Ogdensburg passes $2.8m budget franklin hamburg lafayette nj local news gastritis


OGDENSBURG — The Ogdensburg Council unanimously passed on April 23 their $2.8 million budget for 2018. Council President Peter Opilla was absent. The 2018 budget was increased by $137K from $2.676 million in 2017 – a 5.14 percent increase. Per Municipal Auditor Thomas M. Ferry, the average Ogdensburg home is $221K, and the taxes will increase by $48. The anticipated amount to be raised by taxation for municipal purposes is $2.2 million, increased $39K from $2.169 million in 2017 – a 1.84 percent increase. The fund balance going toward the budget is $169,845, an increase of $70K from $99,845 last year; and $1.139 million remains in the fund balance, increased by $37K from $1.101 million in 2017. The water budget went up $9,295 from $362,400 in 2017, to $ 371,695 in 2018; and $39,300 will be used from the fund balance, up $16,085 from $23,215 in 2017. Resident Vicki Schroeder commented, she had asked for her taxes to be raised in the past, and “Thank you.” Mayor Rachel Slater said the weather has continued to delay the Heater’s Pond project. The contractor has removed unsound concrete, she said, in preparation for patching, when the weather is warmer. Slater also said, they have received both positive and negative feedback regarding the new LED lights on Plant St. She is requesting JCP&L place a shield to force the light down, so it is not blinding. Most of the people at the Elizabethtown Gas Town Hall meeting, Slater said, signed up for natural gas. Hopefully, she continued, they will receive a schedule and work will start in May or June. Councilman Michael Nardini said, two weeks ago, contractors were given approval for small fixes on both water wells, and he will have more details by the next meeting. During discussion, Councilman David Astor recommended meeting with Nardini, as they prepare for the new employee the council is planning to hire – with water and DPW responsibilities. Regarding emergency preparedness, Slater said, St. Thomas of Aqin Church offered their church as a warming station, where groups would be happy to help cook if needed. Astor said, he received sizable generator quotes for the school, due to needing compatible updates between the school’s old electrical unit and a new generator. Slater said the Code Book Codification was sent out that day to be approved. Councilman George Hutnick said, to his knowledge, the firemen have accepted the $2,500 proposed parade donation from the borough. Slater said, Opilla is trying to organize a volunteer group to complete the guard shack, before the pond opens and county inspection; plus, financial disclosure statements are due April 30. She and Astor met, Slater said, with Joe Mailloux of Global Waste, to review the garbage contract, which is current for another year. If the borough agrees, she continued, Blue Diamond is considering taking over the contract, with pickup the same and adding an extra recycling day every other week. Currently, the council is waiting for Borough Attorney Richard Brigliadoro to notify them if they can transfer their contract to Blue Diamond or sublet from Global Waste – if desired. Astor said, if the borough decides not to change, Global will fulfill their contract. Resident Pat Kalafut said, he has been doing a lot of work at Heater’s Pond around the Veteran’s Memorial. He asked, if he is allowed to paint the rusty guard rails, the guard shack rail, fix the Memorial Day sign, and how to dispose of debris and brush. [Councilman Anthony Nasisi volunteered to remove the debris.] Friends of Heater’s Pond Representative Brenda O’Dell encouraged Kalafut to contact them. Astor said, they appreciate anything Kalafut has done voluntarily, but for insurance reasons, Kalafut should go through the Friends of Heater’s Pond. Kalafut said, his whole family has grown up in Ogdensburg; he is a disabled American Veteran; Heater’s is near and dear to him; and he wants to be part of helping it out. O’Dell said, Karen Cosic’s father will sell the paint at cost for Heater’s Pond.