Oil prices to remain a drag on louisiana economy in forecast, with baton rouge, lake charles driving forward _ business _ theadvocate. com

“Of course on a roller coaster, you can at least see the bottom,” author and economist Loren Scott said. C gastritis “If only that was the case for the Louisiana economy. Gas south In 36 years of writing the LEO, rarely have we been presented with such a murky view of the future.”

• Who will the next president be? If it’s Hillary Clinton, will her economic policies lean to the left or move more to the center? It’s “very unclear” what a Donald Trump presidency would mean in terms of economic policy.

• How will the changes Gov. Electric zap sound effect free John Bel Edwards made to the 10-year property tax exemption for manufacturers affect decisions on new plants and expansions? And how will that affect the state’s short- and long-term growth?

“Probably what the Saudis do will have the greatest impact,” Scott said in an Advocate interview. Gas turbine “Because No. Hp gas kushaiguda phone number 1, if the Saudis would turn back the spigot, then you would start getting recovery in the really bad areas like Houma, Lafayette and Shreveport.”

On Wednesday, Algerian officials were saying OPEC countries were near an agreement on a preliminary accord to limit oil production and support oil prices, despite lingering disagreements between regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran. Electricity song lyrics The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries meets in Vienna in November.

No. Electricity was invented 2, a handful of proposed natural gas liquefaction export projects, which have not started, would become more viable, Scott said. Electricity nightcore Traditionally, foreign LNG suppliers charge about 15 percent of the price of oil. Electricity kwh cost uk When oil was $100 a barrel, foreign suppliers were selling natural gas at $15 per thousand cubic feet. Electricity transmission vs distribution Louisiana’s LNG export facilities could supply the gas cheaper for about $9.53. Orlando electricity providers The total includes the cost for transportation, liquefaction, and the money needed to pay for the initial investment. Electricity jewels Despite those expenses, LNG exporters had a huge advantage.

But with oil at $40 a barrel, foreign gas suppliers charged $6 per thousand cubic feet. Electricity vs gas heating costs The cost for Louisiana LNG fell to $8.53 because natural gas prices also dropped, but domestic exporters’ competitive advantage evaporated.

“We’re talking about a total potential of at least $45 billion in (potential) projects …. Gas city indiana car show So that’s a huge number,” Scott said. Electricity billy elliot karaoke “In the past, that would have been about nine years worth of capital investments in our state. Gas hydrates wiki We’ve got a lot at stake here with what happens to the price of oil.”

The LNG projects have another problem: an excess of LNG that will probably last until 2021 or even 2023, when global demand again exceeds production, Scott said. Gas meter car Because of that, most of the LNG companies will probably wait until 2018 or 2019 to begin construction.

And proposed facilities won’t be able to finance construction by locking up 20-year contracts for their LNG, the way that Cheniere Energy and Sempra did, he said. K electric company duplicate bill Those type of contracts no longer exist because the market has seen that $100 oil isn’t the certainty thought just two years ago. Gas jeans usa The short-term contracts also change the rate of return on equity, and that makes moving forward on the projects more complicated.

Meanwhile, Scott said he is concerned that changes to Louisiana’s industrial tax exemption reduce the state’s competitive advantage over Texas when it comes to attracting major projects and expansions.

Deep in the bowels of every firm that’s deciding where to locate a major project, an accountant is calculating the rate of return for an investment in Louisiana versus Texas or even China, Scott said. Harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf The changes to the tax break reduce that return, maybe enough to swing the decision.

“I know there’s a group out there that says local governments are giving up all this money. E sampark electricity bill payment Local governments aren’t giving up anything,” Scott said.

Take Entergy’s decision to build a nuclear power plant in West Feliciana Parish. Electricity grid uk Entergy got a 10-year tax exemption when it built River Bend, so the parish didn’t get those property taxes during that time. Gas stoichiometry calculator Without the tax break, Entergy would have put the plant in Mississippi or somewhere else.

But once the exemption ended, West Feliciana was able to collect property taxes on the power plant, Scott said. Electricity invented in homes Those taxes allowed the construction of a big, beautiful public school.

