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Office Safety Topics are a necessity for any office or workplace. Office safety must never be taken lightly. Many accidents occur in offices across the United States every year, costing companies millions of dollars. Even though the office may seem like a relatively safe work environment, there are many types of hazards that can exist. If you are the employer or the manager of an office, safety meetings are a must. Maybe you are unsure of what to talk about at the safety meetings? Here is a list of five office safety topics to help get your office safety meetings under way. Office Safety Topic 1

Slips, trips and falls can happen to anyone, especially at the office. Talk to your employees about how important it is to keep things of the floor. All personal items should be stored away in the proper place. Discuss wiring for computers, telephone, and other such items. Explain how it is important to keeps these things out of high trafficked areas. Another great topic to cover when it comes to slips, trips, and falls is spills. If an employee comes across a spill, they should clean it up or contact the proper person to have it cleaned up. With just these three simple tips, you can make your office a lot safer.

When it comes to any workplace, fire hazards always exist. When you are having a safety meeting on fire prevention, make sure all your employees know where all the fire extinguishers are located and how they are used properly. Have a fire escape plan in place. If a fire occurs, have a meeting place set up outside where everyone can meet and be accounted for. Talk to your employees about the fire exits. Make sure everyone knows where they are. They should also be properly labeled. Fires do happen, but making sure all your employees know what to do in case of a fire can save lives.

Something that should be discussed in every office is electrical safety. In most offices, there is a lot of electrical equipment. Your employees should know how to properly use the equipment and know how to look for signs of malfunction. Talk to your employees about frayed wires and having to many things plugged into the same power source. Another great topic to bring up at a safety meeting is no eating or drinking around electrical equipment. Food and drink should never be brought around electrical equipment. It could cause it to malfunction and also could cause harm to the employees.

A great office safety topic to talk about at a safety meeting is identifying office hazards. Come up with a list of all the things that could be considered workplace hazards. Explain to your employees the reason behind why each one is hazardous. Also explain to your employees how accidents can occur because of these hazards and how it is everyone’s job to make sure these accidents don’t occur. After everything is explained thoroughly, quiz your employees quiz to make sure they understand all the office hazards that exist. It is important that everyone including yourself takes office safety seriously.

OSHA has many regulations and standards dealing with ergonomics. It is up to you as the employer to fully understand these regulations and standards. It is also your job to make sure your employees understand and are applying this standards to there every day work habits. Explain to your staff the correct procedures when dealing with ergonomics. In your meaning teach your staff that when ergonomics aren’t don’t correctly in the office, this can cost the company lots of money indirectly effecting them. Proper training in ergonomics is essential for everyone working in the

Safety meetings are a most at every workplace. Finding Office Safety Topics to discuss with your staff may seem like hard work but there are plenty available. Hopefully these Office Safety Topics will get you on your way. If you get stuck for ideas, take some time and walk around the office. More than likely you will find many safety issues that need proper addressing. If you would like more information on workplace safety, be sure to check out the OSHA site. They have many great ideas for Office Safety Topics and all the different regulations and standards are there for all employers.