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The Ode to Spring Bobble Hat was designed specifically to be the perfect match for the Ode to Spring Crochet Bobble Scarf pattern that can also be found on the blog! With the crisp, white, snowy, winter chill in the air that is happening here in Utah, this pattern design with its pops of bright, fun color on a white background was delightful to play around with once again.

When I designed the Ode to Spring Croche Bobble Scarf it occurred to me that it’s always fun to have a matching hat because well, this is usually the case, but when several of you requested that it really be so, I knew that I needed to make it happen sooner rather than later. gas tracker Many of you expressed that you’d like the pattern before Christmas to make as gifts for loved ones, so aiming to please whenever I can, here it is! Best wishes on your holiday gift making! The Yarn

Since the goal was to make a matching set for the Ode to Spring Crochet Bobble Scarf I stayed with the same yarn and colors that I used for the scarf. Yarnspirations Caron Simply Soft is a yarn that I have had in my collection and worked with for years. electricity lessons for 5th grade It’s a very soft and smooth yarn so it works wonderfully for items that will be near the body, but definitely shouldn’t be limited to just these items.

I will say in an honest review, that Caron Simply Soft can be a little trickier to work with when compared to some other worsted weight, acrylic yarns if you’re not used to using it because of its silky texture and tendency to split at times, but in my opinion, these aspects are quickly overcome with use and practice. As you get to know the yarn you will know how it likes to be worked up and will likely become a favorite. 5 gases in the atmosphere I should also note that this yarn has a shinier appearance than many acrylic yarns and I would say is more of a light worsted weight yarn. Depending on your project, these are just items to keep in mind when deciding what yarn would work best.

The yarn comes in a wide variety of colors that are all so vibrant and fun that it makes it difficult to choose which colors to combine. gas meter in spanish To make it easy peasy for myself this time around, I just stayed with the color combination I had used previously on the matching scarf so that there was truly a matching set (which my daughter is extremely excited about), but you better believe that I was tempted to play around with more of the colors in my collection.

For me, many of the colors are easily found locally, and as a bonus are often on sale, so this is definitely a plus in my book, but if you go online you will likely find even more of a selection. The Simply Soft style yarn comes in solids, heathers, tweeds, ombres, stripes, sparkles (called Party), brites, paints, and camo. So many options to love and choose from!

>Design Note: At this point my headband measures approximately 7/8 inches (2cm) tall by 18 inches (46cm) long for a total of 72 rows. gas oil ratio units Size adjustments can be easily made to the hat by decreasing the size of the beginning band, but adjustments need to be made in groups of 12 in order for the bobble pattern within the hat work. For example, the original hat band calls for 72 rows. If you want to increase the hat size you would need to do so by adding 12 more rows (84 rows) or decrease by 12 (60 rows). Do note, that as written, the hat fits a variety of youth to adult sizes with slight variations in tightness. Connecting the Headband Into a Loop

• Bring the short edges of the band together, matching corners, one on top of the other, making sure that the band is not twisted in any way, ch1, sl st the 1st sts together through all 4 loops (2 from each edge), now in the next two sts you will [sl st the edges together in the blo (on both the front and back edges)], sl st the last sts together through all 4 loops (2 from each edge) (4sts)