Together Louisiana, a statewide association of clergy and public interest groups that favors higher taxes on big corporations and the wealthy, says Louisiana has the most generous industrial tax exemption in the country. Electricity production in the us The tax break means companies can avoid paying property taxes to local schools, sheriffs and fire departments for up to 10 years. Electricity news philippines The group says the state is now giving away $16.7 billion in local property taxes to corporations, and until Edwards’ executive order, local governments had no say in the decision.

BATON ROUGE: The nine-parish area will add an estimated 4,500 jobs each year, or an increase of 1.1 percent. Hp gas online registration The job growth is about half what it was in the 2016 estimate because most of the industrial construction projects will be complete by 2017. Gas and water llc Growth in the region’s high-tech sector will continue, and the Port of Greater Baton Rouge is expecting 100-150 more ship calls due to its wood pellet business.

Scott said the flood recovery would depend in large part on the amount of aid available to victims. Electricity quiz for grade 5 The $500 million Congress initially proposes works out to about $4,500 for each of the estimated 110,000 homes damaged by the flooding, Scott said. Hp electricity bill payment online By itself, that money won’t be enough for people to make repairs.

NEW ORLEANS: Layoffs in the offshore oil industry and its service companies brought employment in the area to a standstill this year. Electricity generation in usa Next year layoffs will continue to weigh on the region, but the forecast calls for adding 2,900 jobs, an increase of 0.5 percent, and in 2018, 5,700 jobs, or 1 percent growth. Electricity word search j farkas answers The opening of the new Veterans Affairs Hospital, which will add 1,100 jobs; the airport expansion; and $3.5 billion in industrial construction will help offset oil-related layoffs and much lower U.S. Gas efficient cars 2012 Army Corps of Engineering spending.

The numbers for both 2017 and 2018 could be much better if $19 billion in projects move from the front-end engineering and design phase and permitting levels to construction. Youtube gas station karaoke The forecast says $2.85 billion in projects will start construction by year-end.

LAFAYETTE: Energy-sector layoffs pounded the area for a second straight year. Gasco abu dhabi careers The 8,900 jobs lost were the worst in the state. Electricity voltage in canada “We are forecasting further job losses in 2017 totaling 5,000 (-2.4 percent). Gas 78 facebook By 2018 we expect the bloodletting to be over and the economy to stabilize,” the report said.

The reason? An increase in the price of oil to $60, and gains at the Port of Iberia and the high-tech sector. Gas house However, the end of the downturn depends heavily on the prospects for activity in the Gulf of Mexico. Power per kwh Exploration and production companies are working hard to cut costs, slashing the break-even point for deepwater projects from $70 to $80 oil to $55 to $60 oil. V gashi halil bytyqi “If our oil price forecasts are near the mark, then sometime in 2018 these companies will start to sanction deepwater projects again and hopefully that momentum will reverse the dive in the Lafayette economy.”

HOUMA: The energy sector’s suffering will continue. Gas stoichiometry lab A loss of 4,000 jobs, or 4.3 percent, will hit in 2017. Gas key staking The economy is expected to stabilize in 2018.

LAKE CHARLES: With $45.4 billion worth of industrial projects underway, the hottest area in the state will add 3,800 jobs in 2017 and 2,200 in 2018. Gas definition physics The area also has $51 billion in projects in either the front-end-engineering-and-design or permitting stages. Gas monkey monster truck hellcat The growth rate could become much larger if the projects in engineering and design move to construction.

SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER CITY: Employment will not fall in 2017, breaking an eight-year streak of job losses. Electricity hero names The region is expected to add 600 new jobs in 2018, led by gains in manufacturing and high tech at Barksdale Air Force Base.

MONROE: Sixth and seventh consecutive years of modest growth, at 400 jobs per year, will allow the metro area to reach its previous peak employment, set in 2002.

ALEXANDRIA: A loss of 200 jobs in 2017 and a gain of 200 in 2018 is forecast. Chapter 7 electricity However, the projected numbers could be “radically conservative” if Revolution Aluminum follows through on a proposed new $2.4 billion, 1,400-worker plant.

HAMMOND: The state’s smallest metro area will add 100 new jobs a year over the next two years. E85 gasoline The region’s construction sector will enjoy growth into 2017 due to the rebuild associated with last month’s flood.