Oil and gas company drops all plans to drill beneath rocky flats following intense backlash – colorado hometown weekly electricity outage chicago


Highlands’ proposal came to light just days before the Nov. 6 election, in which voters rejected a highly controversial ballot measure that would have dramatically increased the distance new oil and gas wells would have to be situated from homes, schools, lakes and rivers. e85 gas stations florida Monday’s meeting in Superior occurred less than a week after Highlands withdrew applications to drill for oil and gas under Standley Lake and a popular dog park in Westminster.

Superior, with a population of 13,000 on Boulder County’s southern border, long has had concerns about any activity — be it construction of the Jefferson Parkway or the public opening of the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge — that might disturb the soil at Rocky Flats, where triggers for nuclear warheads were manufactured for four decades starting in the early 1950s.

The plant, notorious for fires and ground contamination from leaking barrels of plutonium-laced waste stored on site, had to undergo a $7 billion, decade-long cleanup before it could open to the public. gaz 67 sprzedam A core 1,350-acre area in the middle of the refuge where weapons production occurred is still an active Superfund site that is off-limits to visitors.

Officials with the U.S. gas kush Fish and Wildlife Service and the U.S. gas zone pricing Department of Energy, which oversees the core "central operable unit" at Rocky Flats, repeatedly have pointed to testing over the last couple of decades that they say shows that levels of any contaminants at the sprawling site north of Arvada are well within health and safety limits.

But allowing drilling and hydraulic fracturing — in which a mixture of water, sand and chemicals are injected under high pressure underground to fracture rock and loosen oil and gas deposits to flow back up to the surface — so close to where plutonium-contaminated sections of buildings remain buried in place was a red flag too far for many.

Even though those building slabs are buried a dozen or so feet deep, and while drilling typically goes down thousands of feet, David Abelson, executive director of the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council, said not enough is known about how intensive industrial activity like drilling might affect the refuge’s wider hydrology and whether it might increase chances for exposure to contaminants.

A quick reading of closure documents published after the plant cleanup makes it clear that "excavation, drilling, and other intrusive activities below a depth of three feet are prohibited, without prior regulatory review and approval pursuant to the Soil Disturbance Review Plan." But Abelson said those regulations were put into place before horizontal drilling — where wells can extend underground laterally for a mile or two from where the well was drilled at the surface — became widespread.

Highlands likely faced rigorous vetting by multiple agencies before it would have been able to proceed with drilling and fracking. electricity kwh usage calculator The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment told The Post that the agency’s Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division would likely have gotten involved with a "regulatory review" of any proposal involving drilling under the central operable unit.

"Asking residents to have faith that no accidents can possibly occur when the repercussions of an accident happening on a site like that are life-and-death is a hard pill to swallow," he said. "Also, it’s not necessary. gas nozzle keeps stopping We’re not experiencing an energy shortage. gas x and pregnancy There are other sites to drill that aren’t through a national Superfund site."