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Octolings are similar to Inklings, and are the Octarian versions of them. Unlike Inklings, they have thicker and curlier hair, have their suckers above their hair than underneath, beige underings (the section under their hair), small round ears (according to the Splatoon in-game model.), purple circled eyes with a dash on the end, pointed fingers, and have no spots at the ends of their hair.

Like Inklings, they can walk on land in humanoid form as well as swim through their own Ink in octopus form, making up a somewhat small but nonetheless dangerous portion of Octarian forces. They can use various main weapons as well as Splat Bombs. With no visible target, Octolings will wander alone or in small groups and Ink nearby surfaces for their convenience. Upon being engaged by the player character ( Agent 3 or Agent 4), they will make tactical maneuvers, quickly jumping in and out of their Ink while shooting and throwing Splat Bombs. The best way to deal with Octolings is to catch them before they can react; once found, they are difficult to escape from, as they will follow the player and shoot at their last location if they try to escape in octopus form.

Normal Octolings have red hair and are fairly easy to defeat, though later missions feature Elite Octolings instead, which are faster, more resilient, and deal more damage. Further separating them from the common Octoling are their dark hair (black with a gold tinge in Splatoon or dark maroon in Splatoon 2 ) and the two long strands of seaweed attached to their heads. Their body feature seems slightly older than the female inkling’s. In Japanese, they are called デラタコゾネス (JP) (means deluxe, or decorated Takozonesu).

In Splatoon 2, Octolings have a slightly different design of their armor, wearing Hypno-shades instead of Octoling Goggles, some octolings with colored finger tips similar to that of Marina and the Elite Octolings being a dark maroon color instead of black, but otherwise function the same as they did in Splatoon. Octolings in some stages will spawn far away from Agent 4 and Super Jump near their location to attack. Additionally, they now use Octarian versions of the Hero Roller, Hero Slosher, and Hero Blaster in addition to the Octoshot. They appear in missions Octoling Strike, Parking Garage, Octoling Assault, Propellerland, Octolings Ahoy!, and Octoling Workout.

Octo Expansion introduces the mysterious Octoling character Agent 8, and will allow players to use Octolings in multiplayer upon completing its story mode. The male version of Agent 8 is also the first appearance of a character which is clearly shown to be a male Octoling in-game. Their octopus form is more reminiscent of the squid form of Inklings with a key difference being that their eyes are separated instead of together.

The expansion trailer and teasers also shows Sanitized Octolings using all previous as well as new weapons and specials, including Octarian versions of the Herobrush, Hero Dualies, and Hero Brella, as well as each weapon’s corresponding Sub and Special Weapon, such as the Dualies Octoling using Burst Bombs and Tenta Missiles. They’ve also been seen using the Inkjet. The physical coloration of the octolings are very different from the normal ones. They are shown to have pale greenish skin, dark teal colored finger tips and blue hair with neon yellow tips.

While both types of characters are called "Octolings" in English material about the expansion, the Japanese material notably makes a distinction between the player Octoling, called タコ (JP), "Octopus" and the enemy Octolings, called タコゾネス (JP), "Octopus-Amazon". Audio

• It is possible to hack a playable Octoling into both games. In Splatoon, the game loads an otherwise unused Octoling alternate model [1] supposed to be used by the player so they can change the Octoling’s skintone, hair color, and see their eyes. These Octolings have purple eye markings with a dash as opposed to the black markings of the Inklings. In Splatoon 2, the Octoling model used in Octo Canyon has black markings with a dark purplish dash instead, and the hair is affected by movement, where it remained stiff in Splatoon’s models. [2]This change could’ve been to avoid any confusion between Marina’s markings or that they might have more than one mask color.

• This is possible due to the fact that, on a technical level, the "Octolings" are simply modified female Inkling models with curvier bodies plus unique hair and travel-form models; all other model rigging and animations are shared. Moreover, the hack makes clear that the current in-game models of Octolings are not intended to be playable yet; their hair model clips through a significant number of hats. However, the fact that they have a model specifically meant for this purpose, their eyes are unique despite not being seen at all during the single-player game, and the Octoling hair being textured and coded to function properly with the "team ink color" system despite the clipping issues, has raised suspicion that it is very likely that there are plans to make the Octolings playable in the future. Plus, the fact that models have been updated several times throughout updates practically confirms this.