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Answer -Different businesses have different requirements, but most businesses do need a city and county business license. The city’s application is downloadable on the forms page and is $15.00 for each application. The application must be turned in at City Hall, 33 First Street. Contact the Henderson County Court Clerk’s office, (731) 968-2856, located in the Henderson County Court House for information on their license.

Answer- If you have changed mortgage companies within the last year and they are responsible for paying your property tax, we suggest that you forward your bill to the new mortgage company, just to make certain that they have your information. electricity how it works We also suggest that you use our online services to verify that the current taxes have been paid.

Answer- Yes. The State of Tennessee has tax relief programs for certain elderly or disabled homeowners and also for disabled veterans. Applications for state tax relief can be completed at the Henderson County Trustee’s office located in the Henderson County Courthouse or at City Hall. Information is available at the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury Division of Property Assessments.

Answer- Tangible personal property is moveable, touchable property used in a business. gas stoichiometry It includes furniture, computers, machinery, tools, supplies, raw material, vehicles, scrap and other property not listed as real estate. Tanks, billboards and pipelines are tangible personal property unless classified as real property. Contact the Henderson County Tax Assessors office at (731) 968-6881 with any questions regarding your tangible personal property schedule.

Answer- Yes, we currently have 10-year maintenance free smoke alarms free to the public. The smoke alarms were obtained through the “GET ALARMED TENNESSEE SMOKE ALARM PROGRAM” which is administered by the Tennessee State Fire Marshall’s Office. The goal of the program is to install these smoke alarms in homes in need across the state while also educating the residents of fire safety measures.

Answer- Children age four (4) through age eight (8), and measuring less than four feet nine inches (4’9") in height, must be secured in a belt-positioning booster seat system, meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards in the rear seat, if available, or according to the child safety restraint system or vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. (Note: If the child is not between age four (4) and age eight (8), but is less than four feet nine inches (4’9") in height, he/she must still use a seat belt system meeting federal motor vehicle safety standards.)

Answer- I’m glad you asked. We have a drop box in the lobby of our agency located at 88 First Street. Simply bring any of your old or unwanted prescription drugs and place in the box. gas gangrene Items accepted include: Prescriptions, over the counter medications, pet medications, medicated ointment, lotions or drops, liquid medications (in leak-proof containers), inhalers and/or pills in any packaging (glass bottles, plastic containers, plastic bags, etc.)

Once the vehicle is seized, it will be stored at our impound lot located at our agency at 88 First Street. gas bijoux discount code You or a designee are allowed to come and retrieve items from the vehicle from the hours of 6am-2pm Monday thru Friday. If you have any questions, please contact Assistant Chief Barry Roberts at (731) 968-6666 or visit the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security for more information.

Answer- Lexington Gas began charging customers for their gas usage on a Purchase Gas Adjustment (PGA) rate in September 2008. Due to the rise and fall of gas prices, Lexington Gas charges their customers the same rate as we are charged on a monthly PGA rate. If gas prices rise, customers pay the increased price, but if the rate falls, customers pay less. While the operating cost is shown separate, it is based on the amount each customer uses each month. gas prices in texas 2015 This rate is fixed and has not increased since 2008. It is based on the cost associated with maintaining our lines, equipment and certified employees. Both these costs were included in a single rate prior to 2008 which did not allow for fluctuations in the price of gas.

Answer- Yes. There is a link on our Utility home page that directs you to the site to register if you desire. Once registered you will no longer receive a paper statement but will be able to view it online. You will be notified by email when your statement is available. Your past year statements are always available on your online account page for quick viewing. Paying your account is made easy by either a credit card or your checking account by following the easy instructions on the site.

Answer- Call Lexington Gas Department (731-968-2917) immediately. gas exchange in the lungs happens by the process of We have dispatchers on call 24-7, 365 days a year to respond to a possible gas leak whether inside or out. Be prepared to answer some very important questions and listen for instructions given by the dispatcher. The four most important things to remember are (1) do not strike matches, (2) do not operate electric switches, (3) do not use phone, (4) evacuate the premises and contact Lexington Utilities.

Answer- We receive this question a lot immediately following a break in a main line where air is introduced into the line then churned together with the water and gives the water a white appearance. Although it is perfectly safe to drink, it does cause concern. The easiest test to see if this is the problem is to set a glass of water aside for several minutes to allow the air to dissipate which should result in clear water. We flush the lines in areas where a break has occurred however, this process is not always successful in removing the trapped air. gas station near me open If this does not clear up in a couple of days, please contact our office and we will do our best to improve the appearance.