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Mac (or anyone). I need some help please. I have a 2008 Street Triple (one of the early ones) made prior to the vin number for Triumph’s pump change over. After noticing quarter size puddles of coolant coming from my pump drain tube (not the overflow hose) I decided to replace the pump and drain tube just to be on the safe side. Not finding a used pump on the web at this time I had to go with a new one. In an effort to keep things extremely straight forward and to keep the cost down on a bike pushing 80k I decided to just go with a new ORIGINAL ’08 pump planning on not having to purchase the new oil feed pipe or much of anything else other that a few “O” rings, a pre-change oil pan gasket, and the exhaust gaskets. And that is what I and my dealer thought I would be getting – just the original pump.

Instead I received the UPGRADE PUMP KIT (which included the newer pump and upgrade feed pipe) from UK. The kit also came with (1) “O” ring for the water inlet port on the left side of the pump, (2) “O” rings for the new oil feed pipe, and (2) bolts. Nothing else was in the kit. My drain tube was a separate item as expected.

And btw, seems Triumph no longer has new header studs or nuts, so I’m going to have to clean the two nuts that came off and the four studs that backed out instead of the nuts coming off. All are badly corroded. I did use penetrating oil. And I do have new header gaskets to install.

Thank you, Mac. The time factor has been my major issue in this as the bike is about to be my only means of trans for about 10 days or so and now waiting another 7-10 days for the upgrade gasket and valve is very worrisome as I might not even have a means of getting to the dealer to even pick them up depending on when they arrive. The pump from UK to my dealer was some 10-11 days and I was also hoping to not have to deal with the "awkwardness/difficulty" associated with the oil feed pipe install with the new gasket as mentioned in your wonderful install guide which is a godsend to anyone attempting any version of the pump replacement of those two now older models. Were it not for that "bible" I would not have attempted it, but glad I did as the dealer’s mech and parts person seem to know nearly no more about the this than I do. I shared your guide w/ their parts guy in an effort to get him up to speed – lol!

The new hole is just slightly small in dia than the oil pick-up bolt holes for a depth of some 1", but then becomes a smaller opening that a big paper clip when straightened will go into with a small amount of wiggle room and then continues for another inch or so into what appears to be the very core of the pump. Just seems so odd for that to be either an open hole with nothing to go in it, or a "why did they bother" closed hole.

As to the header nuts and studs, the metric "size" doesn’t worry me as much as does the possibility of the sometimes oddity of the British thread spacing and thread pitches especially given the potential to strip the tender threads the header bolts into. Been a good 20+ years, but I remember dealing with issues in getting replacement fasteners here in the US for equipment sent to a company I worked for from the then parent British company. If I am going to have that much time on my hands waiting though I will look into that. Unfortunately, so much time has been wasted already waiting for parts to show up and then when I found out what I actually had on hand when I compared the two face to face and discovered they different models the time spent since then trying to get info about the new "hole" from my dealer and Triumph Atlanta tech support which thus far has led me nowhere.