are acceptable – ie. Electricity grounding works 85 octane in Colorado. 9gag But then I ask you why did our cars need (or appear to need) the higher octane.

Electricity projects for 4th graders It is my educated guess that the cars engines was operating very inefficiently at altitude, increasing the work load on the engine and we likely got some knocking (not that I would have known that at the time). Gas after eating bread Therefore by adding higher octane, it allowed the engine to run more efficiently, better compression and before detonation, giving us back the power we needed to climb the elevations.

Gas vs diesel prices So before you all answer, this is not meant to spark a debate on whether the cars were crap, our driving skills were crap, or whether octane is good or not for non-turbo cars. La gastronomie All I’m asking is what one thinks the physics behind a real-life experience were for needing higher octane in a small 4 cylinder engine to keep to power and climbing at very high altitudes (under freeway speeds – which meant going like 30-50 climbing) would be is if most information I’m reading says just the opposite.

Electricity questions and answers physics I will say that climbing I-70 mountain pass is one of the highlighted joys of driving in my life (ranks up there with Rt 20 Between Fort Bragg and Willits, CA and Rt. Gas oil mix ratio chart 17 coming into Santa Cruz, CA). Types of electricity I seriously had to watch cars like twelve lengths ahead to weave my way up the mountains. Gas vs electric water heater cost per year If for any reason you had to break or downshift, you not only did a disservice to yourself, but you did one for everyone behind you as you slowed to a crawl at like 10-20 MPH, and had to regain momentum again over the next 10 min. It may have just been luck with the Escort. Gas emoji The Integra and CRV have similar engines with a higher compression ratio will be complimented by a higher octane.

7 cases movie Their high revving nature makes them good for hill climbing. Electricity consumption It’s really not the size of the engine but more the engineering.

Gas konigsforst The air is thinner so you can run a lower octane without worrying about pinging but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to perform well. La gasolina reggaeton explosion Performance and frugality are two very different things so any debate will have a different trajectory.

Electricity electricity schoolhouse rock They don’t run a lower octane because it works better. Dynamic electricity examples They run a lower octane because they can. Gas vs diesel My NA Flex had no trouble crossing the Rockies. Electricity 2pm lyrics It took a little planning but careful placement in traffic allowed me to stay off the brakes and in my power band until I was heading down the other side.

Electricity and circuits ppt I love that drive but it’s kind of a bummer not being able to really look around and enjoy the scenery. Gas x user reviews My wife gets that honor. Site: https://www.fordflex.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7190