Ode to the combi – on paxton electricity out in one room


In Mexico, verbally greeting strangers is more prevalent that it is in the USA. People say “buenos días,” “buenas tardes,” or “buenas noches” depending on the time of day (I’m aware this fact is beneath some of you). This social custom is observed by many upon entering the Combi; after a few weeks, I had picked up on this and happily joined in.

Usually, this involves me greeting, then responding to each greeting with another greeting. impact of electricity in the 1920s But, on one glorious day, I got into a one-on-one exchange with a fellow neurotic. Neither of us backed down until the 5th “buenas tardes,” and the rest of the Combi was thoroughly rattled. From that day forward, my rides have belonged to the spiritual realm. gas laws definition chemistry Social

In a confined space where all passengers try to communicate their stops with the driver, social interactions are inevitable. Whenever interactions occur, there are great perils. This is doubly true for me, for I play a daily game to see how long I can avoid blowing my cover of being a gringo. I hop in the van, pay tribute to the passengers (see: “spiritual”), and pay not tribute, but pesos to the driver.

Dressed in football pants and cleats and with a backpack strapped on, I was told to squeeze in to the high chair if I wanted a ride—as an integral member of the scout team, I saw no choice. Much like the pothole home video from earlier, I was very lucky that somebody was close enough to snap a picture before I got out. Please excuse the attire. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here, so the festivities start early.

Our first stop is afternoon tea in Boston. This party began as a few lads and lassies having a few too many Sam Adams Winter Lagers and throwing some boxes in the harbor hoping they would skip like rocks. electricity physics formulas As someone who has had a kidney stone, I hate diuretics as much as the next guy, but I implore you to see the deeper meaning in this event. By throwing their precious crumpets into the water and giving a big old “represent me” to Britain, the colonists made the first concrete proof of one of the most sought after prizes in the world, the American dream. America was founded upon a sense of ideals, chief among them are capitalism, a good sale, and rebellion. k gas cylinder With this first step of rebellion out of the way, the first Americans stepped outside, took a crisp breath of the fall air, and like every good middle-class teenage girl that wants to upset her dad, smelled the American Spirit for the first time.

First of all, we have one person to thank for the downfall of one of the greatest tenants of society, millennials. The divorce rate is at approximately 50% and has been for recent memory. This is due to a millennial ideal that whatever we do really has no consequences. While we are at it, lets blame the millennials for the economy too. They aren’t buying anything.

Single-elimination playoffs are the last vestibule by which we ride down the river freedom. It is a constant reminder that in life, we are always one step from going over the edge. This blog, for one thing, is a reason that I will likely never gain meaningful employment, a truth I have made peace with within myself. electricity pictures Like many of you, no doubt, I have spent hours agonizing over trades, the waivers, the thoughts of others, what breaks them, what makes them tick. If there are two books I like to say that I have read when I haven’t, they are The Art of War and The Art of the Deal. You may be thinking, what were you an art major? I was not, rather I majored in victory with a double minor in how to bend your opponents to your will, and how to make others emotionally infantile. As such, I have spent the week crafting lengthy midnight missives to my opponents. In them, I have detailed the ways by which I will render my opponents useless, and leave them laying lifeless in the loser’s bracket.

As someone who firmly believes this is one of the most important rights we can exercise as Americans, other than my Miranda Rights, is our right to punish others for challenging us and to strike them down with all of our wrath. electricity word search ks2 I implore you all to rise above today and become one with your roster. Today you shall succeed, and I wish all of you the best of luck, except Nick.

There are a few primary objectives of my musings today. electricity worksheets for 4th grade First and foremost, I want you to take away that times change, and change is good; however, proceed with a thoughtful and curious eye on the past. For history is to repeat itself and we must remain vigilant. We must watch our back to move forward. Secondly, I wish that you walk away with love in your heart, don’t be a millennial. Go forth with eyes glassy, for they are mere cups overflowing with endearment. Third, I want you to move forward as a critical thinker. Knowledge is of the most valuable and precious things in our world and it will be most critical in our advancement. The most effective way to learn is to always be thinking, assessing, criticizing. Finally, I want you to take away from this that in life no one thing can bring you true joy, if any at all. I hope I have left you A’moose’d. Be well